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Part 11: Demon Tedium

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Chainsaws that resourcefully use every inch of the infernal dragon Salamandra. Its sharp scales were forged into the weapons' teeth, and its heart supplies their engines.

At full throttle, their teeth easily rip apart even the hardest of iron skin and ravage deep through the flesh below.


It is said that a curse is cast upon the families of those who die an unnatural death while bearing feelings of hatred and ill will.

Resentment, born from the sludge of Inferno, is an exact manifestation of those bitter, repressed emotions inside humanity.

Once it has chosen a victim, it will follow them forever, no matter the distance, until it can tie them down and make them feel the weight of the pains of hell. Its tenacity is far beyond that of the other demons of Inferno, and Resentment is said to have the ability to open the Gates of Hell through sheer willpower.

Witnessing this demon gives testimony to the truly unthinkable power of grudges humans find fit to hold in their hearts and never release.


A vile centipede hailing from Frejentonta, a river of boiling blood in the depths of Inferno, rumors speak of its body exceeding ten kilometers in length.

Moving unlike anything its size, its deftness allows it to wrap around and constrict its prey in the blink of an eye.


Phantasmaraneae nests upon a sea of magma, deep within the furthest reaches of Inferno. Rarely seen upon the face of the Earth, even sightings of the demon in hell are a seldom event, leading to its name, which means phantom spider.

While having the frightening appearance of a spider, it is a curious beast, and should one have the good fortune to encounter the Phantasmaraneae, one should treat it with care and respect, in hope of receiving rare treasures and secrets in return.

The Phantasmaraneae are growing increasingly violent, perhaps due to recent occurrences of unnatural phenomena in the human world. Sightings of the creatures outside their molten lairs may be related to this change in behavior. Anyone who encounters one is advised to take caution: Phantasmaraneae can spit magma from their stomachs capable of incinerating victims within seconds.


A demon who lies in wait for pious believers to be granted entrance to Paradiso so he can slice them apart and cast them to Inferno during their ascension.

The six swords sheathed in his back represent gluttony, profanity, doubt, idiocy, rage, and arrogance. Each blade awakens feelings in victims of its respective sin when cut.

At first, those who witness Sloth are filled with joy to reaffirm the truth in their religion. In the next moment, they are filled with sadness as they are tossed to the darkness of hell. Not only concerned with humans, Sloths have been responsible for countless fallen angels.

Overseer of Inferno

Inferno: the cruelest, most ruthless place in existence. Humans are said to end up in this hellish world upon meeting an untimely end. In Inferno, power controls everything. War between its demonic inhabitants is endless, and it isn't uncommon for rank to quickly change hands. I've been picking up a thing or two about the place at this bar I've been frequenting. Recently, just like in our world, there are some strange things occurring, and the denizens are starting to get a little restless. The owner of this bar advised me to keep my distance. Told me it might not be a place where I can get by on my good looks alone. Like that place exists! Even if it did, it's not like I could find my way there, even if I wanted to.

I keep mentioning this bar, but I'll have to keep its particulars to a minimum. I've made a deal with the owner that I won't disclose its location. It's too good of a source of information to leak where it is anyway. OK. Just a hint. It's a bar in the same city as the office my dad left behind. The bar keeps a low profile, tucked away in one of the darker parts of town. I wouldn't say it's the best place to take a date, but the owner's always got good stories. I end up getting most of the info I'm looking for there. It doesn't come cheap, though.

When you catch the bartender in a good mood, he'll tell you some strange tales. Worlds that are like something out of a kid's story to us: Paradiso, Inferno... he speaks about them with descriptions so realistic that you can get lost in the story pretty easily, and before you know it you've been listening to him talk the entire night. He's a strange guy, though. The few rare times I get a look past his sunglasses at those bloodstained, glowing red eyes, the gaze is so chilling I think it might freeze my very soul.

He always says you won't find a nicer angel anywhere you look, but something tells me that's just your run-of-the-mill demon joke.


There is a balance that exists in all things. Finding it isn't the easiest thing in the world, but when you do, few things give you a better sense of accomplishment.

Balance has a great deal of meaning to our world. The three realms our world is divided into--light, darkness, and chaos--have been carefully balanced as the Trinity of Realities, so as to not interfere with one another.

Although we say three realms, they originally existed as one. The split caused the balance between these worlds to sometimes be as delicate as walking across thin ice. If one realm were to eventually acquire power greater than the others, the balance of the three realms would easily fall into anarchy.

There are some with the ability to travel to Purgatorio, the realm between realms, or use gates to travel back and forth between different realms, sometimes causing chaos and confusion. Irresponsible use of this power can cause monumental problems for the Trinity. It can lead to wars between realms and devastating natural disasters.

At least, if I'm to believe the words of a certain bartender I've been spending too much time with.

Perhaps these natural disasters happening within the realms are some sign that this collapse in balance between the three realms is already under way.

Which reminds me, there have been some unnatural occurrences happening to me as well that could only be explained by a crisis sweeping all realms of existence. Getting my coat stuck in that car door, getting turned down by three girls in the same week... What other reason could there be than foul play in the balance of the Trinity!?