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Part 15: Like A Tank

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Artists have often depicted the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, Sapientia, as a marine animal roaming the depths of the sea. This is likely due to the human disposition to characterize the sea as the source of all life, a veritable fountain of prudence and wisdom.

It is also thought that Sapientia is responsible for the rise and fall of the tides, and natural phenomena such as tsunamis. The grand idea that the living seas could be nothing other than Divine Will at work is actually evidence of Sapientia's narcissism, even amongst the other Cardinal Virtues.

When a man born as a slave led his people to freedom from ruling oppression, it is said that it was only Sapientia's favor that parted the seas and allowed for their escape.


Kinship, as one of the Second Sphere Powers charged with defeating evil beings, is responsible for transporting the forces of Paradiso onto the battlefield. Leading countless angels to the front lines, catching sight of Kinship's magnificent flying appearance is analogous to many as the arrival of true happiness.

It is thought that Kinship is the angelic manifestation of the ark that saved a foolish human race from the devastating flood described in The Book of Creation within the scriptures of Ithavoll.


Ranked sixth in the angelic hierarchy, Worship is a Second Sphere Power with the body of a giant warship.

In contrast to Kinship, a Power used for transporting angelic armies across the battlefield, Worship uses the divine power of God to decimate his enemies. Worship's entrance into the fray is a sign that the battle is reaching its climax.

Past followers of Laguna believed to sacrifice their souls and become part of the ship was to receive the highest form of bliss.


Forged by divine hands using the brilliance of the sun itself, Resplendence resides in the First Sphere class Thrones, ranked third in the angelic hierarchy.

Resplendence's radiant form can overturn the laws of nature, turning night to day as it simply peers over the horizon. Among those who gaze into its luminous presence, the pious weep and bow before it, while it sears the eyes of those who lack faith, throwing them to the ground in submission.

Within Paradiso's Divine Will, also known as the Cardinal Virtues, Iustitia, or Justice, is known to take a particularly strange physical manifestation. A large mass covered with numerous faces, and extending outwards via countless tentacles, Iustitia could easily pass for a demon.

This may be due to the fact that those depicting the angel are filled beyond comprehension with awe at the sheer difficulty of encouraging justice in the world. Among Paradiso's Divine Will, there are those who believe that Iustitia is the closest of the Cardinal Virtues to hell.

Justice is said to be based upon rules established by man, to be followed by man, and changing one's viewpoint can lead to a change in what is evil. This uncertainty may be a manifestation of the existing folklore and depictions of Iustitia.

A Witch's Ultimate Weapon

At their peak, the secret arts of the Umbra Witches had advanced to the point they would give even today's modern science a run for its money.

Not many records remain of what the Umbra accomplished; most were lost in the Witch Hunts of the past. There are, however, still many wall paintings depicting what the Umbra were capable of.

On certain wall paintings, there are depictions of a gigantic jet-black warrior the witches would call forth in the middle of their most desperate battles. I guess you would call it... a robot? Still, it's not like the robots you see nowadays. These machines were like something straight out of a science fiction flick.

Considering it's a heavily armored powered suit for the Umbra, I guess "Umbran Armor" would be a good name for it, right? Similar to how the witches would control their Infernal Demons, Umbran Armor is manipulated by connecting the machine's framework with a witch's hair, using it as a catalyst for the magic power needed to move the armor like it was their own hands and feet.

Any witch that hopped into that iron suit could take down entire armies of angels in the blink of an eye. Sadly, that still wasn't enough to save their clan from elimination.