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Part 2: Fergus

Chapter 2 - Fergus

Music: "Despair of the Soul"
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VIDEO: Escape Tunnel

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The air in the tunnel was only a little bit cooler than the oven of the cells above, but it was refreshing just the same. This tunnel looked to be much older and better constructed than Edmond's. There were nooks and crannies, false starts and dead ends, and old barrels scattered around.

Mort investigated all the old barrels as he passed them, much to D.K's irritation.

There was a dead imp on the ground, and naturally Mort searched that as well, finding a coil of rope.

I wonder who carved this. It must have taken years.

They got their answer around a bend in the tunnel.

Get out of here! This is my tunnel… mine!!!

The pathetic creature attacked and was quickly put down.

Mort and D.K. continued through the tunnel, until they reached the end.

Damn it! I thought this had to be it!

If you didn't shuffle everywhere looking at your feet, you might have noticed the *hole* in the ceiling. Now how do we get up there? … Do you have anything useful amongst all that *junk* you've beep picking up?
I think I might…

Mort scrounged through the debris of bone and broken barrels and created a crude grappling hook.

Not bad, human.

D.K. took the rope and tossed the hook through the hole. It caught on something, and moments later they were both up in what seemed to be an old storeroom.

Odd… why hasn't this tunnel been closed off?
All that matters is that we're out of the cells. Let's go.

Wha… you're not supposed to… THE PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED!!!

Mort and D.K. silenced the axe-wielding guard and dragged his body back into the storeroom. A door to the left led to the cell block.

Close the gate, human. The guards will know something is wrong if they see that gate open.

Mort did as DK said and they moved on.

Locked. Damn.

Mort's gaze fell upon a skeleton on a stand.

Maybe there's a key hidden in this…

But as he touched it, it crumbled into a pile.

Hmmm, this fellow seems familiar to me. … I've heard that dwarves sometimes hang the remains of their ancestors in their homes, the dirty rock shovellers! The little buggers can react very aggressively when you mess with their stuff…
That's really fascinating, I'm sure, but since there isn't a key among these bones, we should keep moving.

"About the Game" posted:

This is a reference to Divine Divinity. Early on you can meet a bad-tempered dwarf called Otho. He has a skeleton in his house. Touch it and it breaks and Otho gets upset.

See here for details

The only remaining door led to what looked like a sloppy, makeshift morgue. Bodies in various states of decay and neglect lay around the room. A particularly unusual skull caught Mort's attention.

Have you ever seen anything…

Why are you all goggle-eyed, long pig? You never seen a guy who's thinning on top before?
It's a talking skull!
I've heard about strange things like this. If a creature dies who still has unfinished business in the world of the living…
Damn Death-Knights, they give me the willies, they do! … If I get my hands… er teeth… on that Torture Master, I'll… I'll chew his ears off… I'll nut his kneecaps!
Who is the Torture Master?
Fergus is Samuel's head torturer. Never has one human being delighted in the pain of another so much as he.
Make him suffer for me and I'll kiss you with the lips I ain't got.
You're on… but no kissing!
That's the spirit! Come back when you've buried his poker where the sun don't shine…
What was your job?
I was a… I can't remember, but I think it had something to do with teaching.
Ah, the old brain ain't so hot anymore and I've forgotten so much already.
What is your name?
My name was… was… oh, damn it, there it goes again. Can't hold a thought longer than a mouse's fart these days.
What race are you?
My race? I… don't know… The same as yours? Hmmm… maybe not… you look somewhat lumpier than I remember being.
Do you know how to escape from here?
Yes, I found a way to escape… it's in the next… Nah, what do you think? I haven't stretched my legs lately. Do you think we skulls can just *float* around?
Forget about it! This boney candle holder is no use to us!
I'm inclined to agree.

When you find the exit you might consider… ah no… forget about it. It's nice and cosy down here and besides, the rats tell the filthiest jokes. Ha ha ha…

There was a second door in the room, but Mort spotted something else more important, a bunch of meat on a table. His stomach overruled his brain and he tentatively took a bite.

Tasty meat, isn't it?
It tastes like pork.
Close, it's Imp!

Mort looked ill for a moment.

Mort and the Death Knight entered the remaining door. Mort remembered it well. It was the torture chamber, and it wasn't empty.

BOSS: Fergus

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No, we like our *pets* to feel pain beyond their darkest nightmares. So much sweet, sweet pain that they would rather die than endure it. … But there is no such release for them here.
Yes master.
Well, make sure that you don't kill one accidentally again. I don't want people thinking I've gone all soft.
As you wish, master.
Very well…

Fergus turned and saw the visitors.

Hey look… two of our pets are escaping! Come back… I've got a poker with your names on it!

Fergus readied his axe and charged. Mort spotted a nasty-looking knife on a table, it would certainly inflict nastier and more painful damage than the dull club he was carrying, and Mort wasn't in a mood to be merciful to Fergus.

"About the Game" posted:

Fergus is the first boss of the game, and he's fairly tough. He's much more of a threat than the token guards around. I had to use up 4 out of the 5 healing potions I had, although I could have saved one.

The nastiest part is that he can heal himself once during the fight.

Finally, Fergus fell. Mort drive the hunting knife into an especially sensitive area and twisted it, just to be sure.

