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Part 23: Obliteration Part 2 (Operation Mortar)

Obliteration Part 2

Here's something we never really saw in the other videos: small player size Naval Strike Obliteration with an organized team. I mention in the video that generally Obliteration is a 32 player game, though on the PC 48 and 64 players are possible. This server was running 24 total players, which is the same size as the largest games possible on the Xbox360 and PS3 versions of BF4.

Also worth noting the situation with the vehicles. There are only three armed vehicles per side; Attack Helicopter, Fast Attack Craft and Stealth Jet. I never looked into how much control players had over this sort of thing when selecting a server max size, but this map should have an attack jet, another murderboat and a little bird if most other Obliteration maps structure was followed. With the lower player count these extra vehicles are kind of a hindrance rather than a help for either team as more players would be in the air or on the ocean than fighting over the bomb and moving it to a target.

To make up for the lack of vehicles the ones that do show up on the map are quick respawn. I don't think I've discussed this before, but server owners can decide to set vehicles to respawn at different speeds. Instant respawn is popular on some servers, but to me it is a difficult to defend idea as destroying a vehicle means almost nothing at that point and buys you maybe a few seconds of space before its replacement comes after you at 100 percent health and possibly a better pilot.

On another note:

I still have one more collaboration video left to go, but my schedule and the schedule of the person I was planning on doing the video with kept pushing it back and back and back. I've got a new collaborator due to the original one bowing out due to a nasty flu he came down with. Originally this LP was supposed to end weeks ago, but here we are. I'll be getting the last video out this week and we'll be set on Battlefield 4.