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Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

by Boyks

Part 1: Escape from Highland High

Intro Video to the game (Highly suggested that you watch this):

Intro Video to the chapter (Highly suggested that you watch this):

: "Uh huh huh, let's get out here."
: "Heh heh, yeah."

: "Where do you boys think you're going?"
: "Uh, I dunno. Huh huh."
"Well, you're going nowhere if you can't pass this class."
: "Uh, okay."
: "Whoa, a monkey."

: "Uh huh huh, If you're not good, I'm gonna spank you."
: "Eek eek eep eep."
: "Eek eek eek hahahahaha, heh heh."
: "Whoa, it's your mom Beavis."
: "No way butt munch, it's a monkey."
: "Actually, you're both wrong. It's a chimpanzee."
: "Uh huh huh huh, Martin. What a dork."
: "Heh eh eh heh heh heh, oh yeah."
: "Uh, What are you doing?"
: "I've created a program to translate the sound patterns of a chimpanzee into human speech."
: "Uh, like, dirty monkey words? Huh huh huh."
: (sigh) "I hardly think so. Don't bother me, I withdrew behind an imaginary forcefield."
: "Uh huh huh, dumbass. Imagination sucks."

: "Uh, like, what are you doing dude?"
: "Hey fuzz-nuts, don't even look at this."
: "Hey Earl, my man, how's it going?"
: "Stay away punk."
: "Is that, like, a rocket?"
: "Well, it's fuel, but it ain't for no rocket. Ah ha ha ha."
: "Heh heh heh, is it for a boat?"
: "Back off now. This here science project protected dill-rods."
: "Heh heh heh, oh yeah. It's, like, booby trapped."
: "Huh huh huh. You're checking out Earl, Beavis."
: "No way!"
"Uh, what's Diarrhea doing?"

: "Diarrhea, cha cha cha. Diarrhea, cha cha cha."
: "Burner, burner, burner!" (Reaches toward flame.)
: "Remember what happened last time, Beavis."
: "You look cool without eyebrows, Beavis."
: "Eh heh heh, damn I'm smooth."
: "Huh huh huh, we're gonna do something cool."
: "Congratulations."
: "We need to, like, get out of class because Todd is waiting for us and stuff."
: "Well there's probably some kind of official form you can fill out."
: "Uh, really? Huh huh huh."
: "You need to, like, buy a clue, Butt-head."
: "Can you loan us some money then?"
: "Dumbass."

: "Hey Butt-head, what's that?"
: "Uh, that's the pass to the bathroom, dumbass."
: "They should just, like, put toilets in the classroom. It'd be more um convenience or something."
: "You're coming with me, heh heh."

: "Uh, we have to, like, go to the bathroom or something."
: "Yeah, heh heh heh, poop.
: "Well alright, but I wish you boys would clean up your act."
: "Uh, don't worry, we'll wipe."
: "Yeah, heh heh."

: "Whoa, there's our locker. Huh huh."
: "Open it up, Butt-head. I left some food in it last week."
: "Uh, I'm not hungry now butt munch. Save it for next week."
: "Oh yeah. Good idea."
: "Uh, wait a minute. Damn it, open it up, Butt-head."

: "Ugh, It's full of books."
: "What are they for, Butt-head?"
: "Uh, for sucking I think."
: "Let's go find Todd."
: "Huh huh, good idea."

: "Huh, it looks like you two hellions need some hands-on instruction on how to stay in class."
: "Uh oh Beavis, I think he's gonna touch us."
: "Ahhh! Heh heh, that sucks."

: "I hope you had a nice trip boys. Time to get back to work."

: "Uh we have to, like, go to the bathroom or something."
: "Yeah heh heh heh, GO heh heh heh."
: "But you just went."
: "Uh, we forgot to finish. Huh huh huh."
: "Well, alright."

: "We have to, like, get by McDicker."
: "Uh, let's go this way."

: "Uh, words. Uh, 'ah-pen'. Uh, Mick. Uh, Nicky. These words suck."
: "Yeah, but, like, you were reading them. So you suck too. Heh heh heh."
: "I was, like, faking you out. Huh huh. You're a dumbass."
: "Well at least I wasn't reading."
: "Um, I wonder what this stuff tastes like."

: "Check it out, there's gum on the fountain."
: "Yeah, it's all washed and clean and stuff. Huh huh."

