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Part 8: Special Feature: - The Battlefields, Part 2

Special Feature: - The Battlefields, Part 2

Music: "Sacred Cult"
Sacred Cult - version 1 (Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)
Sacred Cult - version 2 (Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

The key to the second level of the Battlefields is found in a storage room on the way to the east wing on the Drill Grounds level. It's hard to spot behind the debris, but the Alt key reveals it.

The first Battlefield Dungeon was simple, it had two types of enemies - melee and ranged skeletons. The second and all further battlefield dungeons will have four types of enemies: Melee, Ranged, Caster, and (rare) mini-bosses. The exact type of monster will depend on the specific dungeon.

In this case, the melee enemies are spiders, and the rest are skeleton archers, skeleton mages, and skeleton bosses.

This is a "damp cave" themed dungeon. It's also odd because while the first and third levels are in the cave tileset, the second level is "castle dungeon" themed.

On a quick trip back to the merchant, I was lucky to find this: It's Holy Water. It is the key component for making Permanent potions that can raise primary attributes and Health, Mana and Stamina. I can't do anything with the Holy Water yet, but as soon as I reach the Act 2 Battlefields, I can get Alchemy 4. I'll be using this to make Constitution potions for both Mort and D.K.

Here's another one of the game's mistakes. This is a randomly-found ring in this kind of dungeon. It has the attributes and name of the Bone Spear weapon, but it can't be equipped as a weapon, and as a ring it does nothing. So there is no Bone Spear weapon in the game, just this bugged ring.

The lowest level has three of the 5 quest things in the Act 1 Battlefields. The Belt will go onto a character. The Scorpion Cage uses the graphic for the Scorpion Trap from Divine Divinity.

Video: Battlefields Boss

The other quest thing is the Astiewyr, a boss. A really NASTY boss. He has a huge health pool. Fighting it normally wasn't really working, I had to equip D.K. with a crossbow and sneak around pecking away at it.

It dropped a quest item, and a random magical item.

Enemies can appear in inaccessible places between the walls. Sometimes they have an angle where they're visible and they can shoot at you, but you can shoot back, but you can't get any items from there, though.

I reached level 10 after completing the second Battlefield dungeon, which leaves me in good shape for the end of the act.

I also found a nice hat.


I'll put the videos for the stealth sections on low priority. I'm still working on Chapter 7. The images are done, and the dialogue transcription is done, but not the captions for many of the images, and I haven't done the videos yet either.

Once it's completed, Chapter 7 will be posted on the next page (6 more posts required).