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Part 57: The Lost Chapter - Verse 3

Verse 3 - Sounds like bad fanfiction Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)

- Verse 3 is still on Hard difficulty. It also marks for me when I usually start using Pulley's Butterfly in Angel Slayer. I have some sort of mental block with the boss of Verse 3, and more often when practicing will die at this stage. Other than that, there isn't really much to note, so let's look at the accessories we've used so far:

Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa
Braces blessed by Shiva, the Indian goddess of destruction. Said to have been crafted by the witch Yaksi while serving the Vijayanagara Empire, legend states the braces have the power to repel an enemy's attack. Yaksi was purported to have been invincible, as her mastery of this technique allowed her to nullify any attack, no matter what the strength.

- The most useful accessory the game has to offer, equipping this allows you to deflect anything, as long as you push the analog stick in the right direction. Certain enemies can be a bit difficult to parry, such as Kinship rocket attacks. Parrying attacks breaks your combo, so depending on the situation it may just be better to dodge-offset to get Witch Time instead. However, it's good for parrying back projectiles, which nets you combo points, and staggering enemies. The timing for parrying is the same as Witch Time activation, and if you parry back just as you are hit (like for Bat Within/Moth Within), you perform a Perfect Parry, also known as Shiva's Impact. Performing a Perfect Parry gives you Witch Time, which is much longer than regular Witch Time from dodging. You also get a unique Perfect Parry counter for each weapon equipped on the hands, which I'll eventually show off. Note that you can Perfect Parry anything, even if dodging the attack doesn't normally give you Witch Time.

- A Perfect Parry also replenishes health - 100HP for each Perfect Parry.

- Regular Parrying also gives you one orb of magic, while Perfect Parrying gives you two orbs, plus a third for the counter. This is useful for "Use Torture Attacks" Alfheims.

- The Perfect Parry is also good for "Limited Kicks and Punches" Alfheims. If you do a Perfect Parry with Shuraba you perform an attack similar to a fully-charged sword slash. If you Perfect Parry with Shuraba in these Alfheims it doesn't count as a Punch! Useful to know.

Star of Dinèta
American Navajo legends states that these braces were crafted by the witch known as Yenaldooshi. They allow their user to replenish their vitality by taunting an enemy. Turquoise, shunned as a source of magical power, is still in use today in Navajo talismans.

- The Star of Dinèta allows you to replenish health by taunting enemies. A short taunt will give back 100HP, while a long taunt will give back 400HP. Its use outside of Angel Slayer is quite limited, considering you have access to healing items outside of Angel Slayer and that's faster than taunting.

Pulley's Butterfly
It is said that long ago, the witch Turandot crafted this treasure while in the service of the Queen of Lhasa, hoping that the butterfly would give users divine protection. Butterflies of Protection flutter around the bracelet's user, absorbing attacks on their behalf before breaking up.

- If you have at least 4 orbs of magic, you can summon Butterflies of Protection by pressing P + K. This produces 5 butterflies, each which can take 100 points of damage for you. The butterflies disappear once they've taken a hit, and if an attack does more than 500 points of damage, all the butterflies disappear. Using Pulley's Butterfly uses up magic, at a rate of one orb per 2 seconds.

- It's not ever mentioned anywhere in the game, but you can cancel the Pulley's Butterfly effect by pressing P + K again.

- Using Pulley's Butterfly negates your ability to use Bat Within/Moth Within, as the butterflies will take the hit for you before you can bat/moth. Which means using Pulley's Butterfly with Jeanne is pretty much useless.