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Part 16: Save Our Village

Chapter 13 - Save Our Village

Music: "Magic Touch"
(Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

After taking only a few short steps, an imp female standing next to a pit saw Mort and D.K. and beckoned them over urgently.

[Whispering] Please help me… brother has fallen into hole and can't get out. I hope he hasn't broken anything. Could you please climb down and get him?
Why doesn't she climb down herself? Or any of the other imps? And why is she whispering?
Why are you whispering?
Sssshhh… Keep voice down… don't wake monster in hole…
What monster?
A monster? I'm glad she told us about this *minor* detail…
Monster eats all our trash we throw in hole… keeps village tidy… no bad smell… Brother wanted to go looking for gold. I told him he crazy, but he climbed down, but then slipped… oh dear! Now nobody wants to climb down… afraid monster wake up… You help me? Help brother?
Okay, I'll do it.
I knew you would! Please hurry!
Don't *I* get a vote?
Well, if you didn't want to, you should have said something.
That's not funny, human.

Mort tied a rope to the large, sturdy-looking mushroom, and he and D.K. descended into the hole.

Mort shook the imp awake.

Uh... What happened, what am I doing here? Who are you? Who sent you?
Your sister sent me.
Oh, thank you. Think I can manage to climb up on my own now. I not want gold anymore… monster can keep it!

The imp climbed the rope to escape.

Hmmm… I wonder what kind of valuable things are down here.
If you want to go poking around a monster's lair, you can do it on your own, human!
Fine, I will.

Mort carefully snuck deeper into the monsters lair.

The monster was sluggish, almost asleep. Mort quietly emptied the chests of their valuables, then snuck away.

"About the Game" posted:

Per the thread request, I left the monster alive. There are a bunch of items with high Identify ranks, like 5 and 7. But they're light orange colour, not dark orange, so they don't have very many modifiers, which makes them valuable vendor fodder.

I did this right after getting back from the Abbey, so I was loaded down with loot, which mean I became overburdened in the pit. Whoops.

The most important thing is the Battlefield Key #2.

The "Ranger set - Marksman Gloves" show that Larian at this point doesn't understand that the point of set items is to a) make items that people want to use, and b) provide some bonus to completing a set. They are worthless garbage with no good modifiers, and bafflingly, the magic only lasts for one act, once we get to Act 3, they become plain leather gloves.

The imp you rescued can be found just south of the pit and you can trade with him.

I think I found a good bow when I was in the Abbey, it turned out to be an elvish bow.

Thank you for helping brother out of hole, dark knight!
Uh oh… I wish she wouldn't give me that kind of look… but still, at least it's nice for *me* to be getting some attention for a change!
How can I thank you? Maybe I show you gratitude later today… tonight, maybe?
She's got to be joking!
I can always get lost for a night, if you're feeling lonely, D.K. …
Shut up now or I WILL hurt you.

No, you not interested? Too bad. I would really make you feel *comfortable*. You sure you not stay for night?

Mort placed a hand in front of his face to hide his smirk.

Let's get out of here NOW!

D.K. ran off into what turned out to be the graveyard.

D.K. accidentally touched the gravestone. That caused a disturbance.

Why you disturb spirits of dead? Have living not brought enough doom on me?
What do you mean?
I used to live in village, until suddenly everyone got ill. Plague took weakest to grave. … Terrible. We should never have trusted Alchemist, with his potions and brews. He brought illness on us! He caused plague! I won't rest until Alchemist has paid. Maybe you could get rid of him before he destroys village?

"About the Game" posted:

The ghost can teach Rank 5 in Offensive body magic skills: Disease, Polymorph, Slow, Blind, Paralyze, Pacify, and extra duration for those skills.

The problem with debuffs in this series is that magic is always more effectively spent on direct damage.

Will me never find rest? Ah, tis a cruel fate to be doomed for eternity! … Me had two lovers, sisters they were. Both beautiful as day is long… Azarnarixa and Parrixa their names and me loved them both… But me had an untimely death… poisoned, me think… Woke up in grave… Who did it? Will somebody find out who killed me? Can't rest before me know…
Alright, I'll look for proof.
Find proof, find who killed me!

Mort and D.K. began to wander though the imp village.

Can you help me? Me really desperate… it's a matter of life and death… Alchemist gone and we are all going to die… you must help me and…
Slow down, Imp!
Sorry… can't take much more, you see. Me desperately need certain potion, it's matter of life and death! But now Alchemist gone, no-one in village can brew potion. If only someone could get into Alchemist's house and get potion for me. Could you help, please?
Yes, I'll help you.
I knew you do! Thank you 'uman! Alchemist always called potion *Emu Eartes Sues*.
Do you plan to do jobs for *every* imp in this village?
Of course not, but if we come across something important while we're trying to figure out another way out of here, there's no harm. There might even be some rewards.

Who's there? Ah, it's you. … This house of exiled Alchemist… nobody allowed in, not without good reason…
Why was the Alchemist exiled?
You haven't heard? Disgusting story… they should have executed the monster…
What monster?
The Alehemist! They found bodies… half-eaten bodies… of imps… how could an imp do this…?
Murdering imps? Now there's an idea I could get behind! I wonder where he is now?
No more questions…

Mort and D.K. continued their aimless wanderings into one of the imp houses.

Sweetie, I told you to clean up kitch- … Oh, it's you. Thought you were husband, sorry. The coward just ran off and left me with all the 'ousework. [She continues to mumble some impish insults]
What's the problem?
Well, husband is problem! He been gone all day now since I told him to clean up mess in 'ouse! Bet he be drinkin' again instead of helpin' me clean up! If you see husband, you tell him to come home at once, eh?
Yes, I will if I see him.
At least somebody knows 'ow to behave around 'ere. You recognize him easily… he always surrounded by other imps, who believe every foolish word that comes out of his daft mouth… as if *he's* ever done anything heroic!

Behind one house was a pen full of large spiders.

VIDEO: Death Knights DO. NOT. TICKLE! (Video only included for that line.)

A 'uman in our village? Not prisoner and fully armed? Strange times, indeed… no wonder my spiders run wild…
Who are you?
My name is Anourax… I'm local spider rancher.
You look after the spiders?
Spiders are my babies… I'm there when they hatch… I know their moods… with me, they are always so friendly and calm…
I'm about to start crying…
Recently my spiders are… wilder… more unpredictable… I have to be careful when milking them for poison… one almost bit me…
Why have they become wilder?
Maybe they feel increasing wildness of other spiders… I don't want to leave them… but I have to go… one baby escaped and wants to be found… but no imp will approach it…

The imp looked hopefully at Mort and D.K.

Now he's thinking. WE just might be crazy enough…
It's difficult task, but if you bring back spider, I will be grateful…
How grateful, exactly?
I can prepare weapons with special poison… I have one ready for you…
A poisoned weapon? That sounds interesting.
If you bring spider alive, the weapon is yours… If you approach spider unprepared, it will attack and you will have to kill it… you need to find way to remove your stench…
When did you last have a bath, human?
Samuel's torturers didn't seen inclined to bathe their victims, and once I was free I figured that, you know, ESCAPING THE CITADEL was a better use of my time.

How do I remove my stench?
I not know… normally Alchemist could do it, but he exiled… maybe he left something behind… If you do get near… tickle spider on *right* side between second and third leg… it should follow you then… but don't tickle it on the other side, or it will attack! Will you help me?
Tickling spiders… me? A Death Knight?! Death Knights DO. NOT. TICKLE!
I'll help you.
Excellent… remember, bring spider alive…
What do you know about the illness?
I've had no problems at all… I hope illness does not hurt spiders.
Have you seen any strange things happening around here?
Spiders behave strangely… they are wild and unpredictable… The wild spiders captured one of my egg finders recently… And there's another strange thing…
Of course there is… strangeness is coming out of the walls here!
I'm not sure why, but recently I mix up directions a lot…
How do you mean?
I constantly mix up *left* and *right* … I can't help it. If you ask me which side your heart is on, I would say *right*! Maybe I am ill!
I think this is really important somehow…
What do you know about the Shaman?
If Shaman takes control of village, we soon start killing again… my spiders stand ready to strike..
Uh huh… We'll… we'll just be going now.

Mort and D.K. found the house of the two sisters which the ghost imp had mentioned.

Leave alone with misery. *sniff, sniff* Can't you see this house is full of tears for dead lover?
I saw your lover's grave.
What business of yours? *sniff*
Do you know who murdered him?
What you mean? Nobody knows who murdered… but maybe…
Maybe what?

She cast a quick glance at the other imp in the room.

[Whispers] Maybe my sister… she always jealous because she knew he would have picked me… Or it was someone else. Don't know really… Please leave me alone with my mourning now…

Mort engaged the other sister in conversation.

Please go… *boo hoo hoo* me not want to talk to anybody…
I saw your lover's grave.
You saw grave of my beloved? *boo hoo* A great loss. *sniff sniff* Good man was killed, and me loved him so! *sniff* Oh I shall spend my life mourning him. *boo hoo hoo*
Do you know who killed him?
Please stop, me don't want to think about it! Don't know who killed lover. Just miss him… miss him so much! *boo hoo*

VIDEO: The Shaman

This must be the Shaman's residence. I don't imagine that he'd be too thrilled to see us.
Yeah, but given how influential the Shaman seems to be around here, we should find out what kind of imp he is sooner, rather than later.

So, you prisoners?
Not the most encouraging start.
Yes, but we're *guests* now…
You only live because I wasn't here when Chieftain made stupid choice to let you live in village… but gods still might decide you die.
That's a threat if I've ever heard one.
Who are you?
My name is secret… you think you can put spell on me?
What do you know about the gods?
The gods speak through me, and gods speak with deeds… gods are not pleased with way imps going… gods bring chaos and illnesses to punish imps… I told Sage, but he not listen…
So the chaos has come from the gods?
Gods are angry… imps suffer because leaving old ways… safe always saying, find new way… no sacrificing of imps anymore… now gods angry…
What do you know about the illness?
Don't put nose in things you not know… illness sign of gods… gods wanted imp eater killed, but Sage and Chieftain say only exile…
Where is the Sage now?
He was fool… always argued about wishes of gods… always thinking alone in empty cave… now he's gone…
I'll bet that the Shaman made SURE the Sage is gone.
We're not going to get anything else out of him for now. Let's get out of here.

Mort and D.K. left the Shaman's house. They saw a path leading out of the village which was guarded.

No imp pass here! Oh… it is you. Proceed to forest if you want… but be careful… Shaman warned us forest is full of dreadful creatures…
Hmmm… maybe later, then.

"About the Game" posted:

That area leads to the end of the act, so we'll be exploring it much later.

There were two larger buildings with a sign of a sack outside them.

Everything you desire… you find here 'uman! … And I don't cheat customers like other merchant here… I don't sell rat bones and say they are tibar!
Nothing at the moment, thanks.

Hello, there! We not see your kind often. Shame, really. Seems me stuck with ignorants… like other merchant who lives nearby. Me sure you met him already: small, fat, not too clever and selling products much too cheap! He ruining me…
Do you need any help?
Hmmm Yes. Maybe you can. There's little box down in storage room of other merchant, and me want, no me *need* box. Could you get it? Me would reward you handsomely. But do not open box!
This mystery box intrigues me, human. I think we should try and find it.
Yes, I'll get it.
Good. However, please remember not to open box under any circumstances! If you open box… then… then something really, REALLY bad will happen. And me not think you will like it!
He's lying. He must think that whatever we find there we'll want to keep for ourselves.
Or maybe we really, REALLY will NOT enjoy opening the box.

Mort and D.K. continued their circle through the northern parts of the imp village.

No! Me will not sacrifice before me get key to money chest back.
But Shaman says…
No… I will not sacrifice to gods before I have key back… go tell Shaman…
You know what happens if anger Shaman… better find key soon!

The other imps walked off, leaving the sick one on his own.

Who are you? *sniff* Thought a 'uman in village was just a rumour… You hear? Shaman keeps insisting me should make sacrifices to gods. *sniff* But how can me do when can't find key to precious money chest? *sniff*
So, this key is important to you?
Really need to find it. *snuffle* Maybe you help? Me could have lost it in mushroom forest, maybe… *sniff* …or elsewhere… you help?
Yes, I'll help.
*sniffle* Wonderful… Please come back to me when you found key…
What is your name?
Tatourix my name… I'm mushroom finder… *sniff* but now I'm too weak to work…
What do you know about the Shaman?
*sniff, sniff* Shaman? Better not talk about Shaman… he hears, maybe the gods tell him… even Chieftain fears Shaman…
Have you seen signs of chaos magic around here?
Mushrooms harder to find… *snuffle* still in forest, but not as many as before…
Do you know anything about the illness?
Fever getting higher and higher… *sniff* Me should have gone with others when me had chance… now too weak… *achoo*
What others?
What others? *sniff* Er… um… There are no others…
Now he denies it… little liar. I wonder if the others went secretly? Maybe we should talk to the Shaman?
Maybe I should talk to the Shaman about this…
No, no, no… don't talk to Shaman! *sniff* My fate bad enough without Shaman being angry… *sniff* Some imps went to cave of exiled imp… *achoo* thought he could help them better than Shaman…
Where is this cave?
Don't know, really… *sniff* He's outside imp village… but never speak of him… *sniff* Shaman will execute you for speaking his name!

Mort went into Tatourix's house to look around. There wasn't much to see, but there was a book of some interest.

A glowing stone? Perhaps that might be one of the crystal fragments the necromancer is seeking. I wonder what the Shaman knows about it.
Asking him about it probably won't be very helpful, though.

There was a path leading out of the village to the northeast.

Hello! Be careful when venturing into Spider forest. Some strange things going on there. A lot of villagers gone missing in past few weeks and some rumors floating around about *talking* spiders.
Talking spiders? Wonderful. I suppose you'll trip over yourself to do pointless tasks for them as well!
Do you believe the rumors?
Oh, I don't know. Many things changed. Don't know what to believe, I just warn you…

Mort and D.K. returned to the village.

There was another large house next to a pen of frog-like creatures.

A 'uman? *sniff, sniff* The rumours are true! … Are you really such a brave *achoo*?
Well… I guess I am.
If you speak truth, you might help me… My f-*sniff* are being killed by something… I lost two in the last week… If you brave, find monster and kill it… *sniff* you see bloody spots on ground… all what's left of one of my floogefrogs… will you help? *sniff* Safety of my floogefrogs is worth some reward… I can offer some gold… do you accept? *achoo*
These creatures made to my skin crawl.
Yes, I'll help you.
*sniff* Glad to hear it… hurry, before it gets another floogefrog.
What is your name?
I'm *sniff* Xantsirax, the floogefrog herder… I'm 130 years old, and proud of it… *siff*
Are you ill as well?
Is there some reason why you insist on asking the obvious, human?
Yes, it's getting worse every day… *achoo* but I protect my floogefrogs, I am all they have in the world!
They are strange things…
Yes, but they are gentle… and a floogefrog steak is an imp favorite!
What about the Shaman?
Shaman should do something against illness… he only talks about path of gods…

Mort and D.K left and followed the road some more.

*sniff* you found Chieftain's son? Ah, yes! Never thought anybody would see him again… *sniff* What do you want at mushroom farm? (snuffle*
What is your name?
I'm mushroom farmer Mafnirix… I grow mushrooms in cave… *sniff*
Why do you grow mushrooms?
Some mushrooms are tasty… others poisonous… *sniff* very fascinating… *achoo* Alchemist no longer here, so I sell healing potions made from special mushroom only I know… *niff*
What about the Shaman?
Shaman will talk to gods… make them like imos again… *sniff*
What do you know about the illness?
*sniff* Illness sign of gods, Shaman says… we sacrifice imps, gods be happy again… *sniff* hope it won't be me…
Have you seen any strange things around here?
I saw shadow at night… *sniff* sneaking around Alchemist's house… Next day found imp bodies in hut… *achoo* But Alchemist wasn't hope that night… *sniff* was gathering night mushroom… I told them, but…
What happened?
Shaman say, shadows were souls of poor imps Alchemist ate *sniff, sniff* and then they exiled him…
This Shaman needs a good smack in the mouth!
It sounds like he was just trying to frighten you.
Ssshh… if Shaman hears, you'll get executed… *a..a..choo*

