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Part 17

Mastaba: "This is your doctor speaking."

When I return to the elevator, I'm suprised to hear Mastaba speaking to me over the station intercom. The son of a bitch must noticed that his dropships just got introduced to the ground the hard way.

Mastaba: "I know you are confused and disoriented, but we are not your enemy."

When he's not busy butchering innocent people, he must moonlight as a comedian. I yell as much at the intercom, but he doesn't seem to hear it. I'll have to tell it to his face then.

Mastaba: "You are one of us, a Mondite, and we are in extreme danger."

At least he got one part right. They are in extreme danger.

Mastaba: "Doctor Escher has betrayed us all. She has brought a monster into the base. If we are to survive, I need your help."

Could the monster he's talking about be the thing that was in Cell 02? The one that's been tunneling through the base? If this 'Doctor Escher' really did betray them, maybe she'd be useful as an ally.

It's time to get moving. Continuing down the list, it's on to level three.

Ah yes, my old friend the trigger happy security bot.

If a line works once, it'll work twice.

I try the first door in the hallway.

Computer: "Danger! Reactor reaching critical state!"

Whoa, thank you but no. This must be the door into the reactor. Walking in there unprotected would probably be a bad idea.

I'll have to do something about it eventually though. It's most likely about to blow, and there doesn't seem to be anyone around to repair it, thanks to me shooting down the incoming dropships.

The big security door at the end of the hallway is the same type as in the cell block, so I probably won't be able to get through it without the right palm print. So, I'll see what's behind this door.

This must be Mastaba's operating room. There's a man laying on the table, unconcious or dead. From the way he's hacked up, he must be Mastaba's newest victim.

The door suddenly hisses shut behind me.

Mastaba: "There you are! Come in."

Mastaba: "You have no choice in the matter, I assure you."