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Part 25: The Pickled Herring

Chapter 22 - The Pickled Herring

Music: "The Children of Chaos"
(Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

This was less of a cave than a half-buried ruin. Still, it retained enough moisture to suggest that mushrooms might be found down there.

The ruins were populated by pathetic mutant creatures.

"About the Game" posted:

This is a welcome breather dungeon, after the tiring and long combat in the rest of the area. There's nothing here but these Mutants who we have vastly out-leveled by now, and this section isn't very long either, which is good, because coming up in the next update is the most difficult and annoying (mostly annoying) fight in the act.

One of the rooms in the east wing had a locked door without a knob or handle.

I don't see any switches or levers around. I wonder how this opens.
I hope that mushroom isn't behind there.

The north wing had a staircase beside a crumbling wall which led down to a trap door. Mort and D.K. descended the ladder, but as soon as the door had closed above them came a loud crashing sound.

VIDEO: Trapped!

What the hell was that? … Damnation! The entrance has collapsed… we can't go back… Strange… I thought I saw a small shadow…
A shadow of what?
I'm sure it belonged to an imp, I bet he was behind this little *accident*.
No time to talk more about it now, though.
This is more than a mere inconvenience to my plans. I'll see to it that the meddlesome imp suffers greatly for this!

Mort and D.K. busied themselves dealing with the swarms of mutants in the lower level of the ruins.

Well, we've found the Mushroom, at least.
Too bad we're trapped in this pit!
Don't panic. We haven't explored all the rooms yet.

A crystal fragment!
Let's hope the Necromancer is around.
And that he puts us somewhere *useful* after we're done.

Music: "Dark Wizard"
(Click here to download) (thanks to Grawl)

VIDEO: Necromancer 2

You were successful in finding the crystal fragment on Nemisis… And you saved another area from the effects of the fragments… well aren't you two the *heroes* now?
I've been thinking. The only way to summon a being is to know its name. You plucked us up from the middle of nowhere in a different dimension. How did you know about us?
Samuel told me…
Of course, you're the one who summoned Samuel, aren't you?
Oh yes. I've summoned him before you… I've never heard any demon cursing so loud and long when talking about an escaped prisoner… *Chuckles* I even think I've learnt a few NEW curses from him… After he told me your name, it was easy to summon you… By the way, I think I've located another crystal in Rivellon…
It's somewhere in the Dark Forest… I'll teleport you near it... now…

Mort and D.K. found themselves beside a modest two story building. A well-traveled road stretched east and west, but all that could be seen along it as far as the eye could be seen were trees.

Welcome, Sir Patrick!
Sir Patrick? Are you talking to me?
You joker! Everybody knows you here Sir Patrick, you're one of the richest merchants in Verdistis
Huh? What is he talking about?
This is certainly unusual, human. There's no way you'd ever be confused with someone of noble birth! I suspect the crystal is at work here.

How was your business, successful as usual? Brought along another fine selection of stones? … But I guess you must be tired from your long journey… if you want to rest, I will give you the key to your room.
I wonder if one of the stones is the crystal fragment we need to find. Play along with his delusion, human.
What is your name?
But you know me, Sir Patrick… it's Mr. Pickle, innkeeper of the Pickled Herring tavern…
What can you tell me about your other guests?
Lady Moreena here is from Four Towers… she is a fine lady… The other three guests I don't know… they arrived an hour ago, and haven't spoken to me a lot… Unfriendly people… if you want my opinion, better leave them alone…
I'd like to go to my room please.
Of course, here's your room key… it's number 1 as usual, upstairs…

I've heard the innkeeper calling you Sir Patrick… are you *the* Sir Patrick? The merchant from Verdistis? … I am Lady Morena… maybe we can talk together privately in my room… don't worry, my servant sleeps elsewhere…
Tell me about your servant?
He can't speak… for me it has advantages…
Do you know the other guests?
Commoners, the lot of them, you can tell that straight away… they have common… *faces*…
What is the innkeeper like?
A nice man, but he always talks too much…
See you later, Lady Morena.

