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Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

by Boyks

Part 4: Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law

(There is a ton of item collection in this update)

: "Here you go boys. Home sweet home."
: "Uh, do we have to, like, live we these guys?"
: "Leroy and Sam? Oh they'll take real good care of you. Ha ha ha ha."

: "Just leave me alone boys and everything will be cool."
: "Hey Butt-head, that's that dude who hung with Todd."
: "Hey you guys know that ass? You know Todd?"
: "Uh, yeah. He's, like, our good friend, uh huh huh."
: "Yeah yeah. He likes us, heh heh heh."
: "Well, I tell you what, all I need is a quarter and we can all hang with him."
: "Cool, heh heh. Who's got one?"
: "He's asking us, butt munch."
: "Ooh yeah, heh heh."
: "Once we get the quarter we can go party with Todd at The Slaughter House."
: "Yeah, heh heh, that's gonna be cool."

: "Who's that dude under the bed?"
: "Yeah. What's his problem?"
: "He's a psycho. Just keep him fed and he won't bother you none."
: "Beavis, the test."
: "Um, heh, okay."

: "Ow! Ow! Ow!"
: "That guy is nuts."
: "Yeah. Me too. I'm nuts too. Yeah."
: "You're just a wuss Beavis. There's a big difference."
: "Hey, heh heh."
: "I will kill them in a boat and I will sit and watch them float."
: "I will kill them in my house and I will feed them to my mouse."
: "Cool."
: "This guy is definitely cool."

: "This place is cool. It has, like, toilet paper and everything. Heh heh, TP for my bunghole."

: "Huh huh huh, soap."
: "Heh heh heh, that's pretty funny Butt-head."

: "I'm pretty hungry Butt-head."
: "Try this."
: "Um, okay, heh heh."

: "Blah!"
: "Dumbass."

: "So, uh, hey. Heard from Todd lately?"
: "Not since I've been in here. That's why I need that quarter to get out."
: "When's dinner?"
: "They feed you when they feel like it! They treat you like a damn animal."
: "Yeah!"

: "That's enough out of you two."
: "They kick you when you're down."
: "Kick you in the nads! Heh heh heh, the nads!"

: "Ahh!"
: "Hiss hiss hiss hiss."

: "Whoa that was cool. What are those?"
: "These are that one guard's keys and now they're, like, ours."
: "Let's give them to someone."
: "Beavis, if we gave them to someone then, like, they wouldn't be ours anymore."
: "Oh yeah. I knew that."

: "We can go anywhere in jail we want, huh huh. This is cool."

: "Whoa, it's that Kyler dude."
: "Remember that dude who busted out that time?"
: "Oh yeah, yeah. He gave us tattoos on your butts. I bet he remembers us."
: "Really. At least he remembers our butts."

: "Kyler seems, like, crazier than last time."
: "Yeah. He's, like, a hardened criminal, uh huh huh."
: "Uh, hey there Kyler."
: "Hyah uh ha huh."
: "Whoa. Kyler's still cool."
: "Uh, hey. Hey Kyler, what have you got there?"
: "My quarter, hyah uh ha huh."
: "Hey Butt-head, um, he's got a quarter and, uh, we need a..."
: "Let me handle it dumbass."
: "Uh, can we have your quarter?"
: "No way man. They gave me this quarter. It's my sacred trust. Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME?"
: "Whoa, okay dude."
: "Hey Beavis, it's your girlfriend."
: "Where? Oh, heh heh. Oh yeah."

: "Maybe there, like, something cool over here."

: "Hey, let's get buff."
: "Um, I already buffed myself this morning."

: "Huh huh, we're, like, pumped."
: "Yeah. I feel like I'm on those, um, stereos."
: "Whoa dude, a chick."
: "Where?"

: "Beavis, I think I'm in love, huh huh."
: "With a dog?"
: "I was talking about the chick dumbass."
: "Oh yeah. Yeah. She's pretty hot too."
: "Uh huh huh, hey baby."
: "You want to go into solitary, scum?"
: "Heh heh, check this out. Hi."
: "Hi yourself."
: "So, like um, how's it going?"
: "Tell me something sweetie; were you convicted of heart breaking?"
: "Heh heh heh, oooh yeah."
: "Um, what's with Kyler?"
: "Oh, stay away from him, honey. He almost killed the mug shot guy. I don't want him hurting you."
: "Uh, you can hurt me, huh huh."
: "When I hurt you, you'll know it dirtbag."
: "I'm gonna score."

: "Uh, somebody's been using that towel."

: "I bet I can slam."
: "Huh huh, you slam yourself all the time."
: "Watch this Beavis, huh huh."

: "Huh huh, that was cool."
: "This place sucks."
: "Yeah, let's get out of here."

