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by TerminalBlue

Part 42

I get to my feet as quickly as I can. I can feel the toxin from the sting traveling through my body, but something built into my body mixes a serum into my bloodstream, automatically countering it. If nothing else, I'm built to last.

I try to swat it away but it just curls up into a tight ball.

Another smack and it just flies back, bouncing off the wall unharmed. Looks like when it's curled up it's hard to hurt.

Well, I didn't bring along this huge gun for nothing.

"Tonfa Gun is overheating."

Damn, looks like the gun isn't affecting it, and furthermore it's overheated and won't fire anymore. The Phyxx soldier I fought in the reactor didn't seem to be harmed by energy weapons either. Maybe that's common for the indigenous lifeforms on this moon.

Guess it's the old fashioned way then. If I can hit it hard enough while it's uncurled, that might hurt it.

The good thing about this gun is that it's still useful even while it's overheating. The little bugger explodes into a million pieces of alien flesh.

"What a disgusting smell."