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by TerminalBlue

Part 20

A squeeze of the trigger and Dane, or what was left of him, is no more. I doubt Mastaba can repair him now.

May he rest in peace.

Honestly, I envy him a little bit... but I won't give up until I have avenged my former self and those who came before me and were butchered by that bastard.

I notice a small red module implanted in Dane's right arm. It looks just like one mounted in a small slot on my side. A battery? If it is, I could sure use it, my power's running dangerously low.

It definitely fits.

Checking my diagnostics screen, it seems this new battery has a full charge. I'm sure Dane wouldn't mind, and I know I can certainly use the energy.

Hmm, that's strange... the 'PFD Prototype' display has changed. Looks like there's an option to 'charge' it now. Mastaba must've shut it down when I was put into my cell, and it must've been reactivated when he took control of me. I can't think of it being anything other than the concealed system in my left arm that the doctor made me shoot that guard with. For now I'll save the energy, but a weapon like that will likely be useful, as I'm sure there's still plenty of killing in my future.

Looking around the room, there's lots of medical machinery who's purpose I don't understand, nor would I really want to for that matter. There's a small bottle of medical spray on the floor though. Could be useful for healing my meat bits if I take a beating in the future.

There's a large interactive screen on the wall.

Jackpot. Looks like Mastaba's medical logs. From this I should be able to figure out who I am, or at least who I was.

I'll start with the project logs. This should give me some insight into the motivations behind Mastaba's experiments.

(Log time again! Everybody's favorite time. As always, there's a tl;dr at the end, but you assholes should be less lazy and actually read them.)

It appears that I am part of the Advanced Fully Augmented or AFA project, ordered the the 'Paragon', who must be the leader of this group called the 'Mondites', the ones who have done this to me. They seem to be a religious organization, but they're certainly active in the political realm as well if they're so desperate to have their own assassins.

The AFA project seems to have been designed to make the ideal cybernetic assassin, able to be disguised as a regular human through plastic surgery. Though I hardly look human now, with a good deal of modern plastic surgery techniques applied properly, I could pass as a regular human. Standard procedure for the AFA subjects was to wipe their minds and recondition them at another location to follow the Mondite cause. I guess I must've woken up before that part, because the only ones I feel like assassinating right now are the Mondites on this base.

Looks like 'ABA' or Assassin Biologically Augmented, was the offshoot from the AFA program, and responsible for creations like my old friends the cyber-raptor and the scorpion-thing.

Near the end of the logs, Mastaba mentions that he's decided to use 'Phyxx' technology in future projects. I'd imagine I'm one of the first to have this very dubious honor. I believe the records for the prisoner in 02 mentioned something about him coming from a 'Excavation Site'? It's very strange. I should try and find out more about these 'Phyxx' things, considering the fact that I apparently have some of their technology built into me. I can't help but wonder... are they of human origin? Everything I've read and seen seems to indicate otherwise.

The last entry mentions that a reanimated 'Phyxx' soldier has escaped the cell block, ravaging the base in less than an hour. He has to be referring to the prisoner from Cell 02, the one that tunneled through the floors of the base.

On to the case histories. This should be where I can find out exactly who I am, and what has been done to me.

Bio data should be a list of all the people that've been operated on by Mastaba. I'm sure I'm in there somewhere.

There's so many files here... how many people has Mastaba butchered since this station was established?

None of the people listed in the Bio Files section seem like they'd be me, almost all of them are dead or hopelessly crippled. My records are most likely under the 'secure data' file, but I can't get into it without the right password.

I'll have to make sure Mastaba gives me that password with his last breath.

There's nothing more I can learn from this computer until I have that code.

The flute. I thought it might be a link to my past, but really, it was just an implanted memory , something that was included in Mastaba's mindwipe program to make sure the surgery worked. Those beautifully haunting songs never belonged to me, instead they were forced into my brain thanks to the good doctor.

I leave it behind. All I have left of my humanity now is the picture.