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Part 41: Fate in Motion

Music: "Dark Wizard"
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Chapter 36 - Fate In Motion

VIDEO: BOSS - Necromancer

With Mort and D.K. helpless, the Necromancer strode over to the circle and began casting some complicated spell.

The fragments wove together and the crystal appeared whole, with not a trace of the fractures it once bore. Something else intangible changed as well. D.K. was the first to realize what it was.

Do you feel it? The spell has lifted, we're no longer under his control. Now is the time to fight, human!
You really want to fight him?
What choice do we have? We need that crystal, and this Necromancer won't give it up without a fight!
You're right, let's fight!

Mort and D.K. drew their weapons and started advancing on the Necromancer.

What's this? Something's wrong… wait, you're not bound? How could this have happened? Aah, this damn chaos magic, why couldn't it have turned you into floogefrogs!
Now it's payback time, old man!

"About the Game" posted:

The Necromancer is slightly weaker than the Black Bishop, but he's much more dangerous, because he knows the Elder Fireball spell, which hurts quite a bit (see image below). I'm not really sure what that glowy spark attack even does.

Good riddance!
Hey… we're still here! And we're on Rivellon!
You're right!
Let's see if we can find a way out.

Mort and D.K. looked, but they found no doors or anything which seemed like it could be a door. Not even any hollow-sounding walls or floors could be found.

Either he teleports in and out, or he's hidden the entrance so well that we'll never find it.
Some wizards use passwords to seal doors. We would have to know not only the right door, but the right password as well.

So, um… I hope picking this up will send us back to Nemesis, I don't care to die in this place.
Me neither, human.
I told you, call me Mort, D.K..

Music - "Force Within"
Download (Thanks to Grawl)

VIDEO: Anlokam's Aid

Picking up the completed crystal caused it to surge in power, and they were indeed warped back into the Catacombs. After a minute, Anlokam came in.

You were successful? … Yes… I see you have the crystal!
Here, take it.
Oh glorious day! … Bringing the crystal back to the temple means that this will close the connection between this and the demonic world… For the first time since this war began, the demons have actually been weakened! … It may take some time, but my people will eventually come back to this world and reclaim it… thanks to you, human…
Glad to help.
The rift to Rivellon! Open it already!

I've already sealed the catacombs and this chamber, so only a Riftrunner will be able to enter or leave it…
So, can you help us now?
You have done what you promised, so I will help you now… Your wish is the permanently leave this world, yes?
Yes, we want to go back to Rivellon.
There's only one place where this can be accomplished: the chamber of my father, at the top level of the Academy… The Academy is still cursed, but with this rune stone, the ghosts will not attack you on sight… I don't know what other dangers might away you there, but you are a great hero and I'm sure you will overcome them. … I will open a rift which leads near to the Academy gates… be careful, the gate is guarded… and even though the demons can be defeated now, it won't necessarily be an easy task… Farewell, human… and Raan be with you!
The Academy… back to where it all began…

Anlokam opened a rift, a shimmering blue circle. Mort and D.K. stepped through it.


IMPORTANT VIDEO: Samuel and Asmodheus

Well, well, look who has come visiting… Samuel, the great Warlord of Chaos and Conqueror of all Universes!
Cease your games, Lord of Lies… you know why I'm here… spit it out, where are they?
They? Who would *they* be?
You know who I mean… I've followed their steps, destroyed everyone who's helped them… and I know they were here… I can still smell their stench!
So, it was you who destroyed the imp village? I've told you many times, my dear Sammy, killing them simply spoils the fun of interrogating them. …Ohhhh… you *must* be talking about that little human and the Death Knight? The ones YOU should have kept secure for the Child of Chaos?
I'm no longer feeling their presence in your realm… You had them in your grasp and you let them GO? What kind of game are you playing this time, Asmodheus?
Don't even try to understand me and my motives, Sammy…
I wonder where your loyalties lie? What will Damian say about your treachery?
Is this supposed to frighten me? Have you even *seen* the Child of Chaos recently? Because I haven't!
Haven't you heard? They're after the crystal… THE CRYSTAL, get it? They have to be stopped. Do you want to DIE?
You know, I'm rather bored with this omnipotent business, I think I'd relish the challenge, Sammy!
You're insane, Asmodheus! I'm staying on their trail, even if you've grown bored of playing with them. And if I find them… well, fighting is so much more fun if there's no risk to yourself… MAHAHAHAHAHA!
Good hunting, Sammy!

