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by TerminalBlue

Part 23

I head toward the reactor, ready for a fight. But now that I'm in this pressure suit, he's mistaken me for one of his brethren.

Guard: "If your going for the reactor room, watch out for the security bot. It's enemy identification circuitry has been damaged."

Nice how concerned for my safety he is, now that he thinks I'm one of his buddies. If he saw who I really was, he wouldn't hesitate in trying to kill me or send me back to Mastaba's operating table.

I'm conflicted on whether I should use the element of suprise that I have now, or just leave him be and hope he doesn't try to kill me later. These Mondites look at anyone who isn't one of their beloved order as just hunks of meat. Is there any reason I should be different?

I wonder what the old me, the me that existed before being imprisoned on this moon, would do in this situation. Do I even resemble that man anymore?