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by TerminalBlue

Part 21

(Cyborg Killing Machine vs. Unnamed Guard Vol. 2! See the video HERE / Backup!)

Looks like the door at the end of the corridor is unlocked now. That guard Mastaba had me kill must've unlocked it.

Guard: "You! You've murdered all of us! That creature is going to destroy the reactor!"

Looks like the control room isn't empty after all.

Me: "What are you talking about?"

Is the reactor malfunction not just an accident? Could the creature he's talking about be the thing from Cell 02?

He doesn't seem very forthcoming with answers. Looks like I'll have to find out the hard way again. I fire a bolt into his stomach to make sure he's listening.

Me: "You people deserve to die for what you did to me!"

Guard: "You shot down the reinforcements! They were our only chance!"

Me: "I'll take care of the reactor, but first I'll take care of you."

( )

Me: "At least when the reactor blows, my death will be quick and painless. I am glad that I could add some small amount of suffering to yours."

To hell with all these Mondite bastards anyway. I'll bet they think twice next time they're thinking of creating cyborg assassins from unwilling subjects.

Looks like he was holding a logbook.

I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds important. I'll have to keep it in mind.

Let's see what these panels are for. The one on the left is just a bunch of boring maintenance logs. This one seems more interesting.

Looks like the reactor access code is 134. I should remember that number.

Well, it certainly was my friend from Cell 02 that damaged the reactor. Looks like he managed to kill an entire team of armed repairmen while he was at it too. He must be one tough bastard.

At the time this was written, they were estimating the reactor would go critical in 17 minutes. Not long. I need to do something about it, and fast. Making things a bit more difficult is the fact that they have a security bot guarding the airlock from the reactor side. I doubt I'd be able to kill it if I just walked through the door and started blasting. I need a plan.