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Battlefleet Gothic Armada

by HerpicleOmnicron5

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Original Thread: Engage Tactical Cogitators - Lets Play Battlefleet Gothic Armada



Battlefleet Gothic Armada is a tactical fleet battle game based upon the Warhammer 40k miniature game, Battlefleet Gothic. It was developed by Tindalos Interactive who previously made a spaceships MOBA which plays oddly similarly to this title. Its campaign oversees the events of the 12th Black Crusade, also known as the Gothic War, and is played on a sector map with real-time tactical battles, not too dissimilar to a Total War game. It is also the most story focused Warhammer game and one of only a select few titles where the main characters are not the Space Marines but rather the Imperial Navy.

Cool, so does that mean many fleets?

No, we only get one fleet with persistent leveling. There is no movement on the campaign map, it's basically just a glorified mission list. The campaign is also semi-dynamic, featuring branching paths and losses that do not necessarily mean game over, even in story missions. I promise to reach the end, but I might also show off some branching events and alternate mission resolutions.

Can we be the Orks?

Again, no. The campaign only covers the Imperial perspective and it does so rather well. It is our job to put out the many fires started by the hostile factions in this game, the forces of Chaos, Ork Pirates and Eldar Corsairs. Failure to do so will create unfavorable conditions which may preclude us from winning the game. The skirmish mode also features Space Marine and Tau fleets, the former being awfully similar to the Imperial Navy and the latter being simply broken and wonderful as Tau ships should be.

Can't be Orks, just one fleet, this game sounds bad.

This game is my favourite of all Warhammer games, including the Dawn of War series, Space Marine, Shadow of the Horned Rat and Total War: Warhammer. Maybe this gif will convince you.

The voice acting is particularly fantastic, and everything within the game exudes raw Warhammer. Still, this game can be enjoyed by a non-Warhammer fan similarly to how Mad Max can be enjoyable with no understanding of its insane world. Another point in its favour is the high degree of unit automation which can be applied, meaning micromanaging is kept to maneuvering only which is a ton of fun and looks really good. That and ramming, as showcased in the above gif.

What's the format, and is there thread participation?

This will be a video LP, ideally with each video sitting roughly around 30 minutes of length give or take. You may also submit names for ships and captains who I will shout at for fleeing and dooming the fleet to demise or summarily execute. I'll be playing the campaign along with showcasing the other available fleets through the skirmish mode. The Prologue's missions are highly skippable, though the cutscenes and voice acting during the missions are top notch.

ultrabindu posted:

But always consider what you can do for the Emperor, become a captain (or a ship) and die for the sake of the Imperium of Man. Just don't call the Imperial Guard the Astra Militarum or the Eldar the Aeldari and you'll do fine.

Table of Contents

Prologue, Part 1

Prologue, Part 2 (Fleet Management) (Combat)

Prologue, Part 3

Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1, Part 2

Chapter 1, Part 3

Chapter 1, Part 4

Chapter 1, Part 5

Chapter 1, Part 6

Chapter 1, Part 7

Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter 2, Part 2

Chapter 2, Part 3

Chapter 2, Part 4

Chapter 2, Part 5

Chapter 2, Part 6

Chapter 2 Blooper Reel

Defeat, Part 1

Chapter 3, Part 1

Chapter 3, Part 2

Chapter 3, Part 3

Chapter 3, Part 4

Chapter 3, Part 5

Chapter 3, Part 6

Chapter 4, Part 1

Chapter 4, Part 2

Chapter 4, Part 3

Chapter 4, Part 4

Defeat, Part 2

Space Marine Skirmish

Tau Skirmish

Chaos Skirmish

Ork Skirmish

Eldar Skirmish

Chapter 4, Part 5

Chapter 4, Part 6

Chapter 4, Part 7

Chapter 4, Part 8

Chapter 4, Part 9

Chapter 4, Part 10

Chapter 4, Part 11

Chapter 4, Part 12

Chapter 4, Part 13

Chapter 4, Part 14

Chapter 5 - Finale

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