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by yoshesque, toddy.

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Original Thread: Another LP? Heh... Workin' me to the bone... [Bayonetta 2]

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Bayonetta 2 is the infamously Nintendo-exclusive sequel to one of PlatinumGames' (PG) best original IPs. It was released in Japan on September 20th 2014, then the rest of the world followed (hair)suit a month later on October 24. Hideki Kamiya, who directed the original, unfortunately took a back seat for the sequel due to working on The Wonderful 101 at the same time. Instead, the producer from the first game, Yusuke Hashimoto, now sits in the director's seat, with Atsushi Inaba from PG and Hitoshi Yamagami from Nintendo as producers. However, Kamiya is still credited as a supervisor, having written the story for the second game. I think Bayonetta 2 is a pretty good game, but by no means does it surpass its predecessor.

Originally, Sega funded the sequel, having been the ones who published the original. However, the project ran out of money and subsequently was left for dead. Nintendo then stepped in, and said they would bankroll the project. To say it plainly, Bayonetta 2 would not have existed without Nintendo's intervention and therefore will always be a Nintendo exclusive unless they say otherwise, so that's the last of it I want to hear.

The plot of Bayonetta 2 was written in a way so that playing the first game is not necessarily required. However, Kamiya has stated that fans of the original will appreciate the sequel better, so I'd suggest you go play the game (because it is a good game), or go watch an LP of it or something.

Forums user toddy. joins me for commentary this time. Once again, this is going to be a 100% LP. This means all collectibles, secrets and easter eggs. As usual, in-game notes and documents will be posted as they come up for each update.

I want to emphasise a no spoiler policy for this LP. That means no spoilers, tagged or otherwise. I know, the story is not the point of this game. However, I also know goons get awfully excitable about games and really want to talk about things like weapons, enemies, or maybe some cool bit that happens way later in the game before they appear in the LP. For the sake of those who are watching this blind, take the spoiler talk to the Games thread if you really think your opinions matter that much.

With that said, let's rock, baby!


"Cereza" to those who know her well enough.

The Umbra Witch and angel slayer extraordinaire. The daughter of an Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage, she's embued with the Left Eye of Darkness, which is said to be associated with a godly presence.

Bayonetta practices "bullet arts", a beautifully deadly dance-like fighting style performed with a combination of melee attacks and the guns on her hands and feet.


Bayonetta's former-rival-turned-best-friend, and fellow Umbra Witch. Her abduction, and the curiosities surrounding it, are what kick off Bayonetta's adventure across the three planes of existence.


The infernal weaponsmith returns, still running the bar known as The Gates of Hell, where Bayonetta can have new weapons made, pick up all sorts of items and accessories, and learn new moves. However recent events have prompted Rodin to step into the fray himself - and when he does, things get explosive!


Though his being the butt of the series' more elaborate jokes may suggest otherwise, Enzo is actually a resourceful informant and consequently a valuable member of Bayonetta's entourage. In both the original game and this one, it is Enzo who finds out where Bayonetta will have to journey to find whatever answers she seeks.


This mysterious boy joins Bayonetta in her quest while pursuing one of his own. To say that the two's personalities and even ideologies are at odds is an understatement, but perhaps, just perhaps along the way, they might learn to find some common ground.

Along with being quite agile, Loki can toss cards to attack and can project magic fields to defend himself in battle.


A scoop-searching journalist armed with naught but a grappling hook and a rather curious luck factor, Luka Redgrave (son of Antonio) chases after Bayonetta wherever he can, because let's face it: Where Bayonetta goes, supernatural spectacle follows! As the aforementioned luck would have it, Luka's research clues him in to a massive legend, and it is that legend that sets this game in motion.

Update 00: Time for the (Umbran) Climax!
Update 01: Pure Platinum Destruction
Update 02: You Want To Touch Me?
Update 03: Into the Drink
Update 04: Light And Darkness
Update 05: Contractual Obligations
Update 06: Let It Rip!
Update 07: Pretty Boys
Update 08: Ice And Fire
Update 09: Trashbag Realness
Update 10: Demon Tedium
Update 11: Whisperer of Dementia
Update 12: Darkness Envelops Light
Update 13: Come To Mummy!
Update 14: Like A Tank
Update 15: Time Loop Tango
Update 16: New Year, New Heels

An explanation of the changes in the save system

Concept art from the in-game gallery.

Concept Art - Characters, Enemies and Infernal Demons
Concept Art - Backgrounds
Concept Art - Objects

As you might know, the Lost Chapter takes its cues from the first game - a two hour crampfest of trying to survive 51 stages of fighting enemies. Bayonetta 2 changes things up by splitting the Lost Chapter across five separate chapters, which is great in some ways, and not so great in other ways.

Witch Trial I | Witch Trial II | Witch Trial III | Witch Trial IV | Witch Trial V

When I said I would show everything off, I meant everything, so that includes the new co-op mode as well. However, I figured presenting Tag Climax in the same manner as the rest of the LP would be boring for all parties included, so I decided to rope in guests of varying backgrounds to talk about the Bayonetta series instead. It's essentially a podcast series talking about Bayonetta mechanics, lore and what we did or didn't like about the games, so consider these videos optional viewing. If you're looking for a basic intro to the new gameplay mode, here's my explanation on it, because there won't be any meaningful information about Tag Climax in the podcasts. All the podcast updates will have .mp3 downloads links available in the video description.

Podcast 1: Featuring Doshmaster Cash, General Beatrix and Flicky
Podcast 2: Featuring Morninglord22
Podcast 3: Featuring Ben Ruiz and Saurian Dash

Camel Pimp posted:

Look, ya mentioned TIngle and-

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Rumrusher on Twitter also sent me this gem:


Watched the first 2 updates started drawing fanart then slowly shifted into this...Sorry.

Talking about the graphical wonder at the end of Update 02:

mkob posted:

drowZebra posted:

Can someone please explain why that graphical glitch happens or how it is happening?
What makes it so that the previous frames just stay on the screen then slowly fade away or get covered up by the character model, effects, and the level itself?

That's not a glitch, it's a feature

Camel Pimp posted:

I don't really think that visual freak out gifs very well, but you can't say I didn't try!

Rumrusher continues to be an amazing person:


Bayo just hitting the sonic cycle it was a given considering Eggman... oh god Bayo-06

Loki is helpful

mkob posted:

loki please

Bayonetta and Loki squirrel buddies (Rumrusher continuing to be a wonderful contributor)

BondageOcelot Mum wants to play with you

mkob posted:

Had to do it

Rumrusher posted:

Thanks for LPing Bayonetta 2.

One final bit of fanart by mkob because he is a cool dude. Context:
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