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Part 4: Into the Drink

Update 03: Into the Drink No talking over cutscenes(Polsy) | Talking over cutscenes(Polsy) | Download


Glamor, as a First Sphere Seraph, rests at the highest rank in the angelic hierarchy. Seraphim are the closest beings to God in existence and cannot be seen by humans in the physical world under any circumstances.

Yet, since the dawn of history, there have been discoveries of statues depicting a six-winged snake traversing the heavens. Most likely these have some connection with The Book of Revelation, written by a Lumen Sage and found in the scriptures of Ithavoll.

Of course, this means there must have been a sage capable of connecting to Paradiso and conversing with Glamor through spiritual means.


One of the four man-eating horses that were owned by the ruler of a fallen kingdom.

With the demise of the kingdom, the horses were murdered and arrived in hell. Of the four, the soul of one inherited the name of the king and was reborn as a demon.

The large blade extending from its forehead is a soul reaper that leaves a trail of mutilated dead in whatever direction it runs.

Though it typically hates being treated like a horse, it tolerates those who have proven themselves worthy.


Every civilization in history weaves narratives starring heroes who, cursing the fates who take loved ones from them, travel to the ends of the world and beyond to bring them back. Resurrection is a universal theme of our kind.

I am not even sure if I believe in the existence of the soul to begin with, but the desire to be with the one you love? Now you're speaking my language.

When these feelings are strong enough, they can drive us to challenge our seemingly immutable fate. Yet many a myth ends with gods themselves failing in their quest. No matter how iron your will, or how pious your prayer, life once lost can never be returned. Such a power was never meant to be wielded by man.

That said, if there are any hopeless romantics left in the world who still want to give it a shot, I know the way to hell and I'd be happy to give you an escort. Just send me an email: