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Part 9: The Recruit

Chapter 7 - The Recruit

Music: "Urge for Power"
Urge for Power (Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

Previously on Beyond Divinity:

"Stabbey's Note" posted:

Pay attention to the conversations in this chapter. There will be a test at the end, and one (or two) conversation(s) offer a clue.

About the Game: There are absolutely no female soldiers to be seen anywhere in the Citadel. Wait, I found two female soldiers on the Drill Grounds.

Video: Sneaking Around

Mort and D.K. crept along the hallway, and stopped when the saw one of Samuel's Death Knights. It didn't see them and continued on its patrol route.

They started up the way it had come from, but had to duck into an alcove while another patrol passed.

Let's head for the armory first. I don't think any arrows I have will be much good at penetrating that armor.
Go north, and then turn right. But be careful, the patrols use teleportation to move around, and could appear from out of nowhere.
Nothing to be done about that. Let's keep moving.

"About the Game" posted:

This is a stealth section in the game. It's not technically mandatory, but fighting the Death Knights might not be a good idea. They seem to have high defense or armor, I tried attacking one and most of my attacks missed or did no damage, and the ones which did do damage only scratched it.

You can theoretically Sneak without points into the skill, but without investing points, the enemy sight radius is too large to make sneaking viable.

And as I said, the damn Death Knights do indeed teleport around, which makes the Stealth section really annoying. If you sneak away they'll ignore you and resume their patrol, but that breaks immersion.

A Death Knight materialized from thin air.

Human, against the wall, NOW!

The warning was just in time. Mort and D.K. barely had time to flatten themselves against a wall before the Death Knight started patrolling the hall.

Mort and D.K. carefully made their way down the hall. They slipped into a storage room and waited for the Death Knight to pass.

Partway down the hall was a storage room. Mort and D.K, hid in there to catch their breath.

"About the Game" posted:

Sneaking consumes stamina, but only if you're moving. If you stand still, it doesn't decrease, but it doesn't recover, either. These hallways have safe spots for you to hide and recover your stamina. But watch your minimap to make sure that you don't walk out into the embrace of a Death Knight.

This room on the way to the east wing is where the key to unlock the second Battlefield Dungeon is. I actually sent D.K. to sneak and retrieve it. I completed the second battlefield dungeon before starting this chapter because I didn't want to interrupt a chapter to go grind.

Mort and D.K. continued on and into a second storage room.

What are these levers for?
They unlock the door to the east wing. Pull the right one, the left one, and then the middle one.

Mort complied and they continued into the east wing.

We're almost out of the patrol area now. But, do not be reckless human, we are far from safe.

Video: Drill Grounds East Wing

They walked in and there was a guard there.

Um, hello…
Get lost, recruit… I'm not allowed to talk to you.

There were three doors.

The weapons officer is through the northern door. The eastern door goes to a classroom. I don't know what's beyond the southern door.
We came here for weapons, let's see what they have.

Stand still, recruit! You're one of the rookies, I suppose?
Be thankful, human, that the Black Ring continues to conquer and enslave more lands on Rivellon, ensuring a constant supply of conscripts.
Yes, I'm a new recruit.
Yes *Sir*, recruit,… yes SIR! You really are new around here. But this is a problem the Drill Officer has to deal with. I'm only here to supply you with basic weaponry.
What is your name?
You can call me *Sir*. And I will call you *Rookie Scum* from now on…
What do you do here?
What? I'm the Weapons Officer, of course. I take care of all the weapons for you recruits. And luckily for you, we just received a new selection of short swords this morning.
What do you know about the natives?
The creatures who lived in this dimension before? They were all killed by our forces…
I don't think that they're all dead. But if they are, it might pose a challenge to my plans.
You're a bit unfriendly.
Unfriendly? Me? You're really dumb for a new recruit. What's your name?
Wretched humans, the shorter on brains they are, the more they feel the need to bash your skull in!
Are you here with this Death-Knight? Ah, I am sorry, had I but known… I will not mention this impertinence to the Drill Officer this time. But no recruit is going to give me cheek!

The stock the weapons officer had for rental was unimpressive.

What about that stuff on the tables over there?
That is NOT for Recruits, Rookie Scum!

"About the Game" posted:

The Weapons Officer can teach you Repair, Sharpen Weapon, Recovery, and Identify all to Rank 5. I picked up everything but Recover Arrows.

