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Part 17: The Alchemist's Lab

Chapter 14 - The Alchemist's Lab

(Note: I wanted to call this chapter "Maybe we can find other creams", but that title image would have been too wide.)

Music: "Magic Touch"
(Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

I'm sick of wandering and talking to imps! Just get on with it already!
Alright, alright. Let's see… How about we… check out the Alchemist's house.
It's guarded, human, in case you forgot. We can't just walk in.
But I bet we can bluff our way in.

It's you again. What are you doing back here?
I would like to enter the house.
Why do you want in house?

"About the Game" posted:

The other choices are: "I want to look for potions", "I'd like to look around", and "No reason…" None of those will work.

To search for a cure to the illness.
You think you find anything in here against illness? … Me doubt it… Who said you could enter?
The Chieftain's son.
Really? Then he has to answer to Shaman!
Do you think it was wise to use our only ally in this way, human?
Since when do you care about imps? It'll be fine, I'm sure.

… Enter house, but be careful… messy, messy, messy.

The Alchemist's house had an aroma of chemicals, but it was faint, the alchemist hadn't been here for some time.

I have no idea what all this stuff is.
These books are useless. Maybe there are instructions in the cellar.

Hmmm… This is the only section in the book which the Alchemist wrote in handwriting that isn't illegible. It's for that potion the imp wanted.
And I suppose you're going to bother trying to make it? You're no alchemist!

Mort rummaged around and found an empty flask which looked clean.

These things are probably the ingredients… I think.

Mort carefully poured in the measured amount of each ingredient into the flask, put a stopper in, and shook it. There was a small BANG, and the flask shattered spilling the ingredients onto the ground.

Well done!
I think I can do better. Let me try again.
In that case, I'll just stand over here, human. Try not to blow off your hands. It will render you useless to me.
I'm touched that you care.

D.K. stood well back as Mort tried again.

Here goes… Ha! It worked!

"About the Game" posted:

The first time it always fails. The second time, the potion appears in your inventory.

Oh goodie, you're alive. Can we please just get on with what you insist on doing?

Mort and D.K. returned upstairs and investigated various unlabelled creams.

The Greyish cream smelled like flowers. Mort rubbed a little bit on his skin. It turned red and produced a strong burning sensation.

Argh! Hot!!

Mort quickly washed it off.

Maybe we can find other creams.

The Yellowish cream smelled somewhat like chicken. Mort rubbed a much smaller quantity on an different, non-painful area of his skin.

Do you hear the footsteps? Sounds like… rats…

D.K. was right. A large group of hungry rats poured up from below and started to bite at Mort and D.K..

Maybe we can find other creams.

Mort examined the white cream. It didn't smell at all.

Mort rubbed a bit onto his skin.

It worked… I can't smell you anymore… thank Chaos!

Mort and D.K. headed to the western area of the village. They spotted the escaped spider. Because Mort had lost his smell, the spider remained calm.

"About the Game" posted:

I hope you were paying attention!

This is actually a bit of a trick. The spider rancher said to tickle the spider on its *right* side between its second and third legs. … And if you didn't ask him anything else, you'd go on thinking that. But if you DID keep asking, you'd learn that he gets directions reversed…

D.K. went to stand on the spiders left side, Mort on the spider's right side. The spider seemed to get slightly more nervous.

Well? Get on with it, human!
Wait… I'm trying to remember what the spider rancher said.
He said to tickle the spider between the second and third legs on the spiders right side.
Yes… but there was something else… what was it… Oh yes… he said that he gets directions confused these days. So he meant to say the spider's left-hand side.

Forget it! You get over here!

Mort started to move, but the Spider started getting much more nervous. Mort stopped.

If I keep moving, it will attack.
… I want to make myself perfectly clear, human. We will NEVER speak of this again.

Then D.K. tickled the spider between the second and third legs on the left-hand side.

