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Part 18: Puzzles

Chapter 15 - Puzzles

(Note: If you had voted for D.K. to stay pink, I would have called this chapter "Pretty in Pink".)

Music: "Magic Touch"
(Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

Let's steal that box the fat merchant wanted. There must be something valuable in it that we can use.

Hey… leave lever alone… opens… oh… never mind… just get away from lever…
This will never work. We need a distraction.
Well, if the fat merchant REALLY wants this box, he'd should be only too happy to help us out.

You got box yet?
No, and I'm not going to get it unless that merchant leaves his store. We need someone to distract him.
What, me? I hire you to solve problem.
Fine. You can find some other sucker to get the box for you. Good luck.
Wait, wait! … Fine… I help.

I think you'd better take a look outside.
What? Other merchant outside and destroying wares again? Have to go and check…
Let's hope that the distraction gives us a few minutes.

There was a hallway with three doors. All of them had a complicated system of wires going into the ceiling. Two were open, but the one closest to the entrance was locked.

Let's hope the distraction gives a LOT of minutes…

"About the Game" posted:

This is, I think, the second instance where you need to have Mort and D.K. work together in a switch flipping puzzle, and this one is a bit tricky. There are multiple solutions, and one of them is a 15 step process to getting in and out. I'm not going to document that in screenshots, you'll have to watch the video.

VIDEO: Solving the Puzzle

I think we need to split up. Go into the other open room add see if anything happens when I flip the switch.
All right.

After several minutes of switch pulling, D.K. reached the final room.

In the chest he found a pair of gloves with a strange symbol on them.

But the thing they came for was the strange box.

Mort and D.K. made their way back to the start.

VIDEO: Are Death Knights pretty in pink?

Alright, we have the box. Now it's time to open it and see what all this trouble is worth.
It doesn't look very big. What we need most of all would be a weapon, and nothing worthwhile can fit in something that small.
You're thinking is flawed human. There are many valuable things which could be hidden inside this box. The merchant's warning was just so he could keep them for himself.
Are you sure? I mean REALLY sure? I want you to imagine the WORST possible thing which could happen if you open that box.

D.K. considered this for a second.

Bah! You're stupid. Nothing will happen!

D.K. opened the box, and was immediately enveloped in a strange pink cloud.

D.K.? D.K.?

The cloud cleared.

D.K., are you al…ha ha hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Shut up! Stop laughing!
Hahahahaha… Ih'm ha ha… sorry… it's ha ha ha… just ha ha ha… too funny!
Ha ha… okay… ha… okay. … So what's in the box, anyway?
… Nothing.

Mort and D.K. left the store and headed for the merchant. He drew stares and jibes from the imps.

You're looking in the *pink* today, Death-Knight! [chuckles]

You brought box? Good news… hope you haven't opened it… here my reward.
Never mind the reward! I opened your stupid box and I turned pink! Get that imp to change me back, human!
My companion there foolishly opened the box, and as a result, he turned pink.
Didn't you listen to warning. Give reward back!
You can keep the reward if you can turn him back to his regular colour.
Cannot do that. Box was cursed. I knew how to open box without triggering curse, but cannot remove curse. You stay pink for good!

You've been standing there for a minute. Are you all right?
… Forget it. Let's just get this stupid thing to the imp.
You're sure you don't want to open it?

Mort and D.K. left the store.

"About the game" posted:

That one line from the imp is the only acknowledgement of pink D.K. that I know of in the game, sadly. You voted to have him remain black, which at least means that I don't have to keep thinking up new and fresh ways to mention it.

The Princess of Fire Gloves are part of the "Fire Set". They are shit and have no magical modifiers at all, by now you will already have much better gloves.

Other merchant already gone when me arrived… but was in time… no damage… me stay outside… just in case… but we can still trade. Here, have crystal as reward for your help!
In our case, crime pays TWICE!

You brought box? Good news… hope you haven't opened it… here my reward.

Mort and D.K. left the fat merchant to examine his prize.

Let's look into the strange illness in the village.