This room has a bunch of armor and weapons that are out of reach. You can filch a few quivers of arrows, but you'll never get to the rest of them. They do show you the approximate requirements you'll need to equip them, as well as the damage they do.

Mort entered the classroom. It was free of students, but there was still an instructor and another guard there.

…and don't forget! The natives are not to be underestimated. They are brave fighters… They also have magicians and priests among their members. But their goddess is powerless against our Lord… LONG LIVE THE LORD OF CHAOS!

The instructor noticed Mort.

Ah, a new recruit. I don't recognize you. Completely green and wet behind the ears, I suppose.
Who are you?
My name? They call me Captain Brainwash, when they think I can't hear them.
What is your role here?
I give lessons in military tactics and spiritual education. You must join the class for beginners tomorrow. We start at seven, after your initial morning drill.

He handed Mort a paper.

Do you know much about the natives?
The Riftrunners? An interesting race. Inferior compared to us, but still interesting… What do you wish to know?
Which gods did they follow?
The Riftrunners follow a Goddess of War and Honour. A very *minor* Goddess, of course, and a mere whore to our great Lord of Chaos…
Did they have different factions?
The Riftrunners are strictly organized in different castes: Commoners, Merchants, Warriors, Magicians, Priests, and Elders. The Child of Chaos told us… he studied them before he conquered their territory.

"About the Game" posted:

There was actually quite a bit of stuff written for the game about the culture of the Raanaar (AKA Riftrunners). There are even details about how Raanaar names work. For example: "Anlokar" From the "An" caste, the family name is "lok", and the "ar" signifies a male. (This would seem to make things confusing if two family members of the same gender were in the same caste.)

None of it even matters until Act 3, and even then not that much, since up, Raanaar society is dead.. Once we reach act 3, I could go into that if there's interest, but I doubt there will be any.

Were there any survivors?
There are only a few survivors left in this world. Some of these stupid primitives are still trying to fight, but they will be driven out… or enslaved, soon…
Why were they inferior?
They are primitive compared to the followers of the Lord of Chaos. We had no problems conquering their universe. Thousands are now working as slaves for our Lord.

Another conscript in the room piped in.

Well, I've heard a different story. Apparently the Riftrunners almost defeated the demons, and only a handful of them could be captured at all…
SILENCE! I've told you to stay quiet during lessons! You talk to the drill officer for some extra rounds tomorrow! That will teach you not to spread dangerous talk.

He turned back to Mort.

Spare your ears recruit and don't listen to him. I will give his name to Samuel and he'll be sent to the Parcours for this blasphemy.
What do you know about the Riftrunners?
Aye, that's what some of them were called. They could open doors that lead to other places. They look like a hybrid between a man and a kangaroo… Quite strange creatures to behold.

"About the Game" posted:

You can trade with most guards in the Citadel. They only really offer arrows and potions, though. If I was an archer, I'd buy up all the arrows, but as a Trapper, I'm not going to bother. The instructor teaches Warrior Defensive Specialties Level 5 (Shield Blocking, Evading, Armor Usage, Armor Durability)

Mort glanced at the blackboard and noticed the large axe sticking in it.

I was very surprised when I saw the axe in the blackboard this morning…
I wasn't.
I wonder if they'll ever find out who did this…
I wouldn't count on it!

The south room was strange. There was a corpse on a slab set up in front of an altar. There were four stand, each had a scroll with a single word written on it.

"About the Game" posted:

Save your game before playing around here.

Mort read from the first scroll.

You're sure this is a wise course of action, human?
I would stop this, if I were you…
You're not impressing anyone, you know!
Well, don't say I didn't warn you!

There was a surge of energy, and the corpse on the table was converted into a ghost… and ANGRY Ghost.

After a frantic and very close fight, Mort and D.K. took the angry ghost down.

Well, that was fun.
Really? Then why don't you step a little closer, human, and I'll show you what *I* think is fun!

"About the Game" posted:

For some reason, this ghost is much easier to hit than the Death Knights who are a much lower level. I guess it's because the Death Knights have a really high armor level.

Mort and D.K. cautiously snuck back the way they came, using the side rooms to hide from the Death Knights, and headed up the northern hallway leading towards the infirmary.

They stopped to rest in a side hallway to catch their breath.

This hallway is trapped, human. I don't want your clumsy feet to get ME killed.

"About the Game" posted:

You need Rank 2 Trap Detection to spot traps on this floor, and there are some on the way to the exit. Next act, we can learn how to disarm traps… just in time for the number and effectiveness of traps to diminish drastically.

