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Part 53: Interferences

Music - "Dimensional Doorways"
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Chapter 48 -Interferences

VIDEO: Interferences

Damian… what a pleasure… finally meeting you in person… Do you ever think about the consequences of your actions?
Consequences like what?

Let me show you… All your actions… lead to consequences… good or evil… but often unpredictable… Some consequences… only have an impact on others… But others… come back to you… You will have to make decisions… you will have to deal with consequences… think carefully… before you make your choices…
Who are you?
My name is Elder Anguram.
What is the key to rift-running?
The key? The key is responsibility… you should always be aware… that your actions have consequences…
Should I begin the test?
Whenever you like…

Mort went down a hallway to the first room of the test.

There were two cells, each had a candle in front of them.

Help us, please, please… free us… we have been here for so long…
How can I free you?
Please, the only way to open this cage is by blowing out the candle in front of the *other* cage…
No, no, no, don't listen to him… oh god, please, don't listen…
Do you understand? Please blow out the candle in front of the *other* cage, not this one…

"About the Game" posted:

This entire test has Raanaar models, with the voices using the Raanaar voice-filters, but they have human portraits. I could try and fix it in post, but screw it.

Help, please, whoever you are… free us, kind soul… and end our sorrow.
How can I free you?
The only way to open these cages is by blowing out the candle in front of the *other* cage…
No, no, no… that's crazy… Don't listen to her…
You have to understand. Please, blow out the candle in front of the *other* cage, not this one… I beg you…
Something's being left unsaid here. I don't know what to do.
Be decisive human. Pick one, or the other and move on.
… I don't have enough information. I'm not going to blow out either candle.

Gggraaaaaaawwlll… I will enjoy eating you!
Grrr…Snnaaaaaarrllll… You are wrong, it is *I* who will be eating you!
Any ideas, human?

I'll solve this dispute - by killing both of you.

Problem solved.

"About the Game" posted:

That monster scenario actually feels out of place, because that's all there is to it - no twist, no complication, no unforeseen consequences for any of the choices you make.

Mort entered the next room and stepped into the middle of an argument.

We have to conquer the land… we need your fields and corn, or we will all starve.
And this is enough reason for you to enslave our men, to rob our women and kill our children? We will defend ourselves…
Why don't you understand? We have no choice. Every day, hundreds of my people are dying, and you and your folk, you are not helping us…
We cannot… if we send you food, we will soon share your fate…

They noticed Mort.

You, stranger, help us… help us survive… give me the sword, so I can conquer the land of the other king. This is the only way for my people to survive…
Don't listen, stranger… Give me the shield, so we can defend ourselves against the aggressors. We cannot trust them, we cannot give them what is ours…
No, stop this madness!

I guess you will have to make a decision here… as long as you don't, the door will stay closed. Give me the sword, so I can finish the other one…
No dodging the issue this time, human. Who will you support?
… I shall support those defending their lands.

Thank you, stranger. Now we can defend ourselves against the aggressors.

The kings vanished, but near the exit door a beggar appeared.

Please… spare a coin?
Weren't you the king I met earlier?
Oh, it's you… yes, yes… your decision to help the other king was our doom… my people are dead now, and I'm living off pieces of bread and scraps… Please, show mercy and give me at least some coins…
Yes, here you go.
Thank you, thank you… the only thing left for me now is bread, scraps… a few coins from the generous… and eventually… a lonely death.
Great job, human.
This test is impossible to win by design.

Halt! Come no closer! My orders are clear… the prisoner has to stay imprisoned…
Help me, please, help me, I didn't do anything wrong…
Why must the prisoner remain locked up?
This prisoner is dangerous, she should remain in her cell!
Help me… I'm not guilty… he imprisoned me without reason… Please, I'm no witch… you have to believe me…
Hmm… How could I free you?
Press the white button on the wall there and I'll be freed.
Don't listen to her!
Hmmm… I think I'll leave her in her cell.
No… please…

Hey, we're behind the prison cells from the first room.

I wonder what that lever is for.

Both the cell doors are open now!

We're free! Free at last… Thank the holy gods…
Oh my love… how good it is to be able to hold you in my arms.
I have dreamed long nights of this day, my love.
How touching. Let's just move on and finish this, human.

Mort and D.K. followed the hall back to the room where the instructor was waiting.

You have finished? All right then, I will send you back!

Only one more teacher, so only one more test.
The last test is the most challenging of them all, though.

Alternate choices

Blowing out the Candle in front of one of the cells

The Woman's cell:

Nooooo! You've killed him? I told you to blow out the other candle… how can I live without him?

The Man's cell:

Nooooo! You've killed her? I told you to blow out the other candle… Nooooooooooo! I can't believe she's gone…

You thought that the prisoners wanted to save themselves at the expense of the other one. Instead, they wanted to sacrifice their own life so their lover could be free.

I was secretly hoping that people would vote for one of the candles, so I could say "Nice job getting those guys killed". But you had to go and screw it up by voting for the option which turns out for the best.

Giving the Sword to the starving king

Thank you stranger… Now I can conquer his land and my people will survive.

Both men disappear, and a guard appears in the room.

Who are you?
Weren't you once a king?
Oh, you? Because you gave the other king the sword, he conquered us. My army was defeated and he killed and enslaved as many of my people as he could… Would you at least give me the honour of dying in battle?
Yes, of course.
More than I expected…

Releasing the woman from her cell

Press it…

Whoops, she was a monster in disguise. The guard dies instantly, and you have to kill the hostile monster.