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by TerminalBlue

Part 45

Mastaba: "Doctor Escher is the one who betrayed you. She is insane."

Mastaba's still trying to win me over it seems. He's hardly one to be calling anyone insane.

Mastaba: "She tried to murder us all. If you see her, protect yourself. Kill her!"

And still trying to get me to do his dirty work for him as well. If only he'd come and try to convince me in person instead of hiding behind the loudspeakers, then I could show him how grateful I am for all he's done to me.

This room is packed with the same kind of sarcophagus that was in cell 02. That means there's likely a Phyxx soldier in each one. There's enough for an entire army here. I sure hope none of them are planning on waking up anytime soon.

Odd, I hear a strange rumbling noise coming from above me.

A hole is blasted through part of the ceiling in a spray of stone. Oh, don't tell me it's...