Great Gods! You found lost spider! Thank you! Let's put you back in with the others, little one…

The Spider rancher handed over a poisoned dagger, and led the spider back to the pen.

What? That's his idea of a weapon? Come back here! I'll show him MY idea of a weapon.
Oh, that reminds me, there was that imp desperate for this potion.
Are you even listening to me?
Actually I try my hardest not to.

You have potion? You really do? Now my wife finally sleeps again… what relief!
I thought you said it was a matter of life and death?
Did me say matter of life and death? Hmmm, maybe… couldn't bear wife's nagging anymore… when she sleeps me won't kill her!

"About the Game" posted:

Emu Eartes Seus… reverse the letters produces 'Suesse Traeume', which according to the FAQ is German for 'Sweet Dreams'.

To the right of the Alchemist's building is a locked chest. Where's the key?

Hidden in the herb garden to the left. I got lucky, the chest had 3 trap components in it.

I am playing the patched version from GoG. When Larian Studios decided to release Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity through GoG, they decided to patch Divine Divinity to fix a couple overpowered things and fix a couple of bugs. They did not do this for Beyond Divinity. I think I might make a regular feature for the LP.

They Just Didn't Care

The Grey bottle is described as having "Yellowish cream" inside, and the Yellow bottle is described as having "Greyish" cream inside.

Alternate conversations

Why do you want in house?
I'd like to look around.
Too dangerous to look around… you not enter…

Why do you want in house?
I want to look for potions
You steal potions, I know it! No, no, no… go to mushroom farmer, he sells potions… you not enter…

Why do you want in house?
No reason…
If you have no reason, you not enter…

Tickling the spider anywhere else results in it getting nervous and attacking you. After that, all you can do is kill it.

What can you tell me, 'uman?
The spider is dead I'm afraid…
Oh, no… what a sad, sad, day…

(The voice actor reads this line as if he's just been handed the script for the first time.)


Many of these questions will be open over multiple updates.


A1) Imp Village
A2) Little Mushroom Forest
A3) Spider Forest
A4) Big Mushroom Forest
A5) Fire Plains

(The most efficient route is to visit them in the order I specified. The last area leads to en end of the act, in fact. A2-A5 is also the order of increasing strength of the monsters.)


What is your preferred order for the remaining quests?
Q1) Uncovering the cause of the imp sickness (A1)
Q2) Finding who poisoned the imp ghost (A4)
Q3) Finding out what has been killing the floogefrogs (A2)
Q4) Stealing a strange item for an unscrupulous merchant (A1)
Q5) Finding the key to the moneybox (A4)
Q6) Getting the rare mushroom for the mushroom farmer (A2)
Q7) Find the "Imp Hero" for his wife. (A3)


Q1)  Experience, Another quest 
Q2)  A bone ring, Battlefields Key 4 
Q3)  Experience, Gold, Battlefields Key 3, Teleporter Stones 
Q4)  Experience, Gold, Resistance crystal, (optional)Pink Death Knight 
Q5)  Experience OR the random items from the moneybox 
Q6)  Five Stamina potions 
Q7)  Two potions 
A3)  Holy Water, new Summoning Doll, Battlefields Key 5 

Please pick a few quests in the order you'd like to see them done in. I'm asking for multiple votes because it will let me record more updates sooner. You don't have to pick the order for all the quests if you don't want to.

I will do any quests which are in the related area of the quest which wins. For example, if the quest to help the Spider rancher wins, I'll also do the other ones which require visiting the alchemist.

2) We need to get something from a Lich. But we seem to encounter several of them. Each claims to not be the one we seek. Kill the Liches, Leave them alive, or whatever has the better reward?

3) An imp gives us a ring, for free. Whoops, it seems that the ring belonged to some ghosts. Return the ring, or kill the ghosts?

4) Videos of specific scenes can be made available if at least 3 people request them. A non-canon video of Mort and D.K. committing imp genocide could be made if at least two others request to see that.