Would you like to do me favour? I not ask much, oh no, I not. Just small task. You interested maybe?
What is it?
I want to start whole new breed of mushroom for farm, but I need rare mushroom from Mushroom Forest. Could you get it, maybe?
Yes, I'll get it.
Of course you will. Is there anything else you'll do for these vermin, human? Perhaps you'd like to scrub their floors with your tongue?
I knew you'd do it! I knew! But… one more thing you should know about. There's a crazy imp, deep in forest. He protects, yes, protects mushrooms… 'uman should watch out for crazy imp.
How could we tell the difference?
I'm sick of wandering and talking to imps! Just get on with it already!
Alright, alright. Let's see… How about we…

The Map

Sorry for the delay, I've been playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time a bunch.

There are a lot of things which give the impression that Larian just… didn't care… There are perfectly good "Generic Imp" portraits in the game for both genders, and in Divine Divinity they took the time to match the Generic Civilian models with the appropriate portraits, so I *know* it can be done because they already did it. But here, they have a "Generic entity" portrait for all the unimportant imps. Things like this contribute to the idea that the game is mediocre, and it's not completely unfair to say that.

It doesn't help that most of the imps don't have actual names, just job titles instead of names.

Some more books from the imp village.


Many of these questions will be open over multiple updates.


A1) Imp Village
A2) Little Mushroom Forest
A3) Spider Forest
A4) Big Mushroom Forest
A5) Fire Plains

(The most efficient route is to visit them in the order I specified. The last area leads to en end of the act, in fact. A2-A5 is also the order of increasing strength of the monsters.)


What quest should we pursue first?
Q1) Uncovering the cause of the imp sickness (A1)
Q2) Rescuing the baby spider (A1)
Q3) Finding who poisoned the imp ghost (A4)
Q4) Finding out what has been killing the floogefrogs (A2)
Q5) Stealing a strange item for an unscrupulous merchant (A1)
Q6) Finding the key to the moneybox (A4)
Q7) Getting the potion for the desperate imp. (A1)
Q8) Getting the rare mushroom for the mushroom farmer (A2)
Q9) Find the "Imp Hero" for his wife. (A3)


Q1)  Experience, Another quest 
Q2)  Experience, Lame, worthless poisoned weapon, possible new thread title 
Q3)  A bone ring, Battlefields Key 4 
Q4)  Experience, Gold, Battlefields Key 3, Teleporter Stones 
Q5)  Experience, Gold, Resistance crystal, (optional)Pink Death Knight 
Q6)  Experience OR the random items from the moneybox 
Q7)  Two Speed potions 
Q8)  Five Stamina potions 
Q9)  Two potions 
A3)  Holy Water, new Summoning Doll, Battlefields Key 5 

I will do any quests which are in the related area of the quest which wins. For example, if the quest to help the Spider rancher wins, I'll also do the other ones which require visiting the alchemist.

Oh, and feel free to vote for what order you want to do the other quests, and/or what quests you want to skip.

2) Whoops, D.K. and Mort have fallen into a concealed pit. An imp offers to help us out if we pay him 500 gold. Pay or don't pay

3) We encounter a talking mushroom. It threatens to spray us with deadly spores if we don't hand over all our gold. "Please don't hurt us" or "Mushrooms can't talk"?

4) Should the new thread title be: "Beyond Divinity: "Tickling spiders?! Death-Knights DO. NOT. TICKLE!"" ?

5) Videos of specific scenes can be made available if at least 3 people request them.

Current Voting:

What quest?
Spiders! = 2
Any = 1

Trapped in a pit?
Don't pay = 3

Threatened by a Mushroom?
Don't pay = 3

New Title?
Yes! = 3

I might leave the voting open until the post has been up for 24 hours, and then I'll record the chapter.