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Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity

by Boyks

Part 6: The Fan Which Hungers

: "Um, this lady looks mean, Butt-head."
: "Yeah. I guess it's from having her hand up a bunch of animals butts all day, huh huh."
: "Boys, I have too much work to do to get involved in any of your nonsense."
: "Uh, have you ever stuffed a bra, uh huh huh?"
: "Boys, I am not in the mood for no horseplay."
: "Um, she said 'horseplay.' She must be talking about me, heh heh, yeah."
: "Dream on, Beavis. If she was talking about you, she'd have said, like, 'gerbilplay,' or something."
: "Heh heh, that was funny Butt-head. That was a good one."
: "Um, heh heh, did you have to stuff yourself into your pants this morning?"
: "Boys, I'm gonna lay down the law right here. I don't have time for any monkey business."
: "That's the best kind of business."
: "Yeah. Beavis is, like, a regular monkey businessman, huh huh."

(No options for anything relating to the bear right now )

: "What's that? Snot?"
: "No, butt weed, it's string."
: "That's too bad, heh heh."

: "When I die, will you pay to have someone mount my head, heh heh?"
: "Uh, huh huh, okay. Huh huh, mount."

: "Uh, these animals don't look very natural and stuff."
: "Yeah, really. They should be all squashed, and stuff, next to the road."

: "Snake eyes, heh heh."

: "I think this is one of those rhinoslavs, er rhinosaurs, or something."
: "Don't act smart dumbass. Just call it a dinosaur like everyone else."
: "This dude's face is horny."
: "Heh heh, yeah. Me too. Actually, my whole body is like that."

: "This must be, like, the door to the work room in back, or something."

: "Sorry, boys. You can't come back here. Employees only."
: "Uh, we should, like, get her something to stuff."

(Aha! )

: "I, uh, think I left something back at home."

: "Beavis, what in the hell are you doing?"
: "Check it out, Butt-head. I saw this on a show once. Only, they were, like, disarming a missile, or something."

: "Got it."
: "Beavis, that show sucked."
: "Yeah, but now we have a quarter."

: "It's mine now. Let's go get that condom so that I can score."
: "Whoa, that's, like, a good idea. I'm gonna score. Yes!"
: "I said I'm going to score, butt munch. You only get to, like, watch."
: "Yeah, and then I get to score after."
: "Beavis, you're stupid."

: "Beavis and Butt-head, you two are starting to give this place a bad name - not to mention a bad smell."
: "Uh, Beavis knows a poem."
: "Yeah. Yeah. Here I sit; Same as ever."
: "Took a dump; Pulled the lever."
: "The toilet clogged; The water flowed."
: "Look out world; It's the mother load. Heh heh, thank you, drive through, please."
: "That's disgusting. Why don't you leave me alone?"
: "Uh huh, good poetry, Beavis."

: "Watch the master, Beavis, huh huh."
: "Heh heh, master Beavis."

: "Huh huh, 'reservoir tip.' Scoring is cool."

: "Whoa, heh heh. That's hard."
: "It's supposed to be, dumbass."

: "I wrote this poem during a very heavy period of my life. It's called 'Existence.'"
: "Uh oh."
: "Existence is a paradox; A puzzle for the ages."
: "The words that have been written on it; Could fill a gillion pages."
: "This sucks."
: "Well, if you think you can do better than that, please, go ahead and try!"
: "Yeah, right. Poetry sucks."

(Here's mini game #3: Air Guitar. It's more of a toy than a mini game, but I digress. You have a keyboard with notes from base C to C with which to play with and a basic recorder that will record fifteen seconds of audio. You can either use the mouse to choose each individual note or use keys 'w', 'e', 't', 'y', and 'u' as well as letters 'a' through 'j' on your keyboard [matching the keys on the musical keyboard] to play. You can then switch your songs between air guitar, fart, and burp noises as well as save and load the songs you create. It's a neat time waster, but not much of a real game.)

: "Damn it, Butt-head. I'm, like, really hungry. I'm never going to eat and then I'll die. I'll die without ever scoring! Why does this always happen to me! This sucks!"
: "Calm down, Beavis. Let's just, like, go get some free burgers at Burger World, or something."

: "Uh, Burger World is open."
: "Yeah, we're open. Come on in."

