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Part 52: Consequences

Music - "Dimensional Doorways"
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Chapter 47 - Consequences

Nice to meet you, Damian… you have excellent summoning skills… everybody is talking about you…
Thank you.
As a summoner, you don't care about the destination… as long as the right creature appears… But when you're opening a rift for travel purposes… the destination point is essential… opening a rift blindly can have very bad effects…
Bad effects like what?

Let me show you. … Opening a rift blindly can be dangerous… if your rift closes, you might be lost… lost forever…
Lost forever… really?
Maybe… maybe not… this test will show you what I mean…
What test is that?
This is a labyrinth, Damian… find the exit… step on the teleporters… But be careful… not all lead to safety…
Why does he not just tell us?
Experience shows… that you can learn from your mistakes, Damian.
Always with these riddles and tests… do they not have enough to do around here?
I guess we just have to face them…
Bah! Let's get on with it…
What is your name?
My name is Elder Anrauzam.
What is the key to rift-running?
The key… the key is knowledge… only if you know where a rift leads… can you truly trust it…
Should I begin the test?
Go on…

The gates clanked open, and without warning, a shadow creature burst into the room.

"About the Game" posted:

The goal of this trial is to find the teleporter leading out of the maze. The maze is very densely populated by high-level shadow creatures. Stepping onto the wrong teleporter will lead you to the middle of a swarm, and they are dangerous enough to kill you. The only safe way to proceed is to clear the maze and recognize the matching teleporters to eliminate them.

If you get into trouble, you can run back to this room. The instructor cannot die and will kill shadow creatures who follow you.

This is a great place to use traps. If you've been collecting them, you should have thousands. Don't be afraid to plunk traps down like crazy, this place is REALLY full of enemies, and this is the last non-boss fight where trapping is useful.

I suggest you place more traps by the eastern door, human. It seems to be *quite* popular.
Alright. Then let's go north. I want to find the edges of this place.

Teleporter number 1. Let's try it.

Nothing too hard to handle…

He soon came to regret those words.

They keep coming! I think it's time to retreat!

Looks like caution is in order.

The northern passages dead-ended, so Mort and D.K. backtracked to the starting room and headed south.

I've got an idea, human: How about we not do that anymore.
Looks like we'll have to do this the prudent way. Kill everything and only enter teleporters which we know are cleared.

"About the Game" posted:

I've pumped Insect Swarm up to Rank 11. It is so awesome.

What on earth is this for?

"About the Game" posted:

This is for the locked cabinet in the quarters. It's important to get this now if you want to solve the merchant's missing amulet quest.

Looks like exploring every corner is going to pay off!

Especially for you.

A laboratory of sorts? What's that doing here?

Hmm… Let's move on.

"About the Game" posted:

Light the candle, and the room fills with green gas (it deals ignorable poison damage). After a few seconds…

The imps dissolve, and searching a skull gives the key to the door. But the three chests inside only have random stuff.

It's this one, human. We've been everywhere around here, and the teleporters come in pairs. I haven't seen this symbol before.
I'm ready to get out of here.

Hmmm… that Sapphire key from the maze. We didn't use it there… and one of the students mentioned losing a key. I wonder…

This is what the imp said would reveal the hidden amulet.

Mort upended the vial into the pool. The reaction filled the room with choking clouds of gas.

But when it cleared, the merchant's amulet had indeed appeared.

Greetings, Damian.
I have found the amulet.
You've found it… excellent work… take the new Death Knight sword as an additional reward…
It's a shame I didn't solve his problem when he was still alive. It would have been nice to have that earlier.

I have finished recording all of the rest of the game, except for a couple of bonus things. It's done. I just have to put it together. There will be 51 or 52 chapters.

FEDIT: Darn it NAME REDACTED, you changed your vote and I didn't check it before recording. I don't know what your current vote of "Ignore the Woman" means, but I guess I'll take that as ignore both. I will assume all "Kill the Woman" votes mean "listen to the man". If that is too confusing, choose one of the following: Listen to the Man, Listen to the Woman, or Ignore Both. I can still re-record this section.

The Map

A hidden wall hides a key for one of the Chemist's chests.

I also picked up two more rings in the Battlefields. Speaking of which:

The key for the 5th Battlefield Dungeon can be found in the maze as well.

Does the merchant sell Fairy Dust?
Do you have any fairy dust?
What do you want Fairy Dust for? I've never heard of it… You're pulling my leg, right? I can't believe that really exists!