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Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

by Boyks

Part 2: Welcome to Burger World, Home of the Burger World

: "See you at The Slaughter House, Todd."

: "Hey Butt-head, it sounds like a party."
: "Huh huh, yeah."

: "Hey look, it's Todd's gang."

: "Uh, hey dudes, uh huh huh."

: "No preschoolers allowed."
: "Cool, heh heh. We'll just hang then."
: "Hang at your own risk, girls."
: "Yeah Beavis, hang at your own risk."
: "Uh, we're looking for Todd."
: "That's funny, 'cause, like, he was looking for a couple little dudes asses that he can kick."
: "Cool, heh heh. Maybe, we can, like, help him and stuff."
: "Yeah, Todd would probably like that. Now get lost."
: "So, can we, like, join the gang?"
: "That's Todd's call man, but get us some food and we might put in a good word."
: "Um, what should we get you sirs?"
: "Burger World, what else?"
: "Heh heh oh yeah. 'Thank you, drive through.'"

: "Maybe there's, like, something to break over there."
: "Yeah, dude."

: "Garbage rules."
: "Yeah it's, like, filled with presents and stuff."
: "Uh, you shouldn't believe everything your mom says, Beavis."

: "Check it out! There's, like, a bunch of cool junk in here, heh heh."

: "Ahh! Butt-head. Butt-head, help! Help! This sucks!"

: "That sucked."
: "Shut up butt munch. That was pretty cool."

: "Check it out, Butt-head. This paper is pretty cool."
: "Uh, whatever you say, Beavis."
: "Uh, Bene-fit. Sperm whale. Uh huh huh."
: "That paper is cool."

: "Uh, like, let's go get some free food."

: "It's, like, locked or something."
: "That sucks."
: "Check it out. The manager is out front for once."
: "Oh yeah, he's not in back watching his motivational videos."
: "Yeah, that one with the stewardess always motivates me, uh huh huh."

: "Hey, how's it going? Got any leftovers?"
: "Only the drive-thru is open boys. We won't be needing you for a couple of days."
: "Cool. Can we steal some food, anyways?"
: "Heh. Good joke, Beavis."
: "Joke?"
: "Uh, we want to, like, work and stuff and, like, get some free food."
: "Like I said Butt-head, we only got drive-thru open. We don't need you."
: "Uh, like, sometimes not working sucks."
: "I think this is, like, the first time though."
: "Uh, so will you give us some food, damn it?"
: "Company policy boys. Only drive-thru is open."

: "Uh, can we have our food now?"
: "Yeah, like, um 'Thank you, walk through.'"

: "You need a vehicle! Now get out of there before we're all canned."
: "Uh huh huh, canned."
: "Damn it. Let's go home and, like, see if we left a bag there or something."
: "Whoa, good idea, Butt-head."

: "What's wrong with the TV?"
: "I think it's off."
: "Ooh. I didn't know it did that."
: "Turn it on."

: *click* "Whoa, what is this crap?"
: "Just some dumb, stupid show with a bunch of sucky people in it trying to talk a bunch of crap."
: "It's pretty cool."
: "Not cool enough, dude." *click*

: "Whoa, it's a magnifying glass."
: "Cool. Maybe you can use it to find your schlong."
: "Shut up, Butt-head. It's for frying ants. Heh heh, yeah."

: "There's, like, something in here."

: "Damn it. I can't reach it."
: "Uh huh huh, are you looking in your pants, Beavis?"
: "Eh heh heh, oh yeah. That's pretty funny."
: "Damn it, Beavis. You ate all of our Burger World."
: "Maybe we can, like, go get some nachos."
: "Yeah. Nachos rule."

: "They should have, like, a big pump for nachos."
: "That would rule and, like, another one for fruity whips."
: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Those Food Mart dudes are bad businessmen."

: "Check it out, an air weiner. Heh heh heh."

: "They should have, like, ice machines that make really cool shapes."
: "Like, chicks, and boobs, and butts, and stuff. Heh heh heh."
: "No way, Beavis. You'd get, like, frostbite all the time."
: "Eh heh heh, bite."

: "Hey Beavis, maybe there's, like, a body in there and stuff."
: "I don't see anything."
: "Ah!"
: "Uh huh huh, that was cool."

: "Heh heh heh, Nachos. Nachos. Hey, how's it going?"

: "You have to PAY first."
: "Damn it. This system sucks."

: "Cool, Super Death Robot Babe Killers 5. Flame Chest rules."
: "Shut up, Butt-head. Flame Chest is my woman."
: "Beavis, you couldn't even get to level two with Flame Chest."
: "I just need a roll of quarters."
: "You're going to need more than that if you want to get it on with Flame Chest."
:"Heh heh heh, this kid's a wuss."
: "Yeah, he only plays video games all of the time because he can't score."
: "When we start scoring, we're going to be a lot cooler than this ass wipe."
: "Huh huh huh, really."
: "Whoa!"
: "You just ripped that guys heart out."
: "In level fourty-six you rip a guys lungs out through his butt."
: "Heh heh, I did that once."
: "Beavis, that was a turd."
: "Heh heh, Oooh yeah. That was cool."
: "So, can you, like, do that thing with the butt?"
: "Not if dorks are bothering me, I can't."
: "Oh yeah, that would suck. A bunch of dorks all in your face and stuff while you're, like, trying to get to the next level."
: "What a bunch of dumbass, stupid, dorks."
: "Can you go away, please?"
"Uh, okay."

: "You're not them two boys that filled my in-ground pool, are ya?"
: "Uh, that was two other kids, huh huh huh."
: "Hmm. 'Cause I think they were the same kids who took my credit card."
: "Heh heh heh, that was cool."
: "What?"
: "Uh, he said that was two other kids."
: "Uh, like, can you buy some nachos for us? We're, like, good for it. Uh huh huh, good."
: "Well it's all 'gimme gimme gimme' these days. Back in my day you couldn't ask for no hand outs against the Germans. No sir."
: "Heck, even they respected the value of a dollar, I tell you what."
: "Um, can we have a dollar then?"
: "Yeah, we know the value of it. It's, like, worth some nachos."
: "Well, I tell you what, those nachos will taste a whole lot better if you get 'em with some sweat."
: "Um, I just like cheese on mine."
: "Well heck, you boys oughta go down to the veterans hall. There's a guy there looking for a couple of go-getters like yourselves."

: "Uh, okay."

(Those paying attention or who have played adventure games like this in the past may have noticed that there are two unsolved puzzles in this update. We'll have to look into getting one of those finished in the next update and the other one will be awhile down the road.)

(Also, here's extra #3.)