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by TerminalBlue

Part 47

I head back to the sarcophagus room, seeing as I can't go any deeper into the ruins without a key to activate the tube.

I'm still bleeding fairly bad from my run in with the alien. I'm out of energy to activate my repair functions, but I still have plenty of the medical spray I used on Escher. Though only part of me is actually flesh, it does a good enough job of stopping the bleeding. Not as good as my internal systems would have done, but it beats bleeding to death.

I really need to watch out, as I've become far too reliant on my repair systems. Without energy left in my battery, a bad injury could leave me stranded and dying, just like Escher.

Out of the hundreds of sarcophaguses, the one right next to me seems to be the only one that's damaged. Though letting another one of these things out might be a very bad idea, there could be something useful inside. Besides, if this one's damaged, hopefully it's already dead.

Setting the tonfa gun down, I get a firm grip on the lid and give it a little yank. It doesn't budge.

Damn, this thing is heavy. After alot of pulling and straining, I finally feel it start to budge.

After alot of straining, the door swings open with a squeal of ancient hinges which proceed to crumble to dust, letting the door fall to the ground with a heavy thud.

Looks like whatever shielding is used to place these guys in stasis is still up and running.

It's impossible to tell if the Phyxx is alive or dead. But it's clutching a crystalline device that looks incredibly similar to the one that was used to activate the tube by my buddy from 02.

The panel on the sarcophagus comes alive when I touch it. Looks like a lock of some type.

When I touch the gray bars, the colors of the bottom three diamonds shifts accordingly. The one at the top stays the same no matter what.

Maybe if I match the bottom diamond to the top one?

Got it. I hope this was just the sequence to open the shield and not the full-on "Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey" code. The last thing I need is two of these things running around punching me in the face.