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by TerminalBlue

Part 35

As I'm sitting there peacefully contemplating the wreck of the Roenick, a huge creature rises out of the acid lake with a horrible screech. It's huge. It doesn't seem to be attacking me at the moment, in fact it doesn't seem to have noticed me at all. If I'm going to find another way around the lake though, I need to go past it.

Mastaba: "Am I your god because I created you? Or are you my god? For you are the attainment of everything I believe in."

I can always rely on Mastaba to start spouting his religious nonsense at inappropriate times.

Mastaba: "I promise you this... we shall find out!"

If I'm his god, then I intend to make this judgment day for him and all his comrades.

In what is perhaps a bad idea, I let off a few shots at the huge monster. It doesn't even seem to notice.

This one doesn't seem like one of Mastaba's creations, it must be part of the local wildlife. Considering the native inhabitants of this planet it's no wonder Mastaba had such a freakish menagerie of frozen creatures. In any case, I can't go this way, as I'm sure the creature would notice me if I got too close.

Maybe there's something useful back in the dropship. I should head back there.

The inside of the ship seems to be in pretty good condition, all things considering.

Everybody's dead. Looks like they didn't have a chance to get out of their sleep capsules before I shot them down. I might feel a bit more sorry if they weren't coming to Daedalus for the sole purpose of killing me.

In any case, the cockpit door is locked and I don't see any way of opening it.

Captain: "You must be the escaped prisoner from the base! Halt!"