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by TerminalBlue

Part 32

No time to enjoy the view. Gotta get moving.

There's four offensive robots stationed on the landing platform. That's far too many for me to handle. I'll have to leave them for now.

This elevator looks like it'll take me down to the excavation site pathway.

More bots down here. Looks like the same type as in the tower and on the landing pad. If I stand still long enough to get a shot off at them, they'll hit me for sure, but they seem to track slowly. If I keep running, I should be able to get past them.

And yet more bots in the basin. My captors couldn't have known I'd have made it this far. I get the feeling these ones were set up to guard against something else.

While I'm still running like mad, a familiar voice comes over the loudspeakers.

Mastaba: "Listen to me. Save yourself."

Mastaba: "I am your protector, your creator..."

I can't believe he's still trying to convince me to join him. He's either getting desperate or he's starting to be delusional.

Probably both.

This tunnel should lead me to the excavation site.

Again I hear Mastaba speaking, but this time from the broken walkie-talkie, which he probably doesn't think I can hear.

Mastaba: "As you're so interested in my work, Doctor Escher..."

Mastaba: "I'm sending my best killing machine to meet you. I'm certain you'll find him quite entertaining."

Mastaba thinks that I'm going to kill Escher, and is trying to convince her that he's the one responsible for my actions. Guess he doesn't want anybody to know that he lost control of me a long time ago, if indeed he ever had it in the first place.

I wasn't planning on killing Escher anyway if she decided to work with me, but now I certainly won't, if only to prove him wrong.