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Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

by Boyks

Part 5: Free Rides at the Meat Carnival

: "Huh huh, my balls don't even fit in my pants."
: "Hey, it's Todd's car!"

: "He knows all of the cool places."
: "When we get our chains off, we'll hang out with Todd and he'll, like, help us get our chains off. It's gonna be cool, heh heh."
: "Uh, we won't be doing anything cool until we get these off, Beavis."

: "Hey, if we get those big scissor things we could do something cool."
: "Like what?"
: "Uh, I don't know."
: "Hnng. I can't reach it. Damn it! People are always doing crap like this to me. It sucks! IT SUCKS!"
: "Settle down, Beavis."

: "Check it out, Beavis. We've got balls and there's some wood over there, huh huh."
: "Heh heh, you're pretty funny sometimes Butt-head."
: "I'm always funny butt munch."

: "Check it out, Beavis. I made a weiner."

: "Heh heh, It's like that thing you did for art class that time."
: "And this time they can't even suspend me, huh huh."
: "That would be could if we could, like, use the balls to break the board."
: "Beavis, you dumbass. You can't even lift your real balls."
: "Yes I can."
: "You're stupid, Beavis."
: "I got an idea. Check this out, Beavis."

: "Now go get those scissor things."
: "Uh, okay."

: "I think Todd's inside. Todd's pretty cool."

Highly recommended you watch this

: "Ow. Where am I?"
: "Hey, um, want some nachos?"

: "Get out of my face. Ow! What the hell is going on here?"
: "Uh, you got hurt. We bandaged you."
: "Yeah, um, don't move sir."
: "Man. That sucks. I gotta get my car, man."
: "So, like, can we hang now?"
: "If you do something for me, maybe."
: "You girls gotta get the car I won from Leroy. Gina's got the keys."
: "Cool! Cool!"
: "Yes!"

: "Don't you girls want to know where it is?"
: "Uh, oh yeah, huh huh."
: "The car is over at that farm on route 67. Disguise it and bring it back and you guys are in."
: "But if Leroy finds out, you'll need more bandages than this."
: "Cool, huh huh."
: "Are you feeling comfortable?"
: "Shut up and get my car or I'll make you pretty damn uncomfortable."
: "Can we watch some TV before we go?"

: "Hey, little queen, I'm watching something. Unless you want your face smeared all over the screen, I suggest you don't touch that."
: "Uh, oh yeah. Sorry sir."

: "What's that smell?"
: "Beavis, you stink. Go change your clothes right now."
: "Um, okay."

: "That's better, dillhole."

: "Let's go back to The Slaughter House. There was something cool there."
: "But, like, shouldn't we go to the farm to get Todd's car."
: "Shut up, fart knocker."

(There are some items to collect.)

: "Check it out. Is there, like, a car buried here, or something?"
: "Beavis, you dumbass. That's only the license plate."

: "Maybe there's something cool inside."

: "Huh huh, cows are cool."
: "Um, that's beef, Butt-head. Not cows."
: "Uh, oh yeah. I got mixed up."

: "Uh, huh huh, is your meat on the floor?"

: "Uh, no Butt-head. It's still in my pants."

: "Hey Beavis, you're handling your meat again, huh huh."
: "Heh heh, yeah. Always."

: "Master switch, huh huh."
: "You should pull it, Beavis."
: "Heh heh, pull."

: "Whoa, cool."

: "Whoa! Check it out. It's, like, a channel changer from olden days. What does it do?"
: "Uh, I don't know. Turn it, dumbass."

: "What was that? Whoa, it's an axe."

: "Heh heh, now I can, like, axe you to stop giving me crap."
: "Beavis, quit trying to be bad."
: "I am bad. I'm super bad. Butt wipe."

: "Let's go get Todd's car before he kicks your ass, Beavis."

: "Hey Beavis, do you think the farmer has some daughters, huh huh?"
: "I don't know, Butt-head. Don't farms normally have animals?"
: "Beavis, you're never going to get any."

: "Um, heh heh, you have a real purty mouth. Heh heh, squeal! Squeal!"

: "Huh huh, dumbass."

