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Part 1

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Unknown Satellite, Uncharted Space

"This is marine dropship Roenick to control, making final approach for delivery of supply requisition B9-3Q and prisoner AP-127."
"This is control to marine dropship Roenick, landing platform is in position. You are cleared to land Roenick."

"Tower to control room, the main gun is offline."

This man... this room... I can't remember anywhere other than the here and now...

The last few hours(days? weeks? years?) are my entire life story. I try to remember other places, other times, but the more I try to focus on them, the more they elude me. All that's clear is the man grinning down at me with a scalpel in hand. Sometimes it's a laser cutter, a bone saw, or sometimes implements far more horrible than anything I could imagine. I'm not even restrained, there's no point. I can't move at all. There's something missing from my brain, I can tell.

As I start to black out again, through the pain, the only thing I can remember is a name... Mastaba.