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by TerminalBlue

Part 14

(Lex vs. Random Guard Dude! Catch it now on Pay-per-View / Backup! Or something like that(YouTube))

Me: "Who are you? What have you done to me? I want answers!"

Guard: "Freeze, prisoner!"

Looks like he doesn't want to cooperate. Too bad for him. Now I'll have to beat the answers out of him.

Guard: "Insolent dog! I order you to return to your cell!"

He rushes me. This guy is already hurt, his blows barely even making me blink. Why doesn't he just give up and tell me what I need to know? I respond by hitting him across the face with Caynan's arm. That should loosen his tongue. I'm only asking nicely one more time.

Me: "What have you done to me? Tell me, damn you!"

He still refuses to cooperate. My fist smashes into his chest and I hear something crack. He falls to the ground, dead.

Me: "You have stolen my body and my mind."

Me: "I will know why, or I will have your blood!"

If these bastards think they can get away with what they've done to me and the others that came before me, they're wrong. They created more than a half-human freak when they sent me to the operating table. They created the instrument of their own demise.

I leave the arm behind in favor of the blaster. I don't think I'll need to open any more doors with it. Not only is it a bit grotesque, but it's starting to smell bad. With this gun, I should be able to knock out the security robots easily.

Well, maybe not too easily. Taking this thing on face to face would probably be a bad idea. But maybe I can sneak over to the elevator like last time and get some cover.

I make it to the elevator. For the first time I notice that the elevator's walls are all very highly polished metal. Perhaps I could use the walls to bounce the blaster's beam into the robot? That way I wouldn't have to expose myself directly to that thing's huge cannon.

A bit of careful aim, and the bolt bounces beautifully off the metal, striking the security bot. Looks like it'll take a few shots to finish it off.

Eat light, you stupid machine. ( )