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Beyond Chaos EX: Final Fantasy 6 Randomizer

by Admiral Joeslop

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Original Thread: Final Fantasy 3/6: Beyond Chaos EX: Let's randomize ourselves to hell.



Welcome to this Let's Play of Final Fantasy 3/6! If you haven't played this game before, you're in for a very confusing time because we’ll be using a randomizer hack. 

Some Info About The Romhack
Back in February of 2017, liquidypoo did a video playthrough of the Beyond Chaos romhack for Final Fantasy 3, a randomizer hack. The thread is HERE and the LP Archive is HERE

The version of the randomizer that liquidypoo used was the last version that abyssonym created. From this romhack, a small community of speed runners and permadeath runners started playing the game on Twitch. They eventually made a Discord group, which is open to the public. This should be a permanent link to the Discord and they always welcome new members. 

Since the time of liquidypoo's LP, members of the Discord have updated the romhack with abyssonym’s blessing. They're currently on Version 2 of Beyond Chaos EX and some of this stuff can get bonkers. You can find the current version of the randomizer HERE and a link to the full list of changes HERE.

Our Rules
I made a few seeds until I found one that I thought was interesting enough to share, and will be showing off what I can. I'm using a specially created "textless" ROM that has some additional features to aid players in understanding their new randomized game. 

1) Items that have additional effect, such as items that cast a spell when you attack or automatically give a buff when equipped, will display in the item menu fully. 
2)The main menu and party formation screens will show the original name of a character in addition to their randomized name. 
3)Rages can be opened in the Skills menu to provide all relevant information. 
4)Dances will display what skills they use. 

I will be doing my best to highlight anything interesting or funny that I've found along the way. Due to one of the codes I used, all of the cutscenes from the beginning until Kefka at Narshe have been removed, and some of the cutscenes after that are also removed. If you have never played or read an LP about this game before, you likely will be confused and won't understand anything at all about the plot. 

In places where the music has changed, I will post a YouTube link to the new music.

Two rules; don't be a jerk, and no spoilers.

This is the randomizer's main screen, after I've put in all the information I wanted. If you want a handy link of all the current possible codes, I put them in a spreadsheet HERE.

You can determine which parts you actually want randomized, input a seed, and put in "secret" codes like the ones I linked above. HERE is a link to all the available random sprites; minor spoilers abound.

Personally, I don't like randomized Blitz inputs or a randomized Zozo clock so I turn those off. As far as the "secret" codes, I did the following: 

capslockoff - I prefer not having names in all caps. 

makeover - The Discord has created/modified over 200 sprites that can be inserted in place of any overworld sprite.

notawaiter - The code that removes most of the mandatory cutscenes. The community does lots of speed runs and races, with the end point being the Kefka fight at Narshe, so removing all those cutscenes reduces the time spent. 

partyparty - This mixes a few of the base game sprites into the pool for potential party members. I'm not sure if this is superseded by the makeover code or not. 

dancingmaduin - All Espers can only be equipped by usually one character; some will be able to equip multiples and a few might share an Esper. This also changes which spell the Paladin Shield teaches. You can no longer rely on having Ultima on all characters. 

randombosses - In previous versions, boss skills were untouched. This code randomizes them in the same way that regular enemies are randomized, generally weighted to the same power level as their regular skills. 

johnnydmad - Randomizes the music, pulled from certain categories of similar music. Battle music, sad music, boss music, etc. The other version of this code randomizes music completely. 
Special thanks to Cecil and all the helpful people on the BC Discord for knowing basically everything about this randomizer and tolerating my constant stream of questions.

Feel free to ask questions about any aspect of this randomizer and I look forward to having fun with you.

UPDATE: GreenKnight on the Discord has been working on a GUI for the randomizer, and has provided THIS LINK to it.

Table of Contents

World of Balance

World of Ruin


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