Music: "Suffering and Shame"
(Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

Go away, 'uman… *sniff, sniff* I don't like big people…
What is your name?
*sniff* Why you interested in name of Iriganirix…?
Does the Shaman have a lot of control in this village?
Yes, hard times since the Sage disappeared *sniff* nobody argues with the Shaman anymore… the Shaman is cold-hearted… *achoo* he makes anybody suffer… in the name of the gods… *snuffle*
What other strange things have you seen?
I saw spiders going wild… *sniff* they never did before… *sniff*
What about the illness?
I suffer too… *sniff* can't eat, can't sleep… but it's worse in the morning, when the wind comes from northwest… *achoo*

I never thought I'd see a 'uman in our village… *sniff* but anything seems possible lately…
What do they call you?
I am Herrerozix… *sniff* I was a guard, when I was young…
What do you know about the Shaman?
I saw Shaman sneaking into village… shortly before chaos started… *sniff* he had something in his hand… looked like a big glittering stone… I know nobody speaks against Shaman, *sniff* but I'm no coward! *achoo*
What strange things have been happening around here?
Many things… *sniff* water became dirty, mushrooms dying, imps disappearing, *sniff* and the illness… and it all started the night I saw the Shaman sneaking into the village… *sniff* the same night, demons started attacking…
Yes… he was returning from the little job I asked him to perform. What a wonderful pawn he was…
What do you know about the illness?
*sniff* Illness came one day… always thought floogefrogs were cause… most victims living in north of village… *sniff* but Altonix is not ill, and he lives next door to herder…

Are you a healer? *sniff* My skin burns…
What is your name?
Pfessoriminix is my name… *sniff not try repeat it… I don't know what father thinking when he gave name… Still think he drunk on mushroom brandy when giving name… *sniff*
What is wrong with your skin?
See how red it is?
We can only hope it's fatal!
I thought imps had red skin normally?
Yes, but it's not healthy red, it's little darker than normal impish red…
What do you know about the Shaman?
The Shaman prays day and night to the gods… *sniff* at least this is what he says…
What signs of chaos have you seen in the village?
It's really weird… lightning bolts striking huts and creatures out of clear sky… *sniff*
What do you know about the illness?
Why can't anybody help us? *sniff* Our Chieftain has to do something… only thing they tell us is, stay outside and breathe a lot of fresh air… *sniff*

Mort and D.K. entered the hut.

What you want?
Who are you?
Altoflix, if you really must know… don't tell me yours… I don't care…
This village is very troubled.
Imps disappearing, all imps around getting sick… it's a nightmare 'uman.
What can you tell me about the illness?
Imps around me sick, not me… I always follow ways of gods… Gods angry… no wonder when imps eating each other…
What do you mean, imps are eating each other?
You not heard about Alchemist? Me not telling more…
Sounds like someone who would be handy around here.
Alchemist not follow rules of gods… he gone… bah… do you smell this? Again this stench from the floogefrogs… it's worse in the mornings… I've hated them since I was swallowed by one as a young imp… Father had to hit floogefrog with stick to get it to spit me out… Now I put a cloth over my nose and mouth when they smell bad…
What do you think about the Shaman?
Shaman might be right… imps lost their old ways…

Mort and D.K. left the hut.

I guess we've found the cause of the mysterious illness…

What did D.K. realize was the DIRECT cause of the illness?

I doctored the last image to hide the other possible options Mort could say.

The nice merchant gave us a bone resistance crystal.

I really hate getting to the end of an update and realizing that I didn't make the stupid chapter title image yet.


1) What did D.K. realize was the DIRECT cause of the illness?

2) There is a confused imp which seems to think it is an elf. We wan the rare mushroom it is guarding. Kill the imp or Trick it into leaving?
Trick = 2
Kill = 2

3) Upon closer inspection, it looks like that pit we fell into was deliberately disguised. The perpetrator is still around, and is surprised to see us. Kill him, or let him go?  Even if you paid the imp the 500 gold he wanted, he still wouldn't have let you out. 
Kill = 4