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by TerminalBlue

Part 13

Now I can explore the tunnel behind where that creature was. Maybe it's a way out.

There's a large tunnel bored through here. Must be the work of the prisoner from 02, the one that burrowed through the floor of his cell. Whoever or whatever he is, he sure tore the hell out of this place. I hope that me and him share a common goal, as I'm not sure I could take him if he turned out to be hostile.

This tunnel leads out into a large chamber with no apparent way to climb down. I can hear a loud thrumming coming from there, as well as an immense amount of heat.

Since the left hand passageway isn't going to take me anywhere but an early grave, I'll check the one on the right.

Sure enough, this side of the tunnel leads into cell 02. There's the dead guard I saw on the security camera earlier slumped up against the wall, and next to him, a blaster. Looks I'll be able to get my hands on it after all. About time I had some...

... luck.