: "Howdy, fellash. What can I do for ya?"
: "Um, what's that?"
: "That'sh my manure pile."
: "Whoa, this dude still has an outdoor manure pile."
: "Yeah. He should, like, move it indoors like us city people, or something."

: "Heh heh, it's a c-"
: "Shut up, Beavis. It's not cool to make fun of animals."
: "But I though, um, ...really?"
: "Huh huh, dumbass. Huh huh, cock."

: "You boysh ain't here to plow are you?"
: "Uh, no."
: "Well I don't want no one around who won't pull shome teetsh."

: "Uh, I can pull some teets, sir."
: "You ever shlop a hog?"

: "Beavis slops his hog all the time, huh huh."

: "Beavis, quit trying to choke that dude's chicken."
: "Heh heh, oh yeah."

: "Do you milk your cow everyday?"
: "Of coursh I do! If I didn't milk old Claire in the morning and evening, she'd shwell up like a bullfrog and pop."
: "Uh huh huh."
: "Heh heh heh."
: "How come you sound so funny?"
: "Got caught on the bushinessh end of a mule almosht fifty years ago and all of my choppersh got knocked in."
: "I ain't ate sholid food shince '47."
: "Cool. A real life cave man, heh heh."
: "Uh, do you know Todd?"
: "Hm. Todd. Let'sh shee now. Well I did shee a young man drive up to the barn while Mr. Andershon was inshtalling one of them electric door openers on the door."
: "Oh yeah. That sounds like Todd. He drives a car."
: "Well, I guess thish Todd fella talked Mr. Adershon into letting him put his car in the barn. I ain't sheen him shince though."
: "Um, can we go inside the barn? We're, like, Todd's really good friends."
: "Shorry boysh. Like I shaid earlier, I'm renting out that barn to Mr. Andershon. It wouldn't be right."
: "Beshides, I can't get in anywaysh now that he inshtalled that electric door opener on it. I would need one of them remote controllersh on there."
: "Damn it. Well let's go find Mr. Anderson."

: "Who's that? You're not them two boys run off with our tank?"
: "Uh, no sir."
: "That was, like, two other kids."
: "Well, alright. Them boys are in a world of trouble."
: "I think those other kids who, like, took your tank were just visiting from, like, Europe, or something, huh huh."
: "Well, I tell you hwhat, I'll kick them right back over there if they ever show up again."
: "Uh, this old farmer dude said that you were, like, talking to our good friend Todd."
: "Well, I did talk to a young man name of Todd recently. He said he needed a place to store his new car."
: "Fortunately for him, my RV was in the shop."
: "Yeah, he's out really good friend."
: "Now if you see that boy, tell him I'm gonna need some more money if he wants to keep it in my space much longer."
: "Yes sir, one way or another, we all have to give way to the almighty dollar."
: "Uh, I heard you, like, let a couple of smooth dudes mess up your property and stuff."
: "No more. I got me a garage door opener and put it on my shed so they can't break in anymore."
: "And what with my back not being what it used to, that electric opener is real handy."
: "The only problem is I lost the damn thing. I've been all over trying to find it."
: "I thought I left it in the taxidermist shop when I dropped off the old grizzly bear to be restuffed, but the owner said she ain't seen it."
: "Huh huh, stuffed."
: "Well maybe the little woman has seen it."

: "Whoa, cool. Ants."
: "Fry 'em! Fry 'em!"

(I bet you forgot there were mini-games int his game already, right? Well, here's the second one: Bug Justice. You activate this game by using the magnifying glass on any ant hill in the game. The game places a number of candies and junk food on the ground and it is your job to defend them from the ants, spiders, and other insect that can carry them away. You need to click wildly on each insect before they grab all of your food and you get points for each one left over when the time runs out. You can also stomp when the icon is on the screen to knock out all bugs on the screen. It's pretty frantic and actually pretty fun, if not impossibly hard at times.)

: "Hey, let's go check out the taxi-dermus shop."
: "Uh, okay."

(Time for Extra #8! Here's another developer diary hidden on the disc. Enjoy the terrible tunes and laughably bad slideshow.)