Mort and D.K. materialized on a plain. A large, battle-scarred building lay in front of them.

Such memories this place brings up…

A large mutant approached them.

"About the Game" posted:

This is yet ANOTHER boss - or at least it would be if it wasn't weak to pretty much everything. It has 1045 HP.

Once the guardian creature was dead, Mort and D.K. saw a Raanaar ghost approach the gate.

Archom erusiptolin deinen polemia erga perthomenai ptolemoi errusato tuchen.

It recited a cryptic series of words. The gate opened for it. It entered, and then the gate closed again.

Did you catch that?
Um… maybe? I'm not sure…

Mort tried to get the door to open, but it was stuck fast.
How annoying.

A voice from beside him almost made him jump.

This won't work… you have to recite the vow… then you can enter…
Incredible! This must be one of the ghosts Anlokam spoke of. But what vow is he talking about?
What vow do you mean?
You don't know the vow… but you want to enter?
Yes, I want to enter.
You want to enter… though you are not ready… But that's not my problem… you have to pay…
What do you mean pay?
Give me some gold… and I'll give you the vow…
He's pretty greedy for a ghost! What's he going to spend it on, new chains? An automatic moaning device, maybe?
It's quite expensive… must buy enough motivation powder… for studying, the pressure is so high!
Motivation powder? I wonder what he's talking about, he's obviously caught up in some past life experience.
Will you pay me 500 gold for the vow?
Yes, I'll pay.
Listen very carefully: Archom erusiptolin deinen polemia erga perthomenai ptolemoi errusato tuchen.

Mort spoke to the door.

Archom erusiptolin deinen polemia erga perthomenai ptolemoi errusato tuchen.

The door opened, but before Mort and D.K. could enter, someone teleported in.

Hello again my friends!
Again? Have we met this imp before?
Um… sorry, but who are you?
Is me! Imp who lent you teleporter stones to get out of pit!
Oh yes, thank you!
They all start to look alike after a while. Short, red, and annoying!
Me is glad they helped you, but now me needs them back now.
Hmmm… they have been useful before… but since no one can just walk right into the Academy without protection, I suppose we don't technically *need* them.
Besides, where would we go? This is it… the way home is through here.

Alright, here you go.
Many thanks, human!

The imp teleported away, and Mort and D.K. took one last look at the surface of Nemesis, and then walked into the Academy. The door closed behind them.

VIDEO: Act 3 Intermission

Killing the Black Bishop was a very satisfying moment. It wasn't that the actual killing made me feel light-spirited, but also the knowledge that we were nearing our goal. Despite my companions resourcefulness and *pathetic* attempts at bonding with me, I was growing frustrated by the curse.

The Academy was a tomb. No real surprise there, as Asmodheus himself had taken care of the place. The deal with Anlokam demonstrated his admirable cunning. The Raanaar had been very stupid, but that was our fortune. The demons wouldn't invade the Academy, which was all the better for us.

Soon we were going to learn the secret of secret of Riftrunning, and then we would be free. Not only of each other, but also of Nemesis. My companion continued to be useful and brave, certainly for a human. But again I was careful not to show too much pleasure. After all, I DO have a reputation to think of…

1) If you went in the wrong door first, Anlokam is invisible here, as well.

But at least that way you can keep her as a Summoning doll.

2) Also, for some reason, you do NOT hand the crystal over; it stays in your inventory.
3) The Academy gate has the portrait of a Church guard instead of Generic Entity. (I fixed it in post.)

What's fake in this update?

The bit with the imp at the end teleporting in to reclaim the teleporter stones. In actuality, they inexplicably disappear from your inventory between Acts 3 and 4. The first time I played, it took me quite a while to notice and realize what happened. There's a good reason for why they vanish - they could totally fuck up all kinds of scripted events and challenges if you could keep them (in the sense of breaking the scripting, not exploiting it.).