: "Hey, what's that sign say?"

: "Uh, 'Insane Wing.'"
: "This jail has everything."

: "Whoa. Two chicks in one day."

: "I wonder if she does physical therapy, huh huh."
: "I think this place is for, like, mental patients Butt-head."
: "Beavis, you're stupid."
: "Can we have some shock therapy?"
: "Sorry boys. The shock therapy unit has been put away. Apparently, some patients were abusing the unit."
: "Huh huh, I bet it was Beavis."
: "Sorry boys, but I'm too busy to talk right now."

: "Aww, it's a teddy bear."
: "Beavis, you're a woman."
: "Hey Butt-head, stop looking at my teddy bear."
: "You're, like, mentally sick Beavis."

: "Heh heh, chicks dig guys who take pictures of them."
: "How would you know, dumbass?"
: "Uh, I picked up a chick once. A long time ago. You weren't there. It was cool."

: "Hey, maybe there's food in there."

: "Uh, 'shock', uh, 'therapy', huh?"
: "Oh yeah, my mom has one of those."
: "Your mom has a lot of things, Beavis."
: "Shut up, Butt-head!"
: "That's, like, that thing we made with that old car battery."
: "Really? Heh heh, like um, that frog never saw it coming."

: "Hey, those are like my blocks."
: "You still play with blocks, Beavis?"
: "Shut up, Butt-head. They, like, can teach you and stuff."

: "Who's that?"
: "Uh, I don't know."
: "What is it? I'm trying to read a book here."
: "Heh heh, he's reading. He must be insane."
: "Hey Beavis, that book is called Ditties, huh huh."
: "Cool. Maybe it's got dirty pictures."
: "Uh, hey dude. Does that book have dirty pictures?"
: "Maybe. I'm only on the first page."
: "Like, uh, when are you going to be done?"
: "I'd be able to finish faster if I had my other eye."
: "Cool, heh heh."
: "Like, maybe that cool guy under the bed will want some of this crap. He seemed pretty hungry."
: "Good idea, Butt-head. He's pretty cool."

: "Uh, here you go."

: "Nooo! Not my teddy!"
: "Thank you for my little bear. I will take him everywhere."
: "Um, Butt-head, is he a wuss?"
: "I hope he's just insane."

: "Hey Butt-head, what does it say?"
: "Uh, 'Stay in'. Uh huh huh, in. 'Stay in school.'"
: "If I wanted to stay in school, I'd go to school."
: "Uh, okay Beavis."

: "I'd rather do time than read poems that don't rhyme."

: *munch* *munch*.

: "Hey dude, he stole your girlfriend."
: "Now I'm, like, a free man."
: "Really. It's, like, if you love something, and set it free, and it doesn't come back, you're a dumbass."

: "Uh, I think this goes with the camera."
: "Yeah, you can, like, use it to find the camera when it's dark."
: "Whatever dumbass."

: "Hey, let's go, like, take some mug shots of Kyler."
: "Yeah, he'll like that. Kyler likes us."

: "Turn to your left. Now turn to your right."
: "Hey man, don't do that."

: "Face forward."
: "I told you man. I'll hurt you if you do that again."

: "And one more shot of the captain."
: "I warned you two dudes. Somebody's gonna pay!"

: "Riots rule. See, dumbass, this is why we don't, like, give away our keys."
: "You're pretty smart Butt-head."

: "Whoa, a quarter."

: "I got your quarter."
: "Great. Now scram."
: "But you said we could, like, hang with Todd."
: "Yeah? Well follow me then."

: "Okay man, I'm out. Come get me."

: "Later on, losers!"
: "Do you think he really was Todd's friend?"
: "Of course he is, dumbass. He treats us just as good as Todd does."

: "Excuse me sir, I'm looking to bust out of here."
: "I think he's, like, asleep."
: "He shouldn't sit in a metal chair. What if there was a thunderstorm?"
: "Shut up, dumbass. That would be cool."
: "Whoa, I think I just had, like, a great idea."
: "Huh huh, check this out, Beavis."

: "Heh heh, I'm next. I'm next. This is going to be cool."
: "Uh, sorry dude. The unit is broken."
: "Damn it. Guards get to do all of the cool stuff."
: "Uh, did you order a delivery of chicks, Beavis?"
: "Um, no. Why?"
: "Uh, I guess they're all for Big Daddy Butt-head then."

: "How come you two girls don't have balls?"
: "Yeah I do. Let me show you, heh heh."
: "Put it back, Beavis."
: "Come here ladies."

(Here's Extra #6. The disk has a few videos hidden within its files and most of them are shaky developer diaries/crappy home videos. This is the first of these.)