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by TerminalBlue

Part 25

(Video of the whole reactor sequence is HERE / Backup.)

First things first, I extend the bridge, fortunately the controls are right there. This pressure suit is a bit clumsy, so I watch my step, not wanting to plummet to my death. If the reactor hasn't blown already, I probably have a bit of time left. Even with all that in mind, I have to force myself not to run.

On second thought, I run. Of course that's probably just due to the fact that meltdown klaxons start blaring the moment my foot touches the bridge. I can't have long now before it blows.

Amazingly, I make it across without plummeting to my death.

There's two pylons to each side of the controls. If the log I read in the control room is correct, those are the power conductors and I have to shut each one down manually before I can shutdown the reactor. I go for the one on the right hand side first, seeing as there's not a potentially homicidal alien sitting there in front of that switch.

The creature sits there watching me as I dash like a madman. The creature doesn't make a move. Maybe it'll just leave me alone? That would certainly be a nice change of pace.


The lever resists, trying to pull back to it's original position. I'm sure it takes three men to operate it normally, but I'm not a normal man anymore, am I? Even so, the lever slides down at an agonizingly slow pace.

And then I hear heavy footfalls behind me. I think about letting go and facing the creature, but then I'd have to start over with the lever, and I don't have time. It hits me hard in the back when I've almost got it. It feels like getting hit with a sack of bricks, but I hold onto the lever, forcing it down until it latches into position.

Computer: "Power conductor disengaged."

One down.

I fire a bolt into the creature's face. It recoils a bit from the impact, but it's unscathed. My kick knocks it to the ground, but it gets back up immediately, looking no worse for wear. I fire again.

And again. And again. The last bolt doesn't even phase it. I have to get through this thing to shut off the reactor, but nothing seems to hurt it.

I'm hurting it a little bit, I can tell. But hardly. And it's showing no signs of stopping.

Me: "When will you die, damn you?!"

No matter how hard I hit it, nothing slows it down. This must have what Mastaba saw when he looked at me, lying there on the operating table, helpless. He wanted to create something with this kind of power for the Mondites' sick cause.

Me: "Are you what Mastaba thought to make of me?"

He's much stronger than anything or anyone I've fought my way through to get here. He's stronger than me by far. I can't win this fight, but I don't have much of a choice in the matter. It's attacks are relentless, and there's no way I'd be able to operate the other lever with him pounding me in the back.

Things are looking bad. Real bad.

But then I get an idea. I run back the way I came. Predictably, it follows.

Fortunately, I seem to be a bit faster than it is, so I stay ahead of it, reaching the platform before it does. I punch the button to retract the bridge hard enough that the display cracks, and the creature plummets to it's death, a horrible wailing scream following in it's wake.

The creature is dealt with, but the reactor still needs to be dealt with. I can feel the reactor chamber getting hotter each second, even through my suit.

Even so, I should have enough time to shut down the re-

Computer: "Reactor will achieve critical state in 30 seconds!"


Moving quickly, I shut down the other pylon.

Computer: "Power conductor disengaged."

Now I just have to enter the shutdown code on the console.

I remember thinking how stupidly simple the code was when I read it in that guard's log. 123. Only an idiot would use that combination. Well, whatever, it makes it easier for me. I don't think I could enter a 40 digit password in the 15 seconds I have left.

Wait... the password was 123, but it's not working! I swear that was it... oh, right, I remember reading the password and thinking it was stupid because it was only one number off from 123. It was 124.

Shit, that's not it either!

Have I really come this far to fail now? Only 2.19 seconds left to put in the right one. It's a shame Mastaba didn't see fit to upgrade my memory functions along with everything else.

Damn it, what was that code?! I know I can remember it... I just have to think harder...