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by yoshesque

Part 46: Artbook scans 2

Found some more:

Jeanne randomly in bed.

Jeanne as a teacher, with Bayonetta as a nun outside.

Cereza and Bayonetta in her panther form.

I'm sure this one has been shown in the thread before.

All of Luka's "girlfriends". Silvia eating a burger from Viewtiful Joe, and standing on a little Joe, Claire from Resident Evil with healing herbs, Trish with a pizza from DMC, and Ammy from Okami wth a peach, and a little Issun tag on her collar.

I kid you not, this is called "Climax Christmas".

And to steal a horrible joke, I thought Chritmas came but once a year.

And finally, Rodin and his adorable penguin fetish.