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Part 59: The Lost Chapter - Verse 5

Verse 5 - Psychological warfare, live, from the INTERNET Blip(Polsy) | Youtube(Polsy)

- The final verse of Angel Slayer, this one takes a damned long time to finish, mainly because of the final two stages. Three Jeanne 4 is no joke, and the final boss takes me almost 10 minutes to kill

- Stage 8 is the last opportunity to heal in Angel Slayer, because after that you'll be worrying more about trying not to die to 3 Gracious and Glorious, 3 Jeannes, and Bayonetta with Rosemary

- While the tenth stage of Angel Slayer has Jeanne 4, they can't summon the missiles from the final Jeanne fight. They'll still say "Burn!" though, so that can throw you off at times, when you're already dodging all their other cues. They will still summon the infernal demons though.

- You'll notice that once I get to stage 10 I immediately go to the side and spin the camera around so it's only facing me. This is exploiting a particular trait of enemies in Bayonetta, as they won't attack you if you can't see them. The Jeanne will still walk towards you, or shoot at you, but other than that they are much more passive than normal. The three Jeanne can be easily cheesed by using the camera trick and Pillow Talk charges with charged fire Durga on the feet, using the PPPKKK combo. Alternatively, Pillow Talk charges with the Kilgore glitch and Bracelet of Time accessory will work. The same technique can also apply to the final boss. With the final boss I use the camera trick to get some breathing room because goddamn

- The final boss is a lot like Jeanne, only she does a lot more damage, and has a couple of different patterns. She's got five health bars, which is why it takes so bloody long to kill her. She's much more Wicked Weave-happy, often summoning three in quick succession, and she can shoot from in the air as well as on the ground. She's also much more quick on her feet than Jeanne, which means it's harder to hit her, basically. Usually an uppercut Wicked Weave will catch Jeanne, but with the boss, it's not always a certainty.

- A funny thing the developers left in; when you do a counter attack with the final boss you will still get Jeanne sounds. Might be a bit hard to hear, but just take my word for it.

- It should be noted that the amount of damage each butterfly takes is scaled for each difficulty; So on Normal, each butterfly can take 100 points of damage, while on Hard each one takes 200 points. On NSIC it's 300 points of damage. As reference, a Wicked Weave on NSIC takes off four butterflies, so that's at most 1200HP out of Bayonetta's 8000HP. You'll see when I get caught by the Iai-Jutsu (Shuraba charge attack) that she did three-quarters of a bar of damage. Trust me, she can and will kill you real quick.

- Once you finish Angel Slayer the little icon on the menu (underneath the name of the chapter) is Bayonetta. The pose she's making is similar to that of Trish's on the Devil May Cry logo.