Mort and D.K. continued on, sneaking behind the Death Knight. It turned a corner, and Mort and D.K. slipped into a door to another storage area.

Video: Drill Grounds North Wing

D.K. noticed a chest.

Interesting… I wonder what's inside. Look around and see if you can find the key.
I dunno, I have a bad feeling about this.
You're afraid of curses? Grow a spine, human.

Mort looked around and actually found a key under a pail. D.K. eagerly unlocked the chest. There was a flash of light.

I'm free… after all these years… at last I can stretch! … Now we'll see how YOU like living with your knees jammed up to your nose for a few centuries!

The ghost attacked, and Mort and D.K. struggled to put it down without making enough noise to attract the attention of the patrolling Death Knight.

Let's see what the oh-so valuable treasure inside was… Trap Components. … Of course… it makes sense. I mean, what else would you find inside a trapped chest?

Mort and D.K. left the patrol area.

Hullo, friend. The patrols are annoying aren't they? Feel like I'm being watched all the time, can't get a wink of sleep! I've heard they're hunting some dangerous escaped prisoners.
Really? What do they look like?
At least 20 warriors apparently, and they've killed all the guards down there. Of course, they won't come this far. They'll never get past the Death-Knights.
Dear me. I'm glad I'm safe up here!

Mort followed D.K. through the corridor to the military merchant.

This is the merchant's shop I mentioned.
Not much in here looks terribly useful.
A man of his character would keep anything valuable hidden.

Why hello there! Nice to see a new face in town… welcome to my shop recruit… You look like somebody who values a profitable opportunity, am I right?
Tread carefully, I heard he sold his own grandmother last week for a pound of salt.
Some people joke that I've sold my own grandmother… which simply isn't true… I only sold her teeth! Well, she practically lived on cold porridge anyway! … Just kidding, of course…
Yeah, and I'm a flower fairy!
Joking aside, are you interested in a little task?
What task?
A simple thing really. You see, I've sold an item to somebody, but now I've got a better offer for it… and it would make good business sense to get the item back.
What is the item?
It's a certain book… you'll get all the details if you agree to do the job…
I wonder what's in it for us.
What's in it for us?
Well… I see your Death-Knight carries a sword… what would you say if I'm willing to give you a better one… are you interested?
A more powerful sword? Could come in useful human.
Yes, I'll do it.
Very good. Here are the details… As I said, I sold a book with the title "A little Torture Primer" to General Bram…
A book for sadists and masochists alike, of which he is both.
Don't ask me what he wants with it… I don't care to know frankly! I think he keeps it in his room in the Barracks, one level above… Don't worry, the General is not present in the Citadel right now… His room may be guarded though… he was never the trusting type… How you get past the guard is your decision… if I were you, I would use force only if there are no other options.
What is your name?
My name is Tully… but names are not important here…. Gold knows no names.
What is your job here?
I'm a merchant… I can provide you with all the things you might need… special weapons, for example. I've got my sources, just ask…
So you have a lot of connections?
Connections are as valuable as gems, my friend! One should never talk about their connections…
Can you sell me some weapons?
Unfortunately, these take time, and they don't come cheap… it will take a few days and you must pay me in advance, I'm afraid…
We won't be able to avoid detection for days, we need to be long gone before then.
I agree.

I'll pass on ordering weapons, thanks.
What do you know about the natives?
The natives? Very uninteresting people… did you know, they have no concept of currency? No coins, no gold, imagine that!
Do they have merchants?
They have a caste of merchants, I've heard. But how could they work without gold?
Bye. I'll see what I can do about getting that item for you.

"About the Game" posted:

Ownership has been removed from this game. In Divine Divinity, you couldn't take anything owned by an NPC without them getting mad at you. In this game, I can rob the entire contents of the store in sight of the merchant, and sell it back to him.

Video: Not allowed to laugh

What do you want? I'll get into trouble if they see us talking while I'm on duty. We're not even allowed to laugh.
You're really not allowed to laugh?
Yes… they warned us. Even when somebody tells a joke.
Did you hear the one about the elf-queen and the dwarf?

Oh dear… mmmffff that's great! Especially that bit when hahahaaa, she says to him mmmffff -you can stick that axe where- hahahahaaa You're killing me here!
I spy the Drill officer coming this way!
Is that the Drill Officer over there?
No! Here take this… it's all the gold I have… now leave… please!
Very well.
All right.

Video: Infirmary Lineup

There was a line-up outside the infirmary.

Come to the army of Chaos, they told us… glory awaits you here, they said… the only thing I've got so far are blisters!
Oh, my poor boy…aaahhh… my neck is broken, and you're talking about tiny blisters on your feet…
Tiny? TINY? My foot is practically one big blister, you could pop it and it would disappear!
What the hell is that STENCH?
Reminds me of when they cleaned the stables out at home.
PUT YOUR BOOTS BACK ON! I can't stand it…
Hey, I thought you were in pain???
I've broken my neck, ooouuuuuucccch not my nose, stenchfoot!
At least he will have an interesting time with the doctor… I've heard he likes the smell of real men!
Funny, reeeeeeaal funny… ha bloody ha!

Mort decided to talk with the guards in line.

I've broken my neck… aaaahhh… it hurtssss… I hope they'll send me back to Rivellon… as much as I regret not being part of the attacks against the paladins…
Can you tell me your name?
Oooooh… Murray is my name… aaaaahhh…
What was your job?
I was a rat-catcher, when the town I was working for was invaded by the army of Chaos… they gave me the choice: the iron maiden or joining their army… and then suddenly I felt the call to fight for the Lord of Chaos… strange, that.
Have you heard anything about the natives?
They have long sharp teeth, I've heard… I would fight them, but with my broken neck owwwwwww I can't… unfortunately…

Hello partner… Are you also here for an examination from the medical officer? I've heard he makes his patients do strange things.
What is your name?
My name is Evan… that means *young warrior*
What did you do before this?
I was the son of a nobleman. I lived an easy life… then I heard the voice of Chaos whispering to me, and somehow I ended up here… *sigh* I hope I get to see some action soon.
Have you heard anything about the natives?
I've heard they live in trees. Funny, because I haven't seen many trees around here.

I never thought serving Chaos would be so painful… the drill sergeant is a real hardnut.
What do they call you?
Ronan is my name… keep your fingers crossed the medic will grant me a few days of light duty, will you?
What was your job?
I was a… eh… *redistributer of goods* in my old days. I used to deal with small… pocket-sized things, you understand? Now I'm just hoping that the Lord of Chaos gives me a hot mean once a day.
Have you heard anything about the natives?
Never met one… aren't they a myth?

What do you want? Get lost!
Please tell me your name?
What did you do before you came here?
Do you know about the natives?
Go to Hell!

Mort pushed through the doorway.

Hey! We were here first!
Wait your turn!

D.K. turned his firey eyes on them, and they shut up immediately.

Video: All my potions I've prepared with love

Ooooohhh… what a handsome man… I like strong servants in dark armour.
What do you mean servant?
I know Death-Knights are fearsome warriors, but they always have a master or mistress… and this Death-Knight is following you, so I thought… would you consider *lending* me this sweetie for a few hours?
Hmmm… Yes, take him.
Oh, fine, if you insist…

No, I wouldn't.
What a pity! I could have had a wonderful time with that big boy!

"About the Game" posted:

Rather than a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, The Army of Chaos has a "Don't ask… just don't…" policy.

What is your name?
My name is Amon. But, I like it when you call me Sir.
What do you do?
I'm the medical officer here, I'm taking care of the injured men. Ahhh, such big strong men.
What do you know about this place?
Yes, this is the Citadel of the Lost Hope, it was built by the creatures who were native to this dimension.
Tell me about Samuel.
You've never met Samuel? He's a very powerful demon, but not one you should think of crossing… *sigh* although… I often think of it.
Who is the Child of Chaos?
You must know about the Child of Chaos, our master? … He will lead us back to Rivellon as an army of Chaos and Glory…
What do you know about the Natives?
They call themselves the *Runeers* or something like that, they are also called the Riftrunners… but you won't find many around now…
Why are they called Riftrunners?
Yes, it has something to do with their abilities to open doors and travel to other places… even other dimensions…
I mastered that skill myself… but still it was not enough…
Have they all gone?
Oh yes, the demons hunted them down and drove them out of this dimension.
Could you sell me some supplies, please?
All my healing potions I've prepared with LOVE!
On second thought… Bye.
Before you leave, sweetheart… if you, by any chance, see my book about Poisonous Creatures somewhere… please could you return it?
Which book is that?
I left it in the infirmary, and now it's missing. Would you be a doll and return it to me?
Yes, I will.
Excellent… I would really appreciate it if you could find it…
In fact, I already did find it in the spider cage in the arena, of all places.
Can you offer me a reward?
I'm glad you found my book, but what's this talk of a reward… I'm your superior officer, aren't I?
As if I'd take an order from HIM!
Oh okay, okay, heroes like you always make me feel so helpless anyway! Free healing for you from now on… and take this key to my chest… there is quite a selection of potions inside… take what you need…
That book is far more valuable than anything this *man* has to offer.
Yes, here it is.
Wonderful! Let me give you both a big hug… no? All right! Here as promised is your reward…

