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by TerminalBlue

Part 10

Mecho(Mecha?): "Unit 11 to security."

Mecho: "Prisoner apprehended in security level corridor."

Mecho: "Please respond."

Mecho: "Need further instructions."

At least the bot doesn't seem to be shooting me as long as I stay still. If I don't do something, I could be stuck here for quite a while, seeing as it doesn't seem to know how to do anything but stop me and call security for instructions. And since I just came from security, it's safe to say nobody's there at the moment.

After listening to it's repeating message a bit, I grow a bit bolder. It looks like if I move very slowly, it doesn't seem to notice. Must be one of those 'lowest bidder' situations with this guy.

Sidestepping slowly, I manage to edge around it. It doesn't seem to take any notice. This thing really is worthless without human input.

Using Caynan's arm on the scanner, the door slides open with a hiss. The security bot, apparently still occupied with contacting security, ignores me as I slip through the door.

Looks like an elevator. Might as well start at the top floor.

The door opens. I peek cautiously around the corner, and see at least 6 floating security bots, each with a laser slung underneath their chassis. I'd have a slim chance of getting past those.

My chance of an easy escape seems shot. It looks like when the majority of the station's personnel evacuated, they stationed robots around to pick up the slack. I should check out some of the other levels before trying to deal with all those bots.