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Part 29

(Oh my god, there's a video of this sequence right HERE / Backup! I'm excited! Are you excited?)

After a short elevator ride, I'm in the hangar.

Guard: "Hangar to Dr. Mastaba: I've spotted the assassin...

And there's another guard here. I'm almost surprised there's anybody still alive on the station at this point.

Guard: "The assassin in now in the hangar area."

Mastaba: "Impossible!"

Mastaba: "He took enough electricity to fry every synapse in his brain!"

It seems the good doctor has underestimated me once again. It won't be the last time, I guarantee it.

Mastaba: "Guard the Icarus project with your life!"

Well well, sounds like he's getting scared. Maybe the Icarus is his only way out of here as well.

Mastaba: "I will return shortly."

This guy seems to be better trained than the others I have fought. He easily avoids my strike, landing a hard blow to my head.

Guard: "The Paragon be praised! May he live forever!"

Me: "Where is Mastaba?! How do I get out of here?!"

I'm tired of these Mondites and their beloved Paragon. All I care about now is taking my revenge and getting off this rock.

Me: "Tell me how to activate the Icarus and I will let you live."

Guard: "Leave the hangar area now while you're still alive!"

Predictably, He doesn't seem interested in my generous offer.

Fine, he can have it his way then. Another martyr for the cause. I'm sure his almighty Paragon would be proud.

Me: "I swear that when my time comes, I will not die a puppet like yourself."

As I turn to leave, a voice crackles out of the walkie-talkie the guard is holding.

Mastaba: "Mastaba to base hangar... what is your status?"

A moment passes. I can almost hear Mastaba sweating, waiting for the guard to reply. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't.

Mastaba: "DAMN!"

The walkie-talkie's microphone is broken, I can only listen using it. Still, I might be able to pick up on something useful, if there's even anyone other than me and Mastaba left alive at this point. I pry it from the guard's cold and stiff hands.

Each body I leave behind is one more step towards my goal. I try to be bothered by how little I care for the lives of these people, but I can't seem to do it. These people made me into an inhuman monster, it would be ungrateful of me to not act the part.