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Part 31: Traps Ahead! - Part 2

Traps Ahead! - Part 2

Act 3 introduces a bunch of new traps. One is incredible, the rest are pretty much crap.

Skeleton Trap

This trap summons a skeleton to attack your opponents.

Advantages: Uhmmmm… it can distract your enemy for one second, so it will re-acquire a new target?
Disadvantages: It dies in one second.

Even with 5 points into the skill to make the skeleton level 23 (two levels higher than the gargoyle it was trying to kill), the thing died in one second. The default level is 11. That was End of Act Fucking One Level. It is not an appropriate level for an Act Three summon.
My Thoughts: GARBAGE. DON'T USE.

Scary Explosive Trap

This trap sends enemies into a panic and they flee - if it hits.

Advantages: If there are lots of dangerous enemies, you could thin the herd...
Disadvantages: If you want experience, you have to go track the enemy down, and the first level sends it running for nearly 30 seconds. It also can miss sometimes.
My Thoughts: Why bother? Why not just use a trap to kill or hurt the thing?

Spider Mine Trap

Plant a trap which sends a mine to go blow up an enemy. Taken from the Divine Divinity version of the same trap.

Advantages: It seeks enemies, and it does fair damage.
Disadvantages: The Divine Divinity version worked on proximity. This version requires you to lure the enemy right onto the trigger, then the trap takes a bit of time to find the enemy.
My Thoughts: It's not completely horrible, but other traps hit instantly and do the same or more damage.

Insect Swarm Trap

A swarm of stinging insects attacks. For some reason this does Ethereal damage.

Advantages: Holyshit this is awesome. It hits instantly and yet it also lasts for several seconds, so additional enemies can wander into it as well. Not only that, but it does a really impressive amount of damage and can one-shot Act 3 enemies at just trap level 1. There are far more creatures who have NEGATIVE resistance to this than positive resistance. The highest positive resistance of a non-boss is 20, and bosses who are resistant to this tend to be less resistant to it than most other magical damage.
Disadvantage: Enemies who are highly resistant to Ethereal damage may shrug this off... if there were any... which there aren't. NO DISADVANTAGES.
My Thoughts: If you're using traps, this is the one to focus on for the rest of the game. It's even powerful enough to kill the player characters, as shown below.

Optional Reader Participation

1) A Black Ring general thinks a merchant is making money illegitimately. The merchant is, but he says that he has 6 cats to feed. Turn the merchant in, or let him go?
Turn Him In = 2
Let Him Go = 3

2) In the current quest area, there's a man who claims Imps are trying to kill him. This is because he massacred a village of them. This quest does NOT give any rank points either way.
2a) Do this completely offscreen, Do this in summary, or part of the narrative?
2b) Side with the Imps, Side with the Human, or whatever gives the most XP

(Default is leave it offscreen.)