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Part 55: The Lost Chapter - Verse 1

Welcome to Angel Slayer, an endurance mode similar to DMC's Bloody Palace. Angel Slayer consists of five verses, each one with 10 stages, plus an additional boss fight at the very end, making for a total of 51 stages. It's pretty tough, and most people probably don't bother beating it!

General things about Angel Slayer:
- Take your time, particularly at the later stages where the difficulty is ramped up to Non Stop ∞ Climax. A typical playthrough will take at least an hour, so be prepared for a long haul.

- Item usage is disabled in Angel Slayer mode. Which means no lollipops. Other items like Angel Flutes and Red Hot Shots are also not allowed. Healing yourself therefore becomes pretty important. This can only be done using the accessory called Star of Dineta, which allows you to regenerate health by taunting enemies.

- The FuturePress Collector's edition guide says that getting a Pure Platinum rank is pretty hard. In fact, only people who give a shit would do this. In terms of combo rank and time, Angel Slayer is pretty generous, so it's only a matter of not getting hit, or using Pulley's Butterfly. So no, I will not be Pure Platinuming Angel Slayer because fuck that nonsense.

- Climax Brace's effects are disabled in Angel Slayer. However, Bayonetta's hair will still appear as though it is equipped.

Verse 1 - General Ironicus or General Internet Male? Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)

- This verse's difficulty is set to normal. Pretty simple stuff then!

- Stage 3 is the only time you'll see Kinship in Angel Slayer. Thank god that that, too.

- In addition to regaining health by using the Star of Dineta, enemies will drop health when killed by a Torture Attack.

- A perfect parry from the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa will also give you 100 HP back, which is why I try to perfect parry as much as possible when healing.

- When performing a PPPKK-P Torture Attack (like at 8:22) it is possible to parry away attacks while mashing the punch button, assuming you have the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equipped.

- At the 10th stage for each verse, there will be a Jeanne fight. Verse one has just one Jeanne (Jeanne 2), but it gets harder as we progress :|

- Notes about the fourth attempt: The outfit Bayonetta is wearing is an old school Japanese PE uniform, also known as bloomers. Her nametag says "School class 5-3 Bayonetta". This is a reference to a TV show called "5 nen 3 kumi mahou gumi" which Kamiya watched he was younger. When he was in fifth form he wanted to be in class 5-3, but instead got into class 5-4, so I guess this is a bit of self-insertion from him.

- The nametag on her uniform is written in Katakana - Be-Yo-Ne-Shi-Ta (ベョネシタ) . From an interview with Kamiya:


Hideki Kamiya: It's her own writing, but Bayonetta could not differentiate between "Tsu" and "Shi".

Yusuke Hashimoto: In Katakana "Tsu" ッ and "Shi" シ are very similar and many people make mistakes when writing these letters. Bayonetta too.

Hideki Kamiya: And also this shows her character. She writes a very powerful Be Yo and Ne, then she sees that there is not enough room for the other letters. Therefore the other letters are very small. She misses the spacing really. Jeanne wrote her name in Hirigana (じやんぬ Zi-Ya-N-Nu, pronounced Jannu). Quite clumsy, but her name fits into the space.

This makes their characters very clear. Jeanne started to learn Hirigana letters. First Hirigana, then Katakana. Bayonetta is different. Hirgana-Katakana - doesn't matter to her. She's let someone Japanese write "Bayonetta" for her. She looks at it and writes Be-Yo-Ne and then... oops! No space - that would be just the kind of thing she'd say.

- About the Umbran Komachi costume, some people have suggested that since her obi (a sash used in Japanese traditional dress) is tied at the front, that the costume is similar to ones worn by prostitutes known as Oiran. (The idea being that they could have easy and quick access to undoing their robes ) However, the outfit isn't anything like a kimono, so I'd guess PlatinumGames wasn't trying to make Bayonetta into a prostitute intentionally.