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by TerminalBlue

Part 28

(Okay, seriously, no more logs for a while after this.)

This console contains a history of this installation.

Looks like this whole thing got started when the 'Ambassadoria', a Reticulum ship encountered a dormant Phyxx ship floating in space. They attempted to explore it, only to inadvertently wake one of the Phyxxian soldiers from statis, who proceeded to destroy the ship, killing all on board.

A Mondite ship intercepted the distress signal and went to investigate, jamming the distress signal once they realized what they were dealing with. On orders from the Paragon, they traced the Phyxx ship back to this moon and sent a ship to set up camp and explore the ruins found here. No doubt once word spread around, Mastaba joined the group, eager to make use of some of the technology discovered here.

There's also a satellite map of the area. Looks like to get to the excavation site, I'll have to traverse the catwalk around the rim of the crater.

Next to all the computer banks is what appears to be a freight elevator. The computers have a bunch of information on some kind of spacecraft.

Looks like there's this experimental ship they've been working on in the hangar below me. I have no idea if it's spaceworthy yet, but it could be my ticket out of here.

This experimental vehicle sounds like just the kind of ride I need to get out of here. Unfortunately it is grounded at the moment, since it's battery is run down. Unfortunately the original battery was an ancient artifact uncovered at the excavation site, but if I can find a powerful enough battery I could get off this moon.

I'll go down and take a look.