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by TerminalBlue

Part 27

Another terminal has the logs of a one 'Doctor Eden Escher', who is researching the ruins found here on Daedalus. Ruins? Must be the excavation site I've seen referenced multiple times in logs before.

It seems like there's an extensive network of ruins around this moon, and Dr. Escher was the Mondite in charge of exploring them. However, she was never really a true believer in the Mondite cause, she was just using them as a way to ply her trade. She becomes increasingly more disillusioned with the way Mastaba is conducting things on this station, and she even visits me once or twice, though I don't remember any of this happening.

Mastaba was especially interested in what was found in the ruins, even going as far as to take some of the artifacts Escher uncovered there, refusing to return them. I have a bad feeling some of those devices made their way into Mastaba's ABA plans, and thus into my own body.

Lastly, it seems that the prisoner in 02 really was a creature from the race that built these ruins. Apparently they're called the Phyxx. I hope there's no more of them running around, the one I met in the reactor room was almost the death of me.

These were Escher's personal logs, later taken from her by Mastaba. It seemed like she was on the brink of openly opposing Mastaba, just like poor dead Caynan. Though I can't afford to let my guard down, maybe Escher and I share a common cause.