I have nothing to say to you…
Get lost… we have important business to talk about… and it's not meant for your ears…
Leave us alone…

There was nothing else of interest, so Mort and D.K. headed upstairs. The key unlocked room 1, just as promised.

Mort and D.K. turned Sir Patrick's room upside down searching, but came up with nothing.

What should we do now human? There's no sign of the crystal.
You can do what you want, but as for me, I'm going to do something I've been wanting to do for a long time now.
What's that?
I'm taking a nice long bath.
Thank Chaos!

A short while later, Mort and D.K. headed back downstairs. The three unfriendly tavern guests were huddled in a corner talking.

He looked tired… I bet this money bag is already sleeping like a baby…
I hope he's worth it…
You heard what the innkeeper said… this man is a rich merchant in Verdistis, and he carried gems!
How unfortunate for him that he didn't use his money to get better protection.
Quiet now… remember, if he's awake, simply cut his throat…
I'm standing right here, you know.

The thugs were surprised and launched a hasty and ill-conceived attack.

We should report this incident to the innkeeper.

Sir Patrick… what can I do for you?
I was attacked by those men!
What? Thank god they weren't successful… I would never have forgiven myself if something had happened to you… As I've said, I've never seen them before… but I had a bad feeling about them when they first came in.
Have you seen my crystal?
What crystal are you talking about? Do you mean your gems? Don't tell me they were stolen? But you've killed the thieves… so where are the gems now?

Heading back upstairs, Mort was stopped by Lady Morena.

I heard what happened… these commoners tried to kill you… You showed them who you are… no commoner can stand against one of noble birth!
What happened to my crystal?
Oh yes… I heard somebody stole your gems… a tragic loss, I can imagine… Maybe we can… talk… in my room later… in private… Here's the key… you know which one it is, you've been there before…
I have?
Don't you remember? I saw you coming out of my room, and when I asked you what you were doing in there, you said you'd mixed up the rooms…
I wonder what the merchant wanted in her room?
Probably to find a place to hide the crystal. Let's hurry.

Goodbye, Lady Morena.

When they returned upstairs, though, they were immediately attacked by three ghosts.

What was that all about?
No idea.

They used the key to enter Lady Morena's room and began searching the place. It took less time than they thought it would.

What kind of hiding place is this? It's stupid!
At least we've found the crystal fragment.
And we get the gems all to ourselves!

But as they scooped up Sir Patrick's gems, there was a sudden chill and an apparition appeared.

My gems… give me my gems…
What gems are you talking about?
You took them, I know it… give them to me… now…
Yes, you can have them.

My gems…

As the ghost faded away, the Necromancer returned them to his lair.

You succeeded once more… congratulations… until we meet again…
Uh, before you send us back, we were sort-of… trapped down in that dungeon, so could you return us to the surface or something so we don't starve to death?
*sigh* I still have need of you, so I will see what I can do.

Chaos be damned! This is the same place as before!
No look - there's a ladder!

Mord and D.K. followed the ladder, and used a switch to unbar a door.

Let's get back to the Alchemist. I have a bad feeling about this…

I still need to do the final battlefield dungeon before I can record the last part of the act, but I should be able to handle that tomorrow.

The mushroom dungeon

This place is really small and simple. There's not much to see here.

In this western room is this locked chest behind an un-openable gate. How to get to it? Walk through the wall. But where is the key?

If you understand patterns, you might use the Alt key in the eastern room to spot it, but there doesn't seem to be a way through the wall. Until you move the two barrels aside.

They just didn't care
I guess no one at Larian had a copy of Divine Divinity on hand, because they forgot what Sir Patrick looked like. That is a ghost version of Pendrak Ferol, not Sir Patrick!

Reader Participation Required

1) Which room has no ceilings, no floor, and no walls?

2) Which creature is your good friend, carries you out of danger, pulls your wagons, and can even be eaten in times of need?

3) If you have it, you're happy when it's gone. If it stays, it will inflict pain. If it's driven out it will return. Everyone gets it, but some fear it more than others.