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Part 42: Initiate Level

Music - "Wine and Blood"
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Note: This isn't the actual music used on this level, but there's a lot of music left on the soundtrack I haven't shown off, so I'd rather use that then some boring music I've heard in the Battlefields for SO LONG.

Chapter 37 - Initiate Level

The Academy was still standing, but it hadn't remained unscathed during Samuel's assault. There was damage everywhere. Many walls looked unstable, and there was debris in places from where the ceilings had collapsed. Mort and D.K. followed an unstable-looking staircase down. A chunk of ceiling collapsed, obstructing their way back up. Neither were particularly concerned about that.

Inside at last! As I see it, our only chance to find a way to escape from this dimension lies somewhere in this Academy.

Some notes scattered around more messages both optimistic and fatalistic.

"About the Game" posted:

There will be a lot of books in this Act. It is a school, after all. And thankfully, I found all the Raanaar translation books. I do not care to find out what happens if I miss one or more.

VIDEO: Welcome to the Academy, Damian

Who are you…? Come a little closer… Can't quite see you… Aaaaahhh… You… Finally! I was expecting you earlier…
You were expecting me?
The High Elder told us, Damian… The initial tests for the Academy are an honour… especially for an outlander… Are you ready, Damian?
What? Does Donhoram… oh…

Don't look at me… I'm as puzzled as you are… I believe he thinks you're Damian.
Wretched, pathetic ghost… I should feel guilty… I should… I knew him, I knew all of them… but I feel nothing… no guilt at all.
The Child of Chaos studied at the Academy after he arrived here, and before he decided to conquer this place… I would suggest you play along, human. We have to learn a way to escape from here, and if they think you are *allowed* to do it, we would be foolish not to use it to our advantage.
Very well. Then consider me "Damian" until we leave this place.

What are the initial tests?
Three rooms… three tests… are you worthy? … Are you ready Damian? Our expectations are high…
Yes, I am ready.
Brave outlander! But… are you worthy?
Blah-blah-blah… talk-talk-talk… let's have some action!
Not so fast! Three tests to pass… Test of Knowledge… Test of Endurance… Test of Faith. They will show if you are worthy… Go through the open doors… talk to the instructor… three times… Then a fourth door opens… and you will receive your final evaluation.
Damn ghosts, never stop chattering!
Before you go… read the Code of Behaviour on the wall… 16 rules… what is allowed… what is forbidden…
What is your name?
Donhoram am I, Damian… I point initiates towards their tests…
What can you tell me about the Academy?
It is the center of knowledge. All Rift-openers have to study here… and prepare themselves for their great responsibility…
Who are the Rift-openers?
Rift-openers… Elders who can open rifts… leading to other places… other worlds…
Hmmm… that student who gave us the password to get in mentioned needing "motivation powder"…
Do you have a problem with drugs here?
You've heard? Even the outlanders have already heard… the young… not enough discipline anymore… stay away from drugs, Damian… dangerous… very dangerous…
What do you know about me?
The High Elder speaks very highly of you, Damian… the first outsider who has been allowed to study here… can you see how great the honour is?
Why do you haunt this place?
I… don't understand…
I don't think these creatures are aware of their situation. … They died here when the demons invaded this dimension, but their souls never left this place and their memories are patchy.
Nevermind. Farewell.
Good luck, Damian.
Before we do any tests, let's search for anything useful in the ruins.
Good idea, human.

It's stuck. A little lubrication might work, though.

I found a key on this Raanaar's body.

It fits! … But all that's in here is a bottle of… graphite?
That might work on the hinges.


"About the Game" posted:

Don't get excited. It's just more of the same old Elemental magic crap from ACT FREAKING ONE. If you were using this magic at all, you would already know all these spells by now, probably to level 10 already, and if you weren't using it, it won't be of enough use to be worth investing in anyway! I guess it might make sense since this is the Initiate level, but it's not a very good reward for Act 4.

This book is completely empty.
It might be for the students to write things down for themselves?
Hmmm… I guess I could use it to write down the Academy rules.
Everyone here is dead and you're going to worry about following rules? You're such a… such a… such a PALADIN!

VIDEO: The Academy Rules

"About the Game" posted:

There are a bunch of them. It may be worth reading these, some are amusing. Dragging the empty book onto one of the rule icons automatically writes them all down.

Academy Rules
Rules 1
Rules 2
Rules 3

I hope that one wasn't important.
[Mockingly] "I hope that one wasn't important." Let's just get on with it, human!

A scene from the past greeted them as soon as they entered the circular main hallway.

VIDEO: Initiate Level

Will you face the tests this time?
I don't know… I only have one chance… maybe I should prepare some more…
How often have you come here… and left without trying?
Nine times… but I always remember my father… he failed the entrance test… and now he's working as an imp trainer…
You can say that again… he's even started to sound like an imp! It's a horrible business…

The door to the right was shut and locked. Mort and D.K. continued on and outside the next door another scene repeated itself…

I don't understand… I don't know what I did wrong… she accused me of breaking my vows…
I cannot repeat what she said to me… for the test of faith is different for each.
She asked me to take the punishment… I thought of cheating… but I was honour-bound… I couldn't do it… not to her.
And to know that you've failed… that you have lost everything… oh, it's a cruel punishment.
Except my honour, that is… I almost wish I had cheated…

I wonder what is inside the chest…
But of course… you're not allowed to look…

Are you prepared for the Test of Knowledge?
I am… there are only 16… and I now know them by heart…

I wonder what's in here…
It might be worth checking out, but it looks like we need something special to open the lock.
I am curious to see the secrets of the Brotherhood of the Stars.

I think the way up is through here… but it looks like we'll need to do these stupid tests first. You're the student here, "Damian." You decide which one to do first.
All right.

Act 4 is really unique. It is set entirely within the confines of the Academy. As such it is the smallest in scope and the shortest act. Puzzles are the main focus of the time spent in here, there is far less combat, and most of what exists is intentionally there as part of the courses. It seems almost calm and relaxing, compared to the others. Well, at least, that's how it starts… This act is what I consider the best part of the game.

Bug Report
I guess that some quest item I had been holding onto for a while was granting me bonus stats, although I have no idea what it was, because the first time I entered Act 4, some of my gear was unequipped because my stats had unaccountably dropped, so I had to load to before the act and out points into strength so I didn't change out of my uniform for no reason.

Reader Participation Required:

1) I need to move three things from one place to another - unmolested - through a rift: A golem, an imp, and a treasure chest. But I can only move them one at a time. If the imp is left alone with the treasure chest, he will open it, the thieving bastard. If the golem is left alone with the imp, he will kill the imp. How should I move the items?

2) I encounter a group of imps who tortured and murdered Raanaar prisoners in Samuel's Citadel. They didn't want to, but did so anyway. Should I kill the imps, or forgive them?
Kill = 2
Spare = 2

3) I encounter a wounded Death Knight of Samuel. He is too badly injured to fight. He helped destroy the imp village, and he claims that if we don't kill him, he'll tell Samuel where we are. He wants us to kill him. Kill him or refuse to kill a wounded being?
Kill = 3
Spare = 2

4) A demon offers us a bargain: He has a group of evil witches, and if we ask, he'll kill them and add their life-force to our own. If we refuse, they will try and kill us. Accept the demon's offer or Decline the demon's offer?
Decline = 4
Accept = 1