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Part 3: You Want To Touch Me?

Update 02: You Want To Touch Me? No talking over cutscenes(Polsy) | Talking over cutscenes(Polsy) | Download


A bow and arrow made with a man who once cursed another and who in turn metamorphosed into a hideous insect.

Still living inside a part of the bow's frame, he fires cursed arrows of savage, venomous bugs.


Though eighth in the angelic hierarchy, Enrapture was born many eons ago and is now considered the oldest angel to have ever existed.

Given the task of leading humans to bliss by speaking directly to their spirits, it is said that the concept of faith did not exist until Enrapture's creation.

There are many theories debated as to why this angel possesses its strange form of two human bodies seamed at the torso; perhaps, their shape is meant to exceed the bounds of human understanding, or maybe, in the depths of meditation, a monk approaching enlightenment caught a glimpse of this angel while its form was refracted between dimensions.


A royal inhabitant of Inferno. Concealing her form under most circumstances, she appears as a gigantic toad when summoned.

Baal's enormous, wobbly body is too heavy for her to control, giving her a disadvantage in the heat of battle; however, she possesses an endlessly extending tongue that can reach the far ends of the battlefield and swallow up opponents within an instant.

Rules of Nature

No matter the prosperity that modern technology brings, or the semblance of order civilization affords us, we can never truly overcome the power of nature.

500 years ago, a massive disaster renewed the fear of nature into the citizens of Noatun. A giant tsunami is said to have nearly swallowed the town whole. The cause of this wave remains shrouded in mystery. One theory postulates an underwater eruption. Whatever it was, the truth was swept to the bottom of the ocean along with the rest of the city.

You would never think it looking at the gentle waves that now brush the shore, but apparently whirlpools formed in the bay for some time after the tsunami, swallowing ships and people alike.

Path of the Chosen

While checking for leads at the town library, I spied an old wall print between dusty volumes.

The ancient print depicts the sacred mountain Fimbulventr and a long corridor emerging from the summit.

The path leads through the Cathedral of Cascades, terminating in a tall tower within the city.

If accurate, this print confirms that, while the tower is a shadow of its former glory, at one time there was a path from town leading directly to the mountain's peak.

Nothing too groundbreaking about that, but the next mural I found was harder to swallow, to say the least.

It showed people walking directly up the walls of the aforementioned spire. I thought the sea air might have gone to my head, but no matter how I looked at it, the truth was plain to see: there was a perpendicular parade going up that tower!

Were these the "Chosen Ones" I had heard so much about? Were these the chosen few who could walk the path to the god waiting atop Fimbulventr?