: "Uh, the gym. That's for all of those fart-knockers that want to, like, get buff."
: "Yeah, they need to get their muscles the natural way, like us."
: "Uh huh huh, you masturbator."

(This is the until now unforeseen dialogue box that appears when speaking with NPCs.)

: "Buzzcut, huh huh he was in the Army."
: "Um, oh yeah. I though he was, like, um you know, a seaman. Heh heh heh get it? Semen?"
: "Huh huh huh, semen. That was really funny Beavis."
: "Yeah heh heh heh. I just made that up."
: "Uh, could you, like, help us get out of school?"
: "Uh, we, like, have to go to the bathroom."
: "Uh, no."
: "Uh huh huh, this dude has probably got jock itch. I hope you're wearing a nad guard."
: "When I finish my set set I'm going to kick your ass."
: "Heh heh, I already finished my set this morning."
: "The only set you ever did was the 'one-handed stroke'. Huh huh huh on your weiner."
: "Um, I know. That's what I'm saying."

: "Beavis, beyond this door lies eternal happiness."
: "Yeah heh heh and there's a bunch of naked chicks, too."
: "Peekaboo! Heh heh heh."
: "Uh huh huh, that was cool."

: "I gotta poop. Heh heh. Plop plop plop."
: "Go for it Beavis. There's, like, fifty naked schlongs in there. Uh huh huh."
: "No way. I'm not going in there if there's fifty naked schlongs in there."
: "Uh, how about twenty-five?"
: "No way. You're saying it's twenty-five when it's more like fifty."
: "Whatever, dumbass. You're the schlong counter."
: "Shut up, bunghole!"

: "This is, like, an elevator from olden times or something."
: "It, like, goes to the roof, I think."

: "What's that jumping board for, Butt-head?"
: "Uh, I think it's for, like, jumping and stuff."

: "Hey dillweed, don't leave me here. Get up and help."
: "Heh heh, oh yeah."

: "Ahh!"
: "Dumbass."

: "Ugh."
: "Maybe we can, like, see Todd from up there or something."

: "Here's a cool game, Beavis. I try to hit you with the stick and you, like, try to get out of the way."
: "No way."
: "You're a wuss, Beavis."
: "No way Butt-head, you're the wuss."
: "Beavis, pick that damn stick up."
: "Um, okay."

: "Whoa, there's McDicker."
: "He's close enough to, like, hit with a loogie."
: "I could hit him with a loogie, but you're such a wuss you never could."
: "No way Butt-head. You're the wuss."
: "Yeah whatever butt munch."

(Here's the first mini game of the game. WARNING: I suck at this game. It's not exactly very good. You can move left and right and when you press down the mouse a bar moves on the side of the screen to indicate distance to hock your loogie. Every ten hits you get gives you a green loogie which really coats whatever you hit with it. After about 30 seconds McVicker appears on the screen and is certainly the easiest way to get multiple points as it is otherwise hard to judge distance. The game ends when you hock a green loogie onto McVicker causing him to run up to the roof after you, thus allowing us to progress in the game.)

"Heh heh heh, let's get out of here."
: "We're stuck! We're trapped! We're gonna starve and run all out of water and get all, like, skeletonized! It's all over! We're never gonna score. We're dead! DEAD! DEAD!"
: "Cool. Huh huh."

: "I bet something cool happens if you put your hand here."
: "Let me do it! Let me do it!"

: "Ahhh!"
: "Huh huh huh. Told you."

: "Check it out Butt-head. This is my wood."
: "No way. That's, like, twice as much big as it is or something."
: "Let me show you."

: "Cool Butt-head, you broke it."
: "Sure, dude, I meant to do that."

: "Heh heh heh."
: "Huh huh huh."
: "Now where the hell is Todd?"

: "Please help me."
: *cough* *cough* "Can I help you sir?"
: "Either of you two losers seen Todd around?"
: *cough* *cough* "Um no, but he's going to let us into his gang."
: "Is that so? Well when you see him, you let him know Leroy's gang is looking for him."
: "Help me."
: "Uh, okay. Huh huh."
: "Man if we don't get that car back from Todd we are in..."

: "Cool. Let's hang out in the park."
: "Yeah, we could probably find something to break there."
: "We're there dude."

(Update #1 Extra: Here's an extra I couldn't fit into the update easily for the astute goons among us.)