: "Hey guys. Can I take your order?"
: "Uh, don't tell the boss you're giving us free food and I won't tell him you're a dork."
: "I'm not giving you free food, Butt-head. Now what will it be?"
: "Uh, do you have any chicks? Oh, wait a minute. I guess you wouldn't, huh huh."
: "Do you have stuff that's free?"
: "I can't give you free food. It's against policy."
: "What a dork, huh huh."

: "Whoa, Gina."
: "Heh heh, she, like, always wanted me, Butt-head."
: "She always wanted you to go away."
: "Will you children quit bothering me?"
: "Hey baby. How'd you like a side of Butt-head, uh huh huh."
: "How would you like Todd's fist down your throat?"
: "Uh, no thanks."
: "Um, heh heh, would you like to tour the freezer?"
: "Shut up, loser!"
: "Oh yeah. Uh, Todd told us you had, like, the keys for his car?"
: "So?"
: "So, like, can we have them?"
: "Like, I don't think so. Anyways, it's in my locker. So, I can't get them until Monday."
: "Okay, dude. She wants to play games."
: "Did you say something?"
: "I told you losers. Todd's keys are in my locker and school is closed until Monday."
: "Oh, I thought you said you wanted to do me. I'm sorry, heh heh."
: "Check this out, Beavis."

: "Let's get ready to rumble, heh heh."
: "Hey, the dork left."

: "Remember that old dude who, like, lost his hair piece on the headset?"
: "Huh huh, and then you fried it. That was cool."

: "Uh, shut up. Drive through please."

: "I said 'Hello Houston are you ready to rock?'"
: "I heard Houston like to party."
: "Beavis is in the how-se. Heh heh, beotch."
: "For a butt munch, you're a sucky rapper, Beavis."
: "Uh, testes. Testes."
: "Hey Beavis, are you still hungry?"
: "Yeah, Butt-head. Uh, why?"
: "Watch this."

: "That was cool."
: "I think some of it went down my shorts. That was, like, cold."

: "I think the fan was hungry."
: "Heh heh, that fan made a pig of himself."

: "There's tomorrows 'special', huh huh."
: "I sentence you to rat hell."

: "Heh heh, check out the mouse bait."

: "Fryers are cool."
: "Beavis..."

: "Ahhh, ow!"
: "That was stupid, Beavis, but it was pretty cool too."

: "It's a greasy burger flipper."
: "Heh heh, I thought that's what we are."
: "Spatula, heh heh."
: "Spatulas are cool."

: "A freezer, huh huh. Cool."
: "Heh heh, I get it, Butt-head."
: "Dillhole."
: "Hey Butt-head, I wonder if the cold really makes your weiner..."
: "Beavis, put that back and let's get out of here."

: "I just thought of something funny."

: "Whoa! Heh heh, air has a really big schlong."

: "Now, like, let's go get Todd's keys."

(So I kind of, uh, fucked up and released this as an extra earlier forgetting that it was relevant to the game. First LP goofs, am I right? Locker #69 is Gina's and you can hear that dialogue in Extra #1 linked in the second post above.)

: "Uh, this one's locked."
: "What are you kids doing? We're closed and this building ain't a playground to run around in."

: "Uh, can I ask you something?"
: "Don't go snooping mister, 'cause I ain't got no more critters on me no more. You can search me."
: "No thanks, dude."
: "Uh, we need a combination for, like, a locker."
: "Yeah. It's, like, our locker."
: "I need McVicker's say so to get the list out of the boiler room boys and he's been missing since Friday."
: "Oh, heh heh. Thank you, drive through."
: "Hey Butt-head, that guy looks like that one clown at Stewart's party."
: "Oh yeah. You went medieval on his ass."
: "Heh heh, oh yeah. Party clowns suck."
: "Here, let me show you something."

: "Uh oh, Beavis. Chuckles is gonna 'boof' us."
: "Whoa, check it out! It's, like, a dog, or something."
: "Uh huh, oh I love little critters."
: "Uh, thanks mister. You're good with your hands, huh huh."

: "Let's get out of here."

(And here's our first update without a new location. Where do we go next? There are some clues as to what still needs to be done and items unused, so I'll see if you guys can figure it out before the next update.)

(Also, here's extra #9 which is the last music video the game has to offer. The song is called 'Riddles are abound tonight' by the band Sausage.)