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by TerminalBlue

Part 12

I can see and hear something massive moving in the darkness. If it's that one escaped creature, he must've grown to incredible size. I think trying to take it on myself would be a bad idea. But maybe I can freeze it out.

Computer: "Warning, cryo fluids low, situation critical."

This should give that thing a change of attitude. I let the cryo fluid flow until I hear a message about the fluid levels dropping, then turn off the valve. Should be enough anyhow.

Computer: "Conditions in chamber #1 are destabilizing. Please correct."

Uh-oh. Maybe I left it on just a little too long.

Better check the cryo control computer to make sure I haven't inadvertently let any of these monsters thaw out.

Everything looks okay in chamber #1. Maybe it's not as bad as the computer message made it seem.

Then again maybe not.

This is bad.

(Prepare for Raptor Fights Vol. 1! VIDEO IS HERE / Backup)

I sprint across the room, barely head of the raptor. I doubt I can kill this thing. If it's files are any indication, it's regenerative abilities far surpass my own. Maybe if I can lure it onto the hatch here, I can drop it down into the tank.

The raptor manages to get it's teeth on me a few times, but I keep relentlessly kicking it in the face, hoping I can at least knock it senseless long enough to drop it down the hole.

Eventually it collapses right on top of the door. It's still alive though, and seems to be recovering at a rapid rate.

My little raptor friend takes the plunge. Just in the nick of time too. He must've woken up while falling, because I can hear him fighting with that huge creature down there.

I think they need to 'cool' it down there.

I think I like them more as ice sculptures, actually.