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by TerminalBlue

Part 41

Well that was a close one. After dusting myself off, I go back into the tunnel to check out the damage.

Those warheads sure pack a punch. I take a quick trip back to the dropship to retrieve my big gun before finally advancing into the dig site.

Looks like this airlock leads me into the dig site. They must have the site pressurized. Good thing too, this suit is getting a little beat.

Ah, it feels nice to be out of that suit finally.

I hear moaning from up ahead. It must be Escher. I have to see what I can do for her.

Escher is slumped up against the wall here, some strange buglike alien attached to her. Perhaps fortunately for her, she's barely conscious.

The disgusting parasite creature detaches from Escher, seeming to sense me somehow, though it doesn't have any eyes.

Damn, this thing is fast! Letting out a horrible screech, it manages to skewer me in the neck before I can even react. I feel it inject something before I fall to the ground.