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Part 3: Episode 4: Tehran Assault Pt. 1

Episode 4: Tehran Assault Pt. 1
With the PLR in power in Iran and Al-Bashir still on the loose Blackburn and friends are sent to search out the PLR's leader.

The Weapons of BF3
I'm thinking of doing updates explaining mechanics in this game that I mention all the time in addition to the weapon/vehicle things. These would go in between updates. Let me know if that sounds like a good idea
The PKP Pecheneg

I’m not going to lie, I spent most of 2011-2012 using the PKP in one video game or another. The weapon was featured in Modern Warfare 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and of course, Battlefield 3. I was actually playing MW3 and BF3 at the same time and it is kind of remarkable that both games used the exact same reload animation that takes roughly the same amount of time. Of course, this shouldn’t surprise me as there isn’t exactly multiple ways to reload a light machine gun. In all three games the profile is very similar when compared to other guns in the same class. The PKP is generally a medium-high damage, medium fire rate medium to high accuracy LMG.

This seems to be the case in real life as well. The PKP is the LMG of choice for the Spetsnaz, the special forces of Russia the weapon’s country of origin, providing good accuracy and a better ability for sustained fire than the RPK-74 also featured in BF3. The PKP is actually an updated PK machine gun, which is the long time standard for light machine guns in the Russian armed forces and remains popular in former Eastern Bloc nations and other places in the world the Soviet Union had influence. Both the PK and PKP fire a 7.62mm cartridge and feature an almost identical layout. The PKP’s major difference is the heavier barrel and cooling sleeve that allows for sustained, accurate fire. The gun itself is apparently fairly uncomfortable to fire from the shoulder as there is no handguard or good place to grip the gun due to how far forward the bipod is and the lack of any sort of weapon casing. Instead the carrying handle on top of the weapon or the ammo box on the side of the weapon are generally used to carry the gun or fire from the hip. This is actually carried over to the game when looking at someone holding the weapon.

As mentioned in the write up of the M249, LMGs in BF3 are used more for providing suppression than for attacking and killing people at rifle distances, unless they are set up on a bipod, at which point they become emplaced weapons with very high accuracy and good cover for the shooter. The PKP offers better suppressive effects than the M249, as well as a higher damage per shot than most of the LMGs. The PKP fires slower than the M249, but faster than the M60, which has the lowest rate of fire among the LMGs. These features place the PKP essentially in the middle of the LMG category, with accuracy being pretty decent, but not amazing. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I love this gun, I have 30 hours and almost 2000 kills with it. Compare that to the SCAR-H (also in this mission) which has a little over 400 kills and six hours of use. I have more kills with C4 than I do with my second most used gun. The gun has earned a nickname over in the BF3 console thread where we know it as the PK Chang as you are to accept “NO SUBSTITUTIONS” (It makes a lot of sense if you have been to Chinese food chain PF Chang’s). Traditionally I carry the Chang with a Bipod, flash suppressor and red dot or holo sight. The last isn’t needed but I like the wider focus of the sights over the tunnel vision I seem to get when aiming down with irons.