"About the Game" posted:

D.K. is wrong, there is no other use for the book in the game, so hand it over to get it out of your inventory. The reward is 5 health potions, and a skill book which teaches some skills:

  • Elemental Attack SPREAD - it can hit multiple targets or an area, but the mana cost for the damage is still not worth it.
  • Reflect Elemental Attack
  • Resist Elemental Attack
  • Single-target Elemental Curse
  • Alchemy, but only up to Rank 2, which I already have.

The only practical use for magic right now is the healing spell, and D.K. can only cast that twice before running out.

Before you leave, grab the sulphur from this table. It is the second component of the bomb. Without the walkthrough, it's likely you'd never know about the way to make a bomb at all.

Mort and D.K. retraced their sneaky steps back and headed for the Drill Ground.

VIDEO: Cowardly Conscript

There are traps everywhere!
These are easy. It's worse on the way to the exit.

The hallway was narrower than the others. Mort and D.K. didn't dare hide against the walls, and slipped into a side room as the Death Knight started heading back their way. This time, though, the side room was occupied.

Nooo [sob] go away… waaaaaaa, I won't enter the Parcours…
This coward lurks here, because he's afraid of entering the Parcours…
I'm not surprised.
Nooo! I don't waaaannnna [sob]… and you can't make me!
He deserves no better than death.

The guard got a frantic look on his face and started attacking!

After he was dead, D.K. expressed his disdain for the coward.

Pathetic wimp! … He would never have survived the Parcours anyways…
What was he upset about?
Sometimes overconfident fools enter the Parcours with the notion that their *superior* abilities will save them, but most are sent through as punishment… like this dead fellow here…
What exactly is the Parcours?
The Parcours is a small death maze filled with traps. Only the most strong and cunning survive. They even offer you a reward, if you are willing to enter it, but seldom has anyone lived to enjoy the bounty.
Where's the entrance?
You will see it soon enough, human. The entrance is on the main drill ground.
What's the reward?
We're deep in a demon's lair, on the run from Death-Knight patrols, and *you* want to go sight-seeing?

They returned to the corridor and crept northward once again.

We're almost out of the patrol area now. But, do not be reckless human, we are far from safe.

When the Death Knight turned its back, Mort and D.K. entered the Drill grounds proper.

Video: Drill Officer

STAND UPRIGHT, YOU LAZY SCUM! You're lounging around like a bunch of apes…
If I hear you talking one more time without being addressed, I will eat your balls for breakfast… IS THAT CLEAR?
We will be standing here all day, until you've learned it, you filthy maggots… Hey, you… what's so funny? I saw you smiling… do you think I'm funny?
No sir!
Tell me, what's so funny? Tell me, you son of a demon-dog!!!
Your boots are on the wrong feet Dad, er… Sir!
[Whispers] Be quiet, son!

You should avoid that man. He trains the recruits.

Unfortunately, the Drill officer turned and spotted Mort at once.

Who are you? I don't recognize your face.
I'm a new recruit.
A new recruit in the Army of Chaos, eh? How strange… Normally I'm the first to meet all new recruits… Who recruited you?
Just keep quiet human, play dumb… it shouldn't be too hard for you!
Lost your tongue, huh? Well tell me what led you to join up? But consider carefully, in the name of chaos, or I'll kill you where you stand…

Mort knew he had to choose his next words very carefully if they were not to be his last.

A book.

The map

Overview of the area covered:

With labels:

The East Wing:

The North Wing:


1) Mort is in imminent danger of blowing his cover, in the middle of a training ground full of way too many guards. What should he say?

2) Does it slow the update down to ask about every little thing?
In future updates, Should I cut out none, some, or all of the repetitive questions from the screenshot version of the post? (I'm leaving that in the video part of the updates.)

3) Should the new thread title be: Beyond Divinity: "All my healing potions I've prepared with LOVE!" (Either way, I'll be changing it again shortly into Act 2.)