The terrified imp spoke up.

Spare my life… Pleeeeeaaaaaase, let me go…

Mort and D.K. approached the imp. It backed up, trembling.

No pain, don't hurt me! You wouldn't want to kill old Plox, would you?
Who is Plox?
Me, me… I am Plox! I serve maser, but not willing, oh no, Plox is a pet just like you!

D.K. raised his sword to the Imp's throat.

You inflicted pain too, you deserve to die, runt!

Mort stood there for a minute, still flush with anger and adrenaline. Then he swallowed.

Get out of here!

D.K reluctantly lowered his sword.

No need to tell Plox twice. Thank you master. … and may ants nest in your codpiece, dark one!
Beat it squirt!

Plox fled the room.

The body of Fergus yielded a key, magical spiked club, the axe, and a book on identifying magical equipment. The Death Knight's eye was caught by a painting of a hooded figure.

A picture of the Damned One… quite impressive… as psychopaths go.
Accurate… but not flattering. Not something many would dare say to Damian's face.

The Death Knight adjusted the picture and there was a clicking sound. Across the room, a section of wall swung open. Inside were healing and mana shrines, and more pictures of the Damned One.

What is this? A shrine of the Damned One… Fergus must have been one of his most devoted followers.
Followers are common, but true believers are rare.

Inside the wine chest was a permanent Survival potion. Mort gestured towards the Death Knight, but he shook his head "no." Mort drank the whole thing down.

Survival +1
Air, Fire, Earth, Water Resistances +1
Initiative +1

Mort and D.K dragged Fergus into his secret shrine and closed up the wall again. Mort returned to the previous room to talk to the skull again.

VIDEO: The Skull's Reward

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My hero is back. I heard screams from the next room, so I'm guessing you've showed Fergus something sharp and pointy?
That's the last you'll see of him.
Ah, it does my old bones good to know that there's one less of his like in the world.

"About the Game" posted:

Every time I play this game, I forget about talking to the skull, or forget to return to it after Fergus is dead. If you remember, you get a nice item.

I remembered after finishing this chapter and went back to get it, so it will show up next chapter.

VIDEO: The Torture Level

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The key unlocked the other door out of the torture chamber, leading to ah all of more doors. The northwestern one probably lead back to the cells, so Mort and DK investigated the southern door.

It was another storage room full of angry rats.

Curse all rats!
Stop complaining and help me search.

The room yielded a bunch of gold, some potions, and a quiver of explosive arrows.

Oh yeah… these are nice. Looking forward to shoving them up some Black Ring behinds.

The door leading east was locked, and the north room...


D.K. investigated a writing desk and came up with a scrap of paper.

Oh. Seems simple enough.

Mort flipped the levers in the order on the scrap of paper. There was the sound of a door sliding open nearby. He was about to leave the room, when D.K. pointed something else out.

What about that other switch, human?
Huh? Oh that one… um… fine, pull it.

D.K. did that, but nothing seemed to happen.

I sure hope that wasn't anything bad happening.
It was YOUR idea to pull it.
No, I just pointed it out.

The door leading east was now open. Mort and D.K. were instantly spotted by the guards.

What's this? A revolt? I will end it here…

The imp fidgeted, and looked around, like it was thinking of running. The guard noticed that as well.

Attack, you little devil, or you will end up on Samuel's dinner table!
Y… yes, my lord.. of course.. at once!

Both charged.

D.K., go for the human guard!
Hmph… as you wish, human.

Both Mort and D.K attacked the human, ignoring the feeble and reluctant blows from the imp. Once the human guard was down and bleeding, the imp backed up.

No, no! Please no more slash-slash, 'uman. I go now!

The imp dropped his club and ran.

There were exits on all four sides of the next room. But the north and south doors were locked, leaving only the east way open.

I don't like this. It feels like we're boxed in.
If you want, we could go back to our cells. We don't have any choice, now do we? Besides, the exit is to the east anyway.

There were more guards along the way.

The prisoners have escaped! Quick, block the door!

The second guard raced to the door and pulled it shut. The sound of a heavy bar sliding into place followed.

Mort and D.K. easily won the fierce battle which followed, but it was little comfort. Mort grabbed the key the guards had dropped and ran to the door, only to find that there was no keyhole.

This is an exceedingly unwelcome development.

Hell! The door is blocked and it can only be open from the other side. You've wasted too much time human, and now you've offered us back to Samuel on a plate!
Too much time? Bull, those guards didn't know we were here until we opened the door!
You should have moved faster anyway!

Is there another way?
Hmm, maybe… I for one will not fall without a fight!

The Map

In Fergus's torture room is this unassuming barrel of coal. This is actually an item for an obscure way to end the first act.

In this room between the hub and barred exit, I found a barrel containing an Alchemy plant. I'll explain Alchemy more when I can learn that in a couple of chapters.

This game will get better, but it will take some time to reach that point, sadly.

VOTE (ongoing): Should Mort be a Ranger or a (bow-using) Trapper?
Current count:
Trapper = 4
Ranger = 3

The trapper will use a bow or crossbow as well, but he will spend most of his skill points on Traps, not bow skills.

I'm gong to leave voting on that open for a long time, because there doesn't need to be a definite decision made until Act 2.