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by TerminalBlue

Part 33

The door to the excavation site is closed and locked. I can't see any way to open it either. Maybe there's a control or something further down the catwalk. Time to run the gauntlet again.

The catwalk terminates here at these strange cube structures. Whatever they are, they obviously aren't human in origin. It must be part of the alien ruins.

Well, no way to go but forward. I almost slip and fall off a few times, these cubes are incredibly slick, and a fall into the acid lake would likely end me pretty quickly. I'd like to be one of the few of Mastaba's projects that didn't end up 'in the lake'.

When I stand at the edge of this block, the alien cube I picked up in the hangar starts vibrating. I pull it out to look at it and before I know it, it's pulling me across the open space in front of me. Looks like it has the power to transport me across gaps in the blocks. Could be useful.

Woman: "Is anybody there? Help me, please. Somebody..."

Sounds like Escher isn't doing too good. I've got to hurry, she might be the only ally I have.

Dead end. It looks like the cube won't take me any further from here. There were more of these blocks further back though, maybe